Chasing Redemption (The One Series:Book5)

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No Rebounds

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Derrick sat in the recording studio with a producer. He had his laptop on his lap as he listened to the man speak. The producer was his mentor. Derrick wanted to grow his production abilities for both future UTurn’s projects and possible collaborations. He grew to love it, wanting to get better at the craft.

He wanted to try his hand at EDM music. Sure, it was a trend, and it wasn’t rock music, but he figured he would need to get used to making music on his computer. Maybe UTurn will take an EDM turn one day. It seemed inevitable, as if they never did that genre before.

“Do you have a song you want to record as a demo?” the producer asked.

“Yeah,” he said, “I do.”

Derrick played a small clip of a song he was working on. He thought about giving it to UTurn for their fifth album. He’d have to run it by the others, but for now, it was best to give it to someone else.

The producer gestured Derrick towards the microphone. He handed the USB flash drive to the man, then walked up to the microphone.


Derrick stared out at the window of his rented-out, fully furnished townhome. He stayed in LA, wanting to stay close to the pop acts in town. He was procrastinating on working on another digital pop song.

Derrick thought about how much he changed since he joined UTurn. He never really let it all sink in due to the busy schedules. It felt like yesterday that he was in a rock band, doing everything from manager to lead guitarist and male vocalist. Now he was living in Los Angeles, possibly the most plastic town in America. Still, he knew it was where his opportunities laid.

Derrick was still using his social media to speak out on important issues, including on his slow disappointment with President Obama. He knew there could be someone more radical than him, but when, who, if, and how were the questions that were yet to be answered. He just hoped there won’t be some Republican dictator-wannabe that’ll run the country.

As Derrick watched the traffic on the streets at a distance, he heard a knock on the door. He got up from the couch, peeking through the peephole. He saw Amanda standing outside holding what looked like a bottle of wine.

He opened the door and asked, “Amanda?”

She smirked, “Thought I’d drop by, have a drink together. We’re twenty-one now. We can officially drink here in America.”

Derrick chuckled as he gestured her inside. He watched her taking in the interior of his temporary home. She seemed in awe of everything. None of it was his, but that didn’t seem to bother Amanda.

She turned to face him. “This place looks so cool!”

Derrick smiled. “Thanks. I did nothing.”


Amanda sat on couch as Derrick joined her. She asked, “How is it living on your own for a change?”

Derrick sighed. “Strange. I’m finally letting everything sink in. So much has changed since I joined UTurn. Who would’ve thought I’d be living in LA while trying to become an EDM-pop music producer?”

Amanda replied, “We all grew up so quickly.”

“Yeah, we did. What did you bring?”

Amanda smiled as she held up the bottle, “Only the best wine.”

Derrick smiled as he got up to get cups. He looked in one of the cupboards, finding wine glasses. He sat back down, ready to take in the wine.

“Remember when we dated for a while?” Amanda as they both laid on the floor with their wine glasses in their hands.

Derrick could feel the booze had hit him. Not enough to make him black out, but it was enough to make him feel somewhat impaired. At least he was in his temporary home.

He said, “Yeah, I remember. Why did we break up again?”

“We drifted apart. You and Andrew kept fighting over Alex. It was enough for us to go back to being friends.”

Derrick stared at the ceiling, remembering the reasons why he got into it with Andrew. He just wanted Andrew to stop playing with everyone’s hearts. Now everyone was single, though he saw on his Twitter feed that Andrew might have a new girlfriend. He didn’t think Andrew would move on that quickly from both Alex and Alyson.

Derrick hoped Andrew was happy, but none of it sit right with him. He wished he could talk to Andrew, but he knew Andrew would just ignore him. The raven-haired man had cut himself off from everyone.

“Derrick?” Amanda asked.

“Huh?” he responded after being drowned in thoughts. “I was just thinking about how Andrew is dating someone new already. He’s not allowing himself to be single for a while.”

“I know, but you know you can’t get involved. It’s his life, not ours.”

“I know. I just hope he’s okay.”

“I’m sure he’ll be fine. Alyson might get herself a new man.”

Derrick sighed. “They don’t like being single, don’t they?”

“I guess not. At least Alyson can figure out what she wants in. Andrew? He needs to get his shit together.”

“It’s kind of hard to find someone while touring nonstop.”

“It’s lonely being single for so long.”

Derrick stroked her soft, blonde hair as her head on his stomach. He wasn’t sure if he was drunk or if he still had lingering feelings for Amanda. He still found her attractive, the woman she had become. He wasn’t sure if she felt the same way.

He watched her sit up, seeing her staring at him. Derrick wasn’t sure what she was planning, but he saw her lean towards him. She kissed his lips, seemingly desperate. He didn’t push her off. No, he followed along.

Derrick rubbed his hands on her side inside her t-shirt. Amanda slipped off his own shirt. They kept at it until they were both bare of any clothing. Derrick got up from the floor, walking to the bathroom to grab a condom. He put it on as he walked back to her.

He asked, “You’re sure?”

She replied, “Why not? I’m on the pill.”

Derrick bit on his lip as he went in. He and Amanda had done it before when they were an item. He wondered if he was rusty, but his body was saying otherwise. It was like he hungered for sex, which he noticed the same from Amanda. The result of it was feeling the wetness coming from her as she screamed out his name.

“Keeping going!” she exclaimed.

Derrick did as she demanded. The movements ended the moment he felt, and heard, the euphoric satisfaction. He laid down next to her, catching his breath. It was somewhat a rushed job, almost frantic, but his needs were met.

He closed his eyes, feeling the exhaustion coming over him.

Derrick felt his body being slightly moved. He opened his eyes to see Amanda fully clothed.

“I have to go now,” she said. “I have my movie gig.”

He sat up and held his head. “Go ahead. I got work myself.”

“We’re not getting back together.”

Derrick looked at her shocked by the sudden statement. Amanda continued, “We can’t be each other’s rebounds. We have to move on from each other. See other people. The sex was fun, but that’s it.”

Derrick sighed as he knew she was right. He needed to move on, let Amanda go deal with her own love life.

He said, “You know you can come to me if something goes wrong.”

Amanda smiled, “I know. You’ll always be my friend, no matter what.”

Derrick smiled, though it could barely reach his eyes. He hugged her, not wanting to let her go. No, he needed to move on. Maybe one day they’ll either be with each other or with other people. In the meantime, it was best to be single for a little while longer.

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