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Natasha Lawrence, moves with her forbidden brother Jacob after she meets him in their parents funeral. She finds that his brother is sharing his room with a guy named Kevin Willis who is a bad boy. Natasha finds Kevin as a annoying, rude, bad boy but Kevin finds she is beautiful and lovable and falls for her. Will two different people come together?

Romance / Erotica
Paris Rehbein
Age Rating:


Tears won't stop flowing from my eyes, I lost them. My parents. I rubbed my nose and reached for the tissue. I wiped my eyes again and again. I'm sitting in front of their grave. How can I go?

A shadow appears in front of me and I looked up. It's a young boy. He is blonde like me, has blue eyes like my mother had, he is wearing a black leather jacket, t-shirt and pants. He is dressed like he came for the funeral.

"Excuse me?" I dare to talk to him clearing my throat. He looks at me and then leans down.

"Natasha Lawrence, right?" He identified.

"W-Who are you?"

He smiled but didn't reply for my question. He extended his hand and I placed mine in his, not knowing who might be.

"We lost them, princess." Was his response and my eyes goes wide realising he is my lost brother.

"Jake?" I whispered.

He looks at me, his eyes full of tears. He grabs me into his arms and we both cry aloud. I found him atlast.

"Where were you?" I ask him and he didn't respond anything. He was dump founded knowing that our parents had died.

I let out a soft sigh and I stayed with him, looking down at the grave with our concerned, guilty sad eyes.

Seeing him reminded me only one thing, the news paper article I read when I was 17,

Jacob Lawrence, 19 years old young teenager of Mr and Mrs Lawrence Smith is now missing. Kindly inform us if you find this young boy who's picture given below.

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