Chasing Redemption (The One Series:Book5)

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Monday, May 18, 2009

The TV audience screams as UTurn had finished performing their latest massive hit, High Frequency. It was a surprise to the band that the song performed as well as their previous hits, but it did. Their album also did surprisingly well worldwide.

As the band went backstage, Alyson sat down in the dressing room. She checked her phone for any new messages. She had auditioned for a lead role in a teen movie. She was ready to take on a solo project, hoping this would be during the band’s hiatus.

The band was no longer under Marcel O’Brien, but they were still stuck with Seth. They were still under their labels. They couldn’t leave until Seth could let them go. So, they were locked in a weird state where a hiatus could happen, but not really.

Alyson sighed as she hadn’t gotten any news yet on her audition. It was the first time she had auditioned for anything. Well, not since she was fifteen with Andrew, Justin, and Bailey. This time she was alone. It felt scary to do this, but her bandmates did encourage her. She knew she had become a decent actor, so why not? Even Amanda auditioned for a teen horror movie.

She put her phone down as she got ready to change into her normal clothes. The band had a radio interview later that day. They were all in Berlin for their promotions. They were scheduled to go back to the US for another music video shoot. They were slated to release a second single.

Alyson wondered if she and her bandmates would be able to take on solo projects while doing these promotions. It seemed less likely the hiatus will happen with Seth being their only manager.

As she put on a gray v-neck tank top, she heard Amanda gasp. She looked up to see Amanda staring at her phone.

“I got the part!” Amanda said with her voice shaking.

“You did?” Alyson asked.

Amanda looked up, seemingly trying to smile, but seemed nervous. She said, “Yeah, I did.”

Alyson sighed, “Seth, right?”

“Yeah,” she said in a defeated tone.

Alyson put on her denim shorts and walked up to Amanda. “I’m trying.”

Amanda said, “I know you are.”

Alyson sighed as she felt pressured to get everyone out of both Seth’s and the contracts’ hold. She had been calling and texting her lawyer for any updates. So far, everything was at a stand-still. It would be a miracle if the members could take on solo projects while promoting their fourth album.

Alyson heard a phone buzzing on a table. She turned to see it was her phone going off. She picked it up, seeing it was Seth calling her.

She answered, “Seth?”

Alyson and her bandmates stood in the boardroom of Seth’s management company. Their lawyer was next to them. Alyson looked at Seth, who seemed more annoyed than usual.

He said in a reluctant tone, “I called you all here to tell you that I’m letting you all go. You can go with your new management company. They better have a good grasp on the international market.”

“They do,” Alyson said coldly.

“Your lawyer will work on ending your contracts immediately. Just finish your High Frequency single obligations and do whatever you want.”

Alyson kept her face emotionless, attempting to suppress a smile. It was done. UTurn was finally free from both Seth and Marcel. They no longer had to keep promoting the album they never wanted to make.

The band could finally go on their much-needed hiatus.

Alyson checked the calendar on her phone, seeing if there were any more gigs to do regarding the High Frequency promotions. It had been several days since that meeting. UTurn were now signed onto both Democracy Records and their main distributor, IMG Music Group. They finally signed to Freeminds Management with a team that would help them out and let them have the final say.

The promotions for the single were coming to an end anyway. The music video UTurn were scheduled to make was still there. Alyson had talked with everyone about that. Everyone agreed to go ahead and film the second and final single, All You Need. It was another dance-pop song, but the band wasn’t going to promote it much. Maybe here and there, but the hiatus was more important.

Besides, the lyrics were a bit cheesy compared to whatever Lady Gaga was putting out.

She looked up at Andrew, who was packing up. The band was scheduled to go back to America in a few hours. She still hadn’t gotten the news if she got the role in the movie yet, which made her feel nervous.

She walked up to him and sat on the bed. She asked, “So, what are you gonna do during our break?”

Andrew looked up from folding a pair of jeans. He said, “I’m in talks with my agent right now. I’m going to try go into modeling. I’m also planning on releasing my own music at the same time.”

Alyson smiled, “Well, I’ll definitely check out your new music.”

“Well, if you ever have time, you can join me in the studio.”

Alyson looked away. She and Andrew were in this weird state of limbo. She felt awful for Alex and Andrew breaking up. At the same time, she got to be with the man she had always loved.

Alex had texted Alyson what he told Andrew. It was almost the same exact reason why she broke up with Andrew. The constant indecisiveness. The feeling like Andrew wanted something neither party could give him. On top of that, he said that Andrew’s silence confirmed something to him. He didn’t say what that was; only that Andrew himself would have to tell Alyson.

“Aly?” Andrew asked.

She looked up at him. She didn’t want to go on a break without him, but she knew it would be best that they do. It would be for their own good to not treat each other like security blankets. It would help Andrew to start making decisions for himself.

She could feel her heart breaking. She loved Andrew, but she knew they needed to be separated, at least temporarily. It scared her that they both could end up dating other people. What if the split ends up being long-term? What if they were never get back together?

No, she needed to make the split happen. It would help them finally grow up, become their own persons.

She said with a heavy sigh, “Andrew, I think we should go on a break during the hiatus. See other people.”

She noticed his facial expression had changed. He seemed heartbroken by this. She felt bad for doing this, but she needed to stay strong.

Alyson continued, “We begin this break after we film that music video. That’s when our hiatus begins. We don’t make any contact with each other during the hiatus.”

Andrew bit his lip and asked, “Why are you doing this?”

“I’m doing this for us. You can’t be going back and forth on me and some other man. I need you to start making decisions for yourself. I don’t know what’s going on with you, but you have to be satisfied with whatever your partner gives you. I’m doing this for myself because I’m treating you like a security blanket. We can’t be doing this to each other. We have to grow independently from each other.”

Andrew looked away, seemingly sad about this. She held his hand and said, “I’m scared to do this. I don’t want this to be permanent, but it could be. But maybe we will get back together one day. I don’t know when that’ll be, but I know it will happen eventually. But until then, we both have to grow up. Hell, we’re almost twenty. We have to start taking our relationships seriously.”

Andrew asked, “And is this during our hiatus?”


He looked back at her. She could see he was still heartbroken. She wanted to fix this, but she knew this was for the best.

He asked, “Can we still be together one last time before we go on hiatus?”

Alyson replied as she leaned on his shoulder, “Yeah, we can.”

She felt Andrew’s head on her head. They sat their in silence, letting the reality sink in. It would be their last moments together before going on hiatus.

Alyson felt her phone vibrating in her hand. She looked to see who it was. It was from the director of the movie she auditioned for. She looked at Andrew who gave her a reassuring smile.

She answered, “Hello?

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