The painful secret (1)

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Chapter nineteen

Brittlyn gasped, her hand covering her mouth. She couldn't believe what she just heard from Alice. "How could he beat her? Her own father? That's so cruel. And地ll of those scars地ll from him" A shiver riveted down her spine as she thought about it.

"I know," Alice said, equally disgusted. "That is why she is so skittish and I used think she was weird." There was a bit of guilt present on her words.

"You're not the only one who thought that," Brody admitted.

"I was pretty mean to her too," Brittlyn said.

They were all at Jason's house, the blonde calling them over when he talked to Brian earlier in the day. He felt everyone should know. "Remember," he started, sounding more serious than ever before. "No one can know about this. It was probably hard enough on her to let us know."

"For once, the dimwit is right," Brody said.

"Hey! There was no need for that," the blonde retorted.

"Anyway," Brittlyn continued. "Even though we know this, on Monday, we shouldn't pity her. I don't think she would want that."

"I agree," Alice said. "We need to make things as comfortable for her as possible."

Everyone gave her a consensual nod and continued on with their day. Though, the knew information weighed heavily on their minds. They all wanted to help, but knew that Allison wouldn't want it being brought up. So, for now, they would act like they normally would around her, hoping the best for her.


"So those are the basic rules of basketball. Don't worry if you mess up."

Allison nodded and Brian handed her the orange ball. As she dribbled, it was painfully obvious that she never really played before. Brian followed her around the court as she tried to get around him. He was going easy on her, not even holding up his arms as a more secure way of blocking. She double-dribbled a couple times and he only smirked. He wasn't going to call her on it.

Finally, Ally made it closer to the net, her tongue curling over her upper lip in concentration. She turned and shot, missing completely. Brian recovered the ball and dribbled back to half-court. He waited for Allison to guard him她r at least try to. With one swift turn, he slipped to the right of her and dribbled up to the net, scoring a flawless lay up.

Brian reclaimed the ball and held it under his arm as he walked back to her. "I forgot to mention an added stipulation," he said, a smirk curving his lips.

Ally arched an eyebrow. "Huh? Another rule? I can barely keep up with these."

"No, not a rule. A stipulation." He held the ball out to her, but drew it back when she reached for it. "Hold on. Every time I make a shot, you need to do something for me to get it back."

"What圬o I have to go?"

He sensed the apprehension in her voice. Leaning down, he put a kiss to her forehead and held out the ball to her.

Ally took the ball from him. "That's it?"

Brian nodded. "Yes, that's it吋his time. If I make it again, I plan on going lower and lower名hen you make a shot, the game will be over."

She visibly swallowed. "Um吏kay" Dribbling again, Allison tried to perform some of the moves the dark-haired boy had, but she didn't even come close. She stumbled, double-dribbled, and even lost the ball at one point. She scrambled to recover it, before he did.

Brian couldn't help but think she was cute. Every time she messed up, she apologized and when she regained her concentration, her tongue would emerge from her mouth and her eyebrows would furrow. He stayed with her as she traveled around the court twice before nearing the net. She shot, but Brian blocked, spun around, and shot.

Swoosh. He made it again with ease. Recapturing the ball, he walked back over to a frustrated Allison and kissed her nose before giving her the ball. "Come now. You can do better than that."


Allison was hot. After running around for at least forty-five minutes, sweat had formed pools on her back and chest. Her face felt heavy with perspiration and she envied Brian when he removed his shirt. He told her that she could do the same, but of course, she wouldn't. He was just teasing her, but that fueled her determination to score at least one basket.

But a part of her didn't want to make the basket. She wasn't exactly against him kissing her. In fact, she was counting the minutes until he stole the ball and scored again. He had made it to her chin after making three more shots, scoring him a kiss on each cheek, her lips (in which he lingered for a while), and her chin.

However much she liked it, Ally still wanted to make a shot, if only to sustain her pride. Besides, if she made a shot, the dark-haired boy would have to do something for her. She didn't know what yet, but she would come up with something good. But, suddenly, as she turned, Brian grabbed the ball and scored again.

She grumbled as he collected the orange sphere and return to her. "Nice shot" she offered, though the statement was half-hearted.

Brian only smirked and cupped her chin in his hand, tilting her head back. She waited anxiously. His lips grazed the soft skin of her neck. A shiver coursed through her and she jumped when she felt his teeth nip at her flesh. The sensation sent a different wave of heat through her. This heat ended up tainting her cheeks a dark red.

