Chasing Redemption (The One Series:Book5)

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(This is rated 18+ due to mature content. Reader's discretion is advised.) It’s 2009. UTurn are on top of the world with their chart-topping hits, their popular teen TV series, and their sold-out world tour. Global domination was all they knew. All that drastically changed the moment UTurn terminated their contracts with their managers and record label. Now that they’re signed to new labels and a new management team, they’re ready to take a break and come back strong. But behind the scenes are those plotting to take them down during their triumphant return. Will the villains, Libby and UTurn’s unofficial spin-off band, 7th Anthem, win? Will UTurn redeem themselves from their scandals? Will Andrew and Alyson ever get back together again? This is book five of The One Series.

Romance / Drama
Stacie Evans
Age Rating:



What would you do to obtain it?

How would you get your hands on it?

Argue with words and papers?

Fight battles with both yourself and others?

Will you survive?

Or are you going to die?

Is feeling free worth all the battles in the world?

Will money help pay for the costs?

Is signing contracts the way to go?

What will you do once you get it?

Rebuild everything from the ground up?

Run off into the middle of nowhere?

The price of freedom is paid with credit cards.

Buy it

Treat it like a designer car.

You earned it, keep it.

Just don’t leave those who helped you behind.

Take them with you.

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