Chasing Redemption (The One Series:Book5)

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New Men

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Alyson took several selfies in the mirror with her phone, ready for them to go on her Twitter page. It was before she went off to try on her costumes. She was thrilled to have her main role, Romy Carson. Alyson knew her character was like her role as Eliza Franks on The Delinquents. Hell, it was like when she was when high school. It was as if she was meant to play the Queen of Mean for the rest of her life. She hoped that won’t be the case if she were to pursue acting down the line.

As she tried on one of her costumes, she heard her phone buzz on the table. She picked it up to see she was in a group text with Bailey, Amanda, Riley, and Stacie. Unlike Andrew, she didn’t want to cut herself off from everyone. He told her before the hiatus he was going to do that. She wasn’t sure if that was a good idea, but she hoped for the best for him.

Alyson read through the earlier messages. Amanda’s birthday was coming up within a week, but she would be filming her teen horror movie by then. It was an invite to a trendy nightclub, and Alyson was invited. It helped everyone was still in LA, though she knew Andrew and Justin would be out of town.

Alyson texted, “I’m in. When do we meet?”

Alyson walked into the club with the girls. Apparently, the weekend was available for all of them. Alyson took in the music being played, which sounded like a remix of the latest Black Eyed Peas song. Most people were out on the dancefloor dancing and grinding on each other. Others were hanging out in the bar.

The girls walked up to the bar. Alyson asked Amanda, “So Birthday Girl, what do you wanna drink tonight?”

She chuckled, “I’m still twenty.”

“But we’re famous.”

Amanda rolled her eyes. “Okay, I want champagne in a shot glass.”

Alyson grinned as she watched Riley pay for all five drinks. She was the only member, so far, who could legally drink in America. Everyone else had another year to go.

Alyson announced as she raised up her glass, “To Amanda for finally turning twenty-one!”

She downed the drink. She had champagne before, but never in a shot glass. It was a weird, bubbly feeling in her throat, but it was definitely an experience.

As she dabbed her mouth with her napkin, not wanting to remove her lip gloss, she eyed a man across the bar. He seemed amused by what he was watching. He looked like he was in his early twenties with minimal facial hair and a black short-sleeve polo with muscles somewhat being squeezed. He wasn’t alone; he was with several other guys.

They were all attractive. Alyson hadn’t really figured out what she really wanted in a man. Sure, Andrew was pretty much her standard, and Derrick helped raised it up. No, she needed to be single for a while.

Then again, she was sure Andrew wasn’t single. She just knew he was probably seeing another person already. She couldn’t remember the last time when he was truly single for more than a day. He always jumped to another person the moment a relationship had ended.

Alyson wanted to be better than that, but she also knew she wasn’t really dating Andrew. They were more like friends-with-benefits between her breakup with Derrick to the hiatus. They were both lonely. The sex was good, but they interacted with each other like they were friends than lovers.

“Alyson?” Bailey asked, taking her out of her thoughts.

She looked at her bestie and said, “Sorry, there’s this cute guy.”

“Really?” Bailey asked, seemingly both amused and intrigued. “Didn’t you just end things with Andrew?”

“We were just fuck buddies and that was it.”

“Huh uh. Of course, you were.”

Amanda said, “It wouldn’t hurt to try dating other guys.”

Alyson said, “No, it wouldn’t. I mean, I’ve been dating Andrew for a good chunk of my teen years. It would be nice to date a guy I never grew up with.”

“Exactly! See what kind of man you want.”

Alyson looked at the group of guys at the bar. The guy was laughing with his friends. She took a deep breath and walked up to them. She greeted the guy with a smirk, “Hey, saw you watching me and my friends.”

The guy looked at her and said with a smile lingering on his face, “No I wasn’t.”

“You were.”

“I wasn’t!”

Alyson raised an eyebrow as she watched the guy looked like he was about to yell in her face. She asked, “Are you okay?”

One of his friends pushed the guy away. He said to her, “I’m sorry about him. He’s kind of drunk.”

Alyson looked at this friend. He was even better looking with a slightly more muscular build, dark brown hair, and a stubble. He actually looked more perfect that the first guy, as if he was a model. Maybe he was? After all, they were in a club on Rodeo Drive.

She said, “Actually, you’re better looking. I’ll talk to you instead.”

He chuckled, seemingly awkward by her statement. He said, “I’m Damon.”

“Alyson,” she said as she felt her smile grow on her face.

Damon looked on his phone and said, “I have to go now. You got a phone number?”

Alyson looked at him, not sure if she liked the sudden request. She couldn’t remember the last time a guy asked for her number. She wanted to be safe since she was a public figure. It seemed he didn’t recognize her. Then again, Alyson had been known as a blonde since she was sixteen. She only had black hair for several months now.

She said, “Give me your number, and I’ll have my people call you.”

Damon’s eyes widened at the statement. He asked, “You’re a celebrity?”

She smirked, “You’re getting close. Look at my friends, then look at me. Tell me if you recognize us.”

Damon looked at a distance, then back to her with a shocked expression on his face. Alyson smirked, “Now give me your number so you can go do whatever it is you need to do. I got a birthday celebration going on.”

Alyson looked at the napkin in her hand. She knew she would have to run the number with her team from Freeminds Management. Still, she was curious as to who this Damon guy was.

She looked at her laptop that laid in front of her on her hotel bed. She decided to search him on his socials, see if he had any accounts. Nothing seemed to pull up. She did a reverse phone number look up. “DAMON SANCHEZ” was his name, but everything else was blocked.

Alyson knew she couldn’t do this on her own, especially since she was a public figure. For all she knew, he could just be another UTurn fangirl, maybe had connections to the paparazzi.

She put the napkin in her purse, reminding her to contact her people to investigate the guy. Andrew was clearly willing to jump into a relationship with another woman. It was all over Twitter with the accompanying trending hashtags. Alyson, on the other hand, wasn’t quite ready to do so just yet.

Alyson looked at the photo of Andrew and the woman on his account. She seemed like she was in her late twenties. Andrew was still nineteen. Something about the relationship felt strange. Why would a woman, who was probably pushing thirty, date a guy that hadn’t even left his teen years yet?

Alyson shook her head as she closed her laptop. She wasn’t going to talk to Andrew. She just hoped he’ll be okay and happy with the woman he was with.

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