The painful secret (1)

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Chapter twenty-three

Sunday was the day Allison went to the police station, accompanied by the Lake family. After filing their claim, Allison had to be taken into another room to be questioned and photographed. She refused to do any of it if Brian couldn't go with her. They allowed him to be present during everything, even when she had to strip down to her underwear and have her scars documented.

Then, that night, after acquiring all of the evidence they could, the police arrested Mr. Lia. The abusive father caught a glimpse of his daughter as he was pushed into the car, his eyes threatening and angry.

The only thing Allison could do now was wait. Court dates were already set up and the Lake's offered their home to her until everything was settled. She would stay that night, but after that, she would go back home, feeling like she had imposed enough on them.

Dressed in sweats and long-sleeved shirt, she and Brian watched a movie in his room, cuddled up on his bed. It was late when it finally ended. Ally was tired and anxious about school tomorrow. After Friday's mishap, it would be the first time she saw, or even spoke to, her friends. She wondered if they would say anything about what they saw. She hoped not, but Jason did have a big mouth. However, she knew Alice would keep him in line.

Yawning, Ally tried to get up, but Brian didn't allow her, keeping his arms around her waist. Looking over her shoulder, she arched an eyebrow. "Come on, Brian. I'm tired" As if to prove her point, she yawned, cupping her hand over her mouth. "Aren't you?"

He nodded, resting his chin on her shoulder. "Yes, but I don't want you to leave." Kissing her neck once or twice, he tightened his grip on her. "Sleep in here tonight?"

Allison smiled, but shook her head. "I'm nervous about tomorrow and everything else匈 just want to think tonight." She tried not sound mean because that's not what she was going for, but she really wanted to think as she drifted off to sleep that night.

Understanding, he released her, letting her stand. He gave her a small kiss goodnight. Allison smiled and left. She crossed the hall and entered the quest room. Closing the door, she flicked on the lights and staggered to her bed, unaware that someone was watching her. She turned and gasped as she spotted a figure in the farthest corner of the room, leaning against the wall, waiting for her.

"C列had?" she choked out. He was supposed do be gone, but here he was, in her room地nd approaching her. She stepped back, falling over the bed when her legs collided with it. She scrambled to get up, but he was on top of her in an instant, his hand clamped firmly over her mouth.

"Oh, my dear Ally." His other hand ran down her side, sending chills down her spine. "How nice it is to see you again."

She struggled against him, but his weight was too much for her. Her eyes widened as his head lowered, nearing hers. He planted small kisses on her nose and forehead. Her heart raced as anxiety grew inside her. Nausea was rising in her throat from his touch.

"Mmm存crumptious" His free hand slid to the hem of her shirt, pulling it up painfully slow. "So innocent" He found her breast and massaged it with his hand. "And soft" A sick smile curved his lips as he gazed into her eyes. "I bet you're surprised," he said, bringing her shirt up fully. "I was supposed to be gone, but I couldn't leave without圩inishing my business." His eyes glanced at her exposed chest.

She tried to get away again, but it was useless. Even Brian hadn't seen her breast without a bra and he only reason he saw that much was because she wanted him to come in the police room with her while she was photographed. It was purely innocent. And, this made her feel like she was somehow cheating on him; as if she wasn't being loyal or faithful to him and it hurt. Tears swelled to her eyes, but she held them back. She couldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry.

"Oh, and how easy it was to get in," he continued, trying to hold back a boasting laugh. "I guess the years of practice when I was younger helped." His hands glided over her stomach and played with the top of her sweatpants.

She wanted to scream. She had to do something. There was no way she could let him take advantage of her. Just as his hand slipped under the fabric of her pants, she bit his hand fiercely, swearing that she drew blood. Instinctively, Chad drew his hand back and she took this chance to scream. "BRIAN!"

Chad's eyes widened and he grabbed the collar of her shirt. "You bitch!"

The door flew open and the younger Lake came barreling in. His eyes fell on his older brother and narrowed to slits instantly. Allison squeaked as he flew at the older boy, knocking him off her in on fell punch


When Allison screamed for him, he wasn't expecting to find his older brother attacking her. Rage swelled in him as he rushed towards him and landed a hard punch to Chad's jaw, knocking him right off the bed. However, he wasn't out of the fight yet.

Chad hurried to his feet and ran for his brother. Brian dodged and kneed him in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Normally, Brian would be at Chad's mercy, but not this time. He had stepped over a very thin line and he was unleashing his rage in precision strikes.

However, the older Lake was able to get a couple good punches in. After having the wind knocked out of him, Chad hauled back and struck Brian in the stomach and in the face. But, Brian was barely dazed as he jumped on his brother, taking him down. Then, the fists flew. He started beating on his brother until he drew blood. This was a fight that had been burning inside him for five years. Now, Chad was feeling his wrath.

Suddenly, he was pulled off the elder Lake. Snapping his head to the side, his eyes still wide with rage, Brian's gaze fell on his father, who was holding him back with all of his strength. "That's enough, Brian!"
Jenna already had a phone in her hand, but she wasn't calling the hospital. No. She was calling the police. She was sitting next to a shaken Allison as she hung up the phone.

Brian pulled away from his father, his eyes straying on his older brother, who was knocked out cold, his face bloodied and mangled. But then, those dark orbs fell on the one person he cared about. She had her head buried in her knees and was shaking violently. Whether it was from being attacked or from his rage, he didn't know. Either way, a pang of guilt ran through him. He should have been protecting her, but he didn't and she was almost raped. Damnit! What was he good for?

"Why don't you take her into your room," his father said. "Your mother and I will handle everything."

Brian nodded and scooped her up in his arms, holding her protectively. He didn't know if he could rely on his parents. They said that they would handle everything last time, but Chad still got to her. But, he was in no mood to argue with them and Ally was in no condition for more stress. So, he carried her out of the room and back to his.

Sitting on his bed, he set her down in his lap, not quite ready to let her go. He hugged her close to his chest. "I'm so sorry, baby"

She finally looked up at him, a tear sliding down her cheek. Strangely, a smile was painted on her face, but this wasn't a happy grin. It was full of sorrow and despair. "Why圬oes this keep happening to me?" she questioned.

He wanted to answer her, if only to make her feel better, but he couldn't. She wanted answers that he could not give. All he could do was hold her close and comfort her as she cried herself to sleep.
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