Waiting for Isla

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Drew Hayes was entering his senior year of college with his anxiety gnawing at the edge of his seemingly perfect life. As a star baseball player, athleticism and popularity were never an issue. But he was searching for something, he craved something different. Isla was starting over in a town, two thousand miles away from the place she considered home. She was trying to get over her past and build a decent future. He found what he was looking for in her and she worried that she was keeping him from something better. Will Drew be able to convince Isla that it's all worth it or will she push the one constant in her life away for good?

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“She didn't want love, she wanted to be loved -- and that was entirely different.”

- Atticus

- - -

Isla King

One boy. One perfect boy.

That's all it took to shift my world just enough for it to never be the same again. How could it? He showed me something that I always thought was unattainable. Something that I never even fully believed existed.

Something I could never come back from.

He came into my life when I wasn't looking for anyone, but I let him in. I had no choice in the matter. What else are you supposed to do when your soul meets its match? You hold on as tight as you freakin can.

But I let him go.

I had to let him go.
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