Chasing Redemption (The One Series:Book5)

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Cutting Ties

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ethan walked inside his dorm building, throwing his backpack over the receptionist desk. One of the receptionists asked, “Do you have to do that? Isn’t your laptop in there?”

He said as he sat down, “Yeah, but it’s cushioned by the weight of the backback.”

She rolled her eyes. “You still need to clock in.”

“Way ahead of you.”

As he clocked in for his shift, he heard the door burst open. A girl in a trench-coat and sunglasses, as if she was Jennifer Lopez from that one music video. At least she had layers underneath her, ready to take on Boston’s icy weather.

She walked up to the desk, took off her sunglasses, and said, “Ethan, we need to talk.”

He rolled his eyes and said, “Libby, I’m not taking down UTurn.”

“But don’t you want Andrew’s ass?”

“I’m busy trying to find my own Andrew, thank you very much.”

Libby asked, “What happened to that sandwich guy?”

Ethan blinked, “What sandwich guy?”

“No, his name isn’t Sandwich. I think his name was Sam or Saul or something.”

“Sam Cooper?”

“Yeah! Him! Where is he?”

“In jail.”

Libby’s eyes widened at the statement. He asked, “You didn’t hear the news?”

“What news?”

Ethan raised an eyebrow. “You’re all into that celebrity gossip, and you didn’t hear one of the biggest news of 2008?”

“What news?”

Ethan groaned, “Sam tried to kidnap Amanda, but Andrew beat the shit out of him!”

“Really? I warned him not to try to fight Andrew! Have you seen that guy? He’s a fucking beefcake!”

“Who? Andrew?”

Libby said sarcastically, “No, Sam is a total muscle meat. Yes Andrew!”

Ethan asked flatly, “Yes, who could do deny that?”

“Well, I warned him, and now he’s in jail. He was useless anyway.”

“Didn’t you want help from him?”

She replied as she grabbed his wrist, “You’re here. Let’s go.”

He pulled away from her and exclaimed, “I’m not going anywhere with you! I told you! I’m done trying to take down both UTurn and Andrew! If anything, I wish I could be there for Andrew! Did you also forget that he had a seizure last month?”

Libby blinked her eyes, as if she didn’t hear that news either. Was she really living under a rock? He figured she must’ve been busy with her band, but she couldn’t have been that busy.

“They still need to be taken down,” she said with a slight chill in her voice.

Ethan couldn’t believe what he was hearing. She was cold, clearly not caring about the well-being of any of the UTurn members.

He said to her sternly, “Grow up and get over yourself, Libby. UTurn is living their lives, and you should too. Now get out.”

Ethan sat down and opened his laptop while facing the desktop computer. He glanced up to see Libby had stormed off. He wasn’t sure if he got through to her. Probably not, knowing Libby. He just hoped she wouldn’t find some poor sap to do her dirty work.

Libby looked around the campus. She never really got a good look at the Boston College campus. She had thought about college here and there, but why go to college when she was a rising celebrity? She was raking in more money than some poor sap with a measly four-year degree.

No, she needed to find one of those nerd buildings. She needed someone who could do something for her. She felt powerful when she leaked that video of Prom of 2007. The moment the headlines came out regarding Andyson was like watching the world burn all around her. It was hell raining down on the UTurn fandom, and it was a glorious sight to see.

Libby looked on the campus map in the middle of the walkway. She followed the directions, ready to cause some more chaos. High school ended a few years earlier. Everyone was pretty much in their twenties now. For Libby, she was not going to give up on bringing down Andrew and Alyson, once and for all.

Let the chaotic adult years begin.

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