The painful secret (1)

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Chapter twenty-seven

Allison banged on the Lake's front door, hoping that Brian had gone home after leaving her house instead of going out. After what seemed like endless minutes, Brian finally answered. Before he could even question her presence there, Allison jumped on him, wrapping her arms around his neck. She felt his reluctance to hug her back, but she didn't care.

Stepping away from him, she smiled at his confused face. "Sorry about that, Brian, but I just couldn't help it."

He closed his front door before turning to her. "What are you doing here? What is going on?"

She knew he was upset with her, but he seemed to dislike her presence there. Frowning, she looked up at him, some of her enthusiasm fading. "I have some good news宇hat's all."

He arched an eyebrow. "I just left your house. What could have possibly happened in that past five minutes?"

Now she was getting upset. He was acting like a complete jackass. Allison knew that he probably wasn't expecting her so soon after their blowup not long ago, but he was really ticking her off. However, she wasn't going let him bring her down. "Mary called. My father is being charged. The jury found him guilty and he's being put away for almost twenty years!"

Brian's eyes widened with surprise. It was his turn to sweep her up in his arms and he proceeded to twirl her around. "That is great news!"

When he put her down, a sheepish smile curved her lips. "There's more, Brian" she said, capturing his gaze. Taking his hand in hers, she looked up at him with lustful eyes. "I considered what you said and" she placed his hand on her thigh


It was then that Brian realized she was wearing a skirt, which was not donning earlier. Her soft skin caressed his palm as the pink-haired girl leaned forward, moving his hand higher up her leg. If that wasn't shocking enough, what she whispered to him next almost knocked him off his feet.

"划asy access吋ake me" she said huskily, making sure to nip his ear before gazing into his eyes.

Brian couldn't hold himself back. He pushed her against the door, his body on hers, his pelvis pushing against hers. His lips descended on hers as a wave of heat washed over him, her seductive words still ringing in his ears. When her tongue begged to enter his mouth, he almost bit it out of surprise. It was normally he who asked for entry, but it was her this time and she would have forced her way in if he didn't part his lips for her. The kiss was hot and staggering.

He was just glad his parents were at work and would be for a long time.

Allison took a step into him as he matched it with a step back, his hands gliding over the curves of her body, while retaining their lip lock. He didn't care that she was leading. It actually turned in on, even aroused him.

Their kissing tango lead them to the stairs, which took out Brian's legs, making him fall back. He cursed them for breaking their kiss, but his anger was short lived as Ally leaned over him, kissing him briefly before stepping over his head, purposely allowing him to have a full-view of what was under her skirt.

He scrambled to his feet after collecting himself from his temporary daze and dashed up the stairs after her. At the top, he crashed into her, pressing her against the wall, her back flush with his chest. He caught his prey and was planning on reaping the rewards.

She looked over her shoulder, meeting his gaze, a lusty smile curving her round lips. He didn't move at first as he scanned her face, wondering if this was the same girl he was with less than an hour ago; the scared girl that seemed to wear a tight chastity belt.

Licking her lips, Allison smirked. "What's the matter, Brian? Am I宇oo much for you?" she teased, fluttering her long eyelashes.

Brian matched her smirk with one of his own and attacked her neck with his lips. He covered one of her hands that were pressed against the wall, while the other glided up her stomach, straying at the bottom of her bra. She was provoking him enough, but how far was she really willing to go.

She suddenly chuckled, making him arch an eyebrow at her as he waited for her explanation. Over her shoulder, she spoke. "And you said I was scared," she taunted. "I guess the 'Almighty Brian' can't handle it?"

He furrowed his eyebrows and whirled her body around to face him. He wasn't about to let her get away with that. Capturing her mouth, he roughly kissed her, drawing a moan from her when his hands cupped her rump and squeezed. He was going to show her what the 'Almighty Brian' can do.

Lifting her up, the raven-haired boy coaxed her legs around his waist, his hands still holding onto her behind, lips still locked, tongues still fighting for dominance. He carried her light form down the hall and into his room. Fumbling for the doorknob, and finally finding it, he closed it and locked it, giving them privacy. He almost didn't make it to the bed as a haze of lust clouded his mind, but when his legs hit it, he let them fall on it's soft mattress, making sure not to let his weight fall on her.

He looked into her emerald eyes, smirking. "Oh, Ally匈 can handle it."

She met his gaze. "Prove it."

Without replying, Brian dipped down, sliding her shirt up as his laid gentle kisses on her tiny stomach, slowly moving up. He felt her hands intertwine with his hair, coaxing him to go further upward. He didn't hesitate this time as he pulled her shirt over her head, leaving her in her thin, pink bra. Throwing it on the floor, he noticed her red face. "Maybe it's you that can't handle it," he said, his eyes scanning her half-clad chest.

"Oh, Brian," she replied, mimicking his earlier words. "I can handle it." Just to prove her point, she took his hand and moved it over one of her breasts.