"Getting lower, Ally," he pointed out, handing the ball to her. His eyes studied her face and a smirk formed his lips. "Too hot?"

A frown curved her mouth. "No," she replied, taking the ball back to half court. She started forward, holding her arm out to keep him at some distance. She was aware that he was going easy on her, but didn't have any qualms about it at all. Even though he was, she still couldn't make a shot.

The net was in her sight. She drew out the last of her energy and dribbled towards it, but Brian was impassable. Then a thought came to her. She was going to find out just how easy he was being on her. Drawing the ball into her hands, Allison darted toward the net, not bothering to dribble. She ran past Brian, catching him off guard and shot, finally scoring.

However, she only had enough left in her to smile. Sitting down, she stretched out her legs and leaned back on her palms. She caught Brian walking over to her out of the corner of her eye and turned to him.

"You cheated," he said, sitting down next to her.

Ally shrugged and drew in a deep breath. "There was no other way for me to make a shot."

"So, what do you want? That was the stipulation after all."

She looked at him and thought for a moment, but her brain was completely fried. "I don't know. You pick." At this point, she didn't care. She was exhausted. Besides, she figured he would just continue with what he was doing earlier.

But she was wrong. He stood and pulled her up with him. Without telling her where he was taking her, he led her off the court and around the house, away from windows and doors. He pinned her against the brick wall and dove down on her, locking his lips with hers.

Allison was taken off guard by the fierce kiss. It took her a second to relax and close her eyes. She was intoxicated by him. His body moved closer, pushing her further against the wall, but his kiss remained soft and gentle. She felt his hand cup her cheek and stroke it gently. She returned the favor by wrapping her arms around him and leaning into him.

When his tongue grazed her lower lip, begging for her to let him in, she obliged. As soon as her mouth parted, his wet tongue darted inside, tasting her. She boldly wrestled his tongue with hers and he replied by gliding his hand down her side and resting it on her hip.

Ally sighed against him, wanting more. Brian must have felt her need because he deepened the kiss and intertwined his fingers through her hair, becoming rougher, yet stayed careful not to hurt her. To her dismay, he pulled his lips away, but he wasn't through with her yet.

Brian slid his mouth to her neck, splaying soft kisses across her jaw, all the way down to her collar bone. She ran her hand through his damp hair, tilting her head back, engrossed with pleasure. Her face was hot and she knew that it must have been as red as a beet, but she didn't care. When he nipped at her skin, a shiver would rush through her, making her hold onto him even tighter.

"吁alty" he whispered against her neck and then kissing her once more.

Ally drew in a deep breath. "It's your fault"

"I like it" Bringing his head back up, he looked deeply into her eyes, keeping his mouth just centimeters away from hers, teasing her.

She continuously looked back and fourth between his eyes and his mouth. Allison knew he was doing this on purpose and it was working. His teasing only made her want him more with every passing second. Finally, he leaned down and put his mouth back to hers. But just as things started to heat up between them again, a familiar, yet unwanted voice rang through the air.

"Oh, little brother!" It was Chad.

Brian growled and pulled away. "Ugh. What the hell does he want?" He looked up at Allison and her flushed face. "We can finish this later?"

She nodded and moved away from the wall. "See再ll you had to do was ask名e didn't have to play basketball just to make out"

Brian arched an eyebrow. "Hmm匈f I knew it was that easy-"

"Brian!" Chad was growing impatient, a trait that he still couldn't be cured of. "WHERE ARE YOU!?"

The said boy frowned and led Ally around the house to find his brother standing in the middle of the court. "What do you want?"

Chad folded his arms over his chest and scanned over them. "And what were you two up to? Hmm?"

Brian was growing visibly irritated. His hands fisted ad his eyes narrowed on the older Lake. "Just tell me what you want."

"Mom came home and said dinner would be in one hour. She wanted me to tell you two to get cleaned up and shower." He smirked. "You know圭ool off."

"Alright," Brian replied, ignoring the jibe. He waited for Chad to leave, but he did catch his older brother taking one last glance at Ally. This made him nervous. He turned to her. "Come on."

Allison nodded. She didn't dare say anything about what just happened. She noticed the considerable change in Brian when he was around his brother. He tensed up and grew angry quickly. Though, Chad did drag it out of him with all of his witty comments. However, Allison knew there was a past that brought all of his anger out. Whatever it was must have bee major, because she didn't feel like she was standing next to the same Brian when Chad was around.
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