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" Ryan, Plz it's paining leave me. " " Leave you, ha ha ha. I will not leave you Anaya . Never. Don't ever try to disobey me again. I want you to be obedient to me." "Ryan, stop it. Why are behaving like this from yesterday. You changed , You were not like before." He smiled, " This is me Anaya. I will be like this only. You better give up your life to me." " Ryan stop, I can't stay with you like this." He smirked," What will you do , ha.." "If you dare to leave me, I will show what I am ." He pushed me to the wall and i hit to the wall. " If you try to escape from me , I will make your poor dad to suffer. _______*************________ Anaya spencers, a very kind hearted 19 years old sweet girl.she is the only daughter to Martin Spencer who is a single parent and C.E.O of Spencers corporation. Anaya lost her mother in a car accident when she was 10 years old. Her father adores her much and he didn't marry another women after her mother's death .Anaya is all his world.Her dad provides everything that she loves and makes her feel like don't need anything more in life. Anaya's life took a huge turn when her dad arranged her marriage to Ryan willson who is a famous entrepreneur in Canada and top 5 billionaires in Canada. He started his relationship with her with hate and humiliation.He only married

Vedha Umakanth
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Mothers Grave

Anaya's Pov

I am in deep sleep and enjoying my sweet dreams.I am standing in a lonely alley where there was only one lamp and it was dim.

I saw a man coming towards me .He reached few more steps near to me,but i am not able to see his face. It is blur.He holded my hands and said," Anaya, wait for me I am coming to you. I will completely change your life.I will show you a different world." Then he came close to me and pulled me towards him.

I couldn't see his face but i really felt his touch.He kept his hand on my waist and kissed me on my lips.Oh i am feeling pain.It's not a gentle kiss, he is kissing me roughly biting my lips.

The moment i tried to push him, I heard my dad's voice.,"Anaya Wake up, It's already 8 am.Have you forgot our plan for today."

I opened my eyes and saw my dad besides my bed with a spatula in his hand.

"Hi dad, what's the time now.Why don't you allow me to sleep for few more mins, plz". i pleaded my Dad.
" Baby, have you forgot , today we are going to meet your mom at her grave.Get ready girl, it's already late." My dad left my room yelling at me.

Yes, I forgot.Today is my moms death Anniversary.Today is the day when i lost my angle mom in a car accident when i was 10 years old.She covered me with her body and saved me in that deadly accident.I am going to see her today , wanna tell her all my stories.I know she will hear to me , though i couldn't see her.

I got out of my bed , and washed myself.I chooses a white floral dress and did light make up.I know my mom likes white , so i too like white.

It's 8.45 am and My dad is waiting for me at the dinning." Hey dad, what have you prepared for me today." i asked my dad taking my seat.

Though , we have few servants at our home, my dad still prepares breakfast for me most of the times.Parents love is the only love that is truly selfless and unconditional.I always feel like if my mom is alive , we would have a perfect lovely family.

My dad looked at me and said,"Here is your Omlet, with fried potatoes, toasted bread.Eat fast i have a an important meeting at 11.00 am" . "Please take cab and come to home after our visit from the grave. I will go to company".

" No , No dad i am not going home. I want to meet my friend Sherly. We planned to go mall and spend some time together".. I said to my dad eating my breakfast and taking a sip from my milk .

My dad seems not happy with my idea, he said " Baby, i know i cannot convince you, but promise me that you will pick my call the moment i called you.Don't rome till the midnight."

" ok dad i promise" and we left to my mom's grave in our car.

After half an hour we reached my moms grave.My dad put the white flowers on my moms grave and sit silently for few mins.Probably he is talking to my mom silently. I sat near to him and held his hand. I know he will start tears.

After some time , my dad left to the company and I took my cab to city Mall. I texted my friend while in the cab.When i reached the mall, my friend Sherly is already waiting for me.

"Hey Lovely, how are you.I am so exited to see you again." she is so happy to see me as it's been long time we both together after our departure form high school.

Me, Mia and Sherly were besties in our high school.But unfortunately Mia left this world.That was a horrible incident that we both cannot forgot in our lifetime.

We hugged each other and move inside mall." So what's up babe , how is it going on at your side" . I asked her by taking a chair in coffee shop.

She started telling me lot of stories about her sibling and their recent trip to Chicago and all.But i suddenly felt like some one is looking at me from a long distance. I turned my head to my side but couldn't see any one.

We finished our coffee and chatted for sometime.We did some shopping and when i was about to say good bye to my friend i got a got a call from my dad.

" Hey dad, i am leaving to home.Don't worry i am starting early".

" No baby , wait for me i will pick you . Where are you". My dad asked me in gentle tone.

" I am in city Mall dad. Ok will wait you in coffee shop."My head is aching and I got exhausted after roaming for whole day.I got my coffee and sitting on a small sit out area inside the mall, again i felt that someone is looking at me .

But when i look around , i haven't noticed anyone.When i am wondering , i saw my dad coming near to me.

" Hello baby , how is your day.How is Sherly."My dad asked me while holding my hands and dragging me to a shop.

" She is fine dad, Where are you taking me "..I asked my dad when he is taking me in to jewelry shop.

He asked the shop keepers to show some jewelry to me.I asked my dad," Dad , why you are buying jewelry now.'

"Baby, don't you remember that next week is your Birthday.Here is your gift from your dad."

Birthday, i really forgot that i am going to complete 19 years by next week.My dad picked up a pair of diamond ear tops to me.They were very beautiful.

We had our dinner in near by restaurant and reached home by 10.30 pm.I feel tired and hugged my bed and fell asleep.

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