The painful secret (1)

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Chapter sixteen

Jenna rushed into her son's room in a panic. She had gone to check on Allison to find that she was gone. A wave of panic rushed through her as she thought about where the red-haired girl could have went. She just hoped that the girl hadn't gone home.

Then, as she opened her mouth to stir Brian from bed, she closed her jaw, a small smile curving her lips. Seeing her son showing emotion again was a delight, but seeing that he found someone that he cared about was a blessing. She worried that her son would end up secluded and alone after he began keeping everything inside. But ever since Allison came into their lives, she saw a change in her son and she would be eternally grateful to the girl.

Jenna backed out of the room and closed the door.


The morning came all too soon to Brian. When the sun pierced the darkness and filtered in through his window, he stirred and opened his eyes to find a red-haired girl nestled in next to him still intoxicated with sleep. He couldn't help but to smile at her as he ran a hand through her hair. Even in sleep she could catch his breath.

His eyes wandered over her face, taking in every inch of her, and strayed on her lips. Twice, he had tried to capture those lips with his and twice, his attempt was interrupted. But not this time, he thought as he brought his head down on hers. It may be a stolen kiss and one that he would never tell her about, but it would be a wanted kiss none-the-less.

As his lips touched hers, a shock coursed through his veins. He strayed on them for a little before pulling away and settling his head back in his pillow. Even though it was such an innocent kiss, it seemed much more intense than when he would have sex with a random girl. This was something he never felt before and多e liked it.

The minutes ticked on and Brian decided to wake her up. He softly called out her name and watched as her emerald eyes flicked open. At first, those eyes studied him and their closeness. Then, color rose to her cheeks, changing them to light pink.

"Good morning," he said softly.

She looked away from his eyes. "Good morning."

Brian ran his fingers through her hair, drawing her attention back to him. "How did you sleep?"

"Fine," she said meekly, barely audibly.

A knock came to his door. "Brian? Are you awake yet?" Jenna asked, returning for a second time.

"Yeah," he said, holding Ally tighter to him when he felt her trying to inch away. He knew she would be embarrassed when his mother came in and caught them, but he didn't care. He never wanted to let her go.

The door opened and Jenna entered, along with the mouth-watering fragrances of breakfast. She wasn't even fazed or stunned when her eyes fell on them. "I brought you two breakfast," she said, referring to the tray of food in her hands. "I'll just put it over here." Jenna put it on Brian's desk and then turned back to them. "Your father has a meeting today and I'm going out with some friends around noon. So, if I don't see you before then, have a good day." With that, she left.

Brian had heard her enter earlier that morning and knew that it was no surprise to his mother to find them lying together. Turning back to Ally, he found that her face was as red as a tomato. "You alright?" he asked, perfected aware that she was just mortified.

"I守m安hy did you" Her sentence trailed off.

Brian moved away and stood. "She came in earlier, so she already caught us," he said, trying to make it sound like they were doing something they weren't supposed to, if only to see her become more flustered. He grabbed the tray and brought it over to her. He sat down and put it between, causing her to sit up.

There were pancakes, bacon, toast, and scrambled eggs, two cups of milk and orange juice, and butter on the side. Wisps of smoke roses off of the food and dissipated in the air, spreading the aromas throughout the room.

Brian handed a fork and an empty plate to her and then took the same for himself. He started filling his with one of everything, but his eyes strayed to her to see that she was only nibbling on a piece of bacon, her empty plate resting on her lap. "You can eat here, you know."

Allison swallowed before speaking. "I'm not hungry" And as if on cue, her stomach rumbled, telling Brian otherwise.

He sighed and stood, moving behind her. Sitting down again, he pulled her between his open legs so as her back was flush with his chest. "You know," he started while taking her plate away from her and filling it with food. "This isn't your house." He felt her immediately tense up at the mention of her house. "Eat what you want. Do what you want. I promise," he said, lowering his mouth to her ear. "No one will hurt you."


Not only was she in Brian's room, but she was sitting back to chest with him, his voice echoing through her ear. Her heart raced in her chest as his breath grazed the soft skin of her ear. What he said, was what made a shiver go through her.

Allison knew that they wouldn't hurt her, but the routine of home had carried over with her. She was used to skipping breakfast; no matter how hungry she was, because her father hadn't left for work by the time she left for school. Now, with a gorgeous spread before her, she still couldn't take any of it. Mentally, she felt like something bad would happen if she did, though, there was no danger at all.

"Brian, I don't mean to be-"

Before she could finish, the dark-haired boy shoved a fork full of egg in her mouth. She was taken off guard and almost choked on it, but she regained herself and chewed on the food after he drew the utensil from her mouth. A blush rushed to her cheeks. She didn't need to be fed like a child.

Allison tried to get up, but Brian wrapped an arm around her waist, keeping her planted on the floor. "You brought this on yourself. You're underweight and need to eat, whether I have to feed it to you or not."

"Aren't you hungry though?"

A smirk creased his lips. "We can take turns," he said, bringing the fork, full of egg, to his mouth. He swallowed. "What do you want next?"

A frown crossed her lips. Allison couldn't get out of it, so she just had to let him have his way. "同ancakes..."

Obliging, Brian cut off a piece of the large, blueberry pancake and brought it to her mouth. Pancakes were always her favorite breakfast food and she gladly took it from the fork. As she chewed, he cut off another piece, but as he was bringing it to his mouth, Allison snatched it away with hers.


After swallowing, Ally giggled, though she tried to suppress it. "You told me to eat," she said, wittingly throwing his words back at him.

"Eat yours, not mine."

She giggled again and took a piece of bacon in her hand. "Okay." She started eating it while Brian cautiously brought a piece of pancake to his lips.

"What do you want to do today?" he asked, after swallowing.

Allison shrugged and waited for him to feed her some pancake, but he brought the fork back to him again. "I don't know. What do you want to do?" He continued to eat until Allison took hold of his arm. "My turn," she said, eating the piece of pancake on the fork. "And you tell me to share."

A smile curved his lips, though Ally didn't catch it. "Why don't we just hang out inside today? We could work on our art projects or watch a movie."

"Okay," she replied, agreeing.

With the day's plans decided, they continued eating and battling over the next piece of pancake.
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