His thumb caressed her nipple, hardening it instantly, making her gasp under him. Watching her writhe under his touch was erotic in his eyes. The tortured expression in her eyes made him hold back and just tease her for a while. He didn't kiss her or even move his hand, he just grazed her hardened peak ever so lightly with his thumb, arousing her. Ally moaned, reaching out for him, arching her back off the bed and into him. He now realized just how sensitive she actually was.

"B冰rian" she pleaded, trying to bring her lips to his.

But he refused, holding her down. He wanted the desire in her to reach it's peak before he did anything else. She would realize what he could do with just one touch. He would make this a memory she would never want to forget.

Finally, feeling like he had succeeded, he leaned down and kissed her tenderly, moving his free hand under her back. They both pulled away at the same time. This was the first time he ever felt her scars against his hand and he was sure this was the first time she ever let anyone touch them. It was something that made them both stop with what they were doing. However, Brian wouldn't let them rule her life anymore. With one harsh whisper, he commanded, "Turn over"

Allison shook her head. "No匈 can't... Anything else"

He wouldn't accept it and turned her over himself. He wasn't doing it to be cruel, but to make her understand that she couldn't let them take over. As his hand unhooked her bra clasp, the girl beneath him gasped and tried to turn back around. He kept her down though.

They were hideous and permanent. The red blemishes played across her back, jumping over one another endlessly. His fingers followed them, switching to others as one ended. She whimpered beneath his touch as his hand fell and rose over the groves and bumps on her skin.

Bringing his lips down onto her wounds, Brian placed gentle kisses all over her scars, making sure to touch each one. His hot breath caressed her imperfections, bringing forth goose bumps. "Baby" he whispered, entangling his fingers in hers, trying to sooth her cries. What he said next was hard for him, but something he had felt for a long time. "I love you."

Another gasp. Brian looked at the girl as she looked over her shoulder at him. Her emerald eyes were waterlogged from his statement and it took her a long time to swallow them and choke out a response. "匈 love you too"

A smile crossed his lips and he placed those lips to hers, slowly turning her over again, returning her scars to the sheets. As he drew back and pulled her bra completely off her, Allison blushed into her roots. His eyes scanned over her exposed top. Not able to resist, the Lake leaned down and encased a nipple in his mouth, sucking and nipping at it's hard form. He coaxed a moan out of her when he nipped at it and then licked the swollen flesh.

Meanwhile, his other hand massaged her other breast, readying it for his mouth. He felt Allison's hand push his head further onto her, wanting more and more. When he had enough of the breast he had been suckling on, he moved onto the other, but even though he was enjoying every moan, every gasp, every jolt of heat that ran through him, the Lake wanted more.

His hand glided down her side, resting on her thigh. Then, it moved up, disappearing under her skirt. He went back to teasing her, keeping his hand only inches away from her sex, but his plan was ruined when she arched against him, sliding into his hand. He pulled his mouth away from her breast and moved it to hers, while pulling her panties down and out of the way. His fingers caressed her sensitive flesh as her fluid moistened them, her pleasure dripping out of her.

Again she moved against his hand beckoning him to enter her, to pierce her with his finger. But he wasn't ready yet. Even as his arousal throbbed in his own pants, he wondered if he could take her innocence from her at that moment. It was a mind-numbing thought that he would be her first. He would be the one to claim her and her virginity as his. It was alluring yet intimidating.

Allison's exasperated voice pierced his thoughts. "Don't back out now, Brian," she whispered. "I want you and I want you to take me." She grinned at him. "Besides尖ou boasted so earnestly earlier. Think of your reputation"

Brian kissed her deeply before moving to her ear. "I love you, baby" he whispered, finally penetrating her with his finger, diving deep inside her. He caught her gasp with a kiss, letting his tongue sooth her. She was tight around him, her virginity obvious, but it only aroused him more.

When he felt and heard the initial pain change to pleasure, he pulled back and thrusted his finger even more deeply into her. She cried out in pleasure, pulling her mouth away as she breathed heavily.

Brian looked down at her raw form. Her pink hair was splayed across the pillows. Her head arched back as her hands clutched the sheets. Sweat trickled down her temple and her chest rose and dipped with every, exaggerated intake of air. Her eyes remained closed because they were so heavy with ecstasy. God, how he wanted all of her in that instant.

But, he kept it slow, he needed to. He wasn't going to risk hurting her. Instead, he dived deeper into her with his finger, drawing her ever closer to a climax. As she arched against him, her face flushing, a wave washed over her, her sex clenching around his finger. She moaned loudly as she came into his hand shamelessly.

Brian watched her and her expression, the sight of her turning him on. When she climaxed, his arousal peeked and he couldn't hold back any more. But as he dipped down to kiss her, he stopped centimeters away from her lips, his hand stilling. Allison opened her lustful eyes and stared up at him with glossy emerald orbs, questioning him.

Cursing, he slowly pulled out of her, rising from bed. "My parents are home," he finally said, handing her shirt and panties to her.

Her face gloomed at his announcement. She slid her shirt over her head and her underwear back on. As she swung her feet over the edge of his bed, Brian lowered his mouth to her ear. "We'll finish this later baby girl"

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