The Unexpected Relationship

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Everything was good for the last 20 years of my life. I have a loving family, mom, dad, my elder brother, my little brother, and my grandparents. We were all living happily with no problems and we're successfully getting everything we had wished for. Until one day, when one unwanted guest comes into our life and shakes our life with a despised truth and unwanted feelings I got for him. Welcome to the world where love faces real-life crises and hurdles. No love is easy as no love story retains any sweet ending. Some just die at the beginning of the night before you can see and realize, "Was that right?"

Romance / Erotica
Samantha Morris
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Chapter 1

"Hey, what the hell is your problem man, can't you just be a normal fucking elder brother," I yelled.

"Oh come on sissy don't be pissy, live a life and be happy that your brother still pays attention to you after what you did last weekend," Eli said.

"Attention, listen to me you piggy mouth no one is asking for your attention and I certainly definitely don't want it," I yelled again.

"Can you two stop this bickering of yours and talk like 2 civils instead of yelling at each other in 8 in the morning." Mom yelling from downstairs.

"Okay, so here it is, brother I am very sorry for whatever I did, but know this that she was going to know it anyhow it was me you protected your so so cool image in your peers, and you instead of destroying my stuff, should be thanking me. And why are we even fighting because of that bitch you know who she is and how she is. She was just hanging out with you because you have a best fucking friend who never steps up for his actions and pushes you to do his work." I calmly said.

"So here's where you are wrong she was my ride for the night because she already fucked Shawn and he wasn't interested in her so he was over with her. She being a ROYAL BITCH could not handle his rejection so she came after me so that he would get jealous and shit stuff. I was just having my fun and you ruined it." Eli said.

"Because of that Celine bitch you destroyed my all make-up products," I yelled at him like I want my neighbors to hear us fighting. "Also grow up brother, you are 24 soon to be 25 so quit this kid shit and mature enough to get a wife and ask Shawn too to quit these immature activities," I said because if he is continuing with this kiddish nature of him he won't get anywhere.

"Yes ma'am," he said. "Now come on chill out and quit that anger I'll buy you all the stuff even better than those."

Ooh, shoot, I am so sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. So let's start again, hello everyone I am Kira the best sister, daughter, friend, and bested granddaughter in the world. Okay okay sorry I can't help it I am too proud of myself that sometimes I just over exaggerate. I am 20 years old studying Medicine and I have a sweet small family who I love to death. My mom, Mrs. Zatoni Savenoy, is the prettiest lady in the world who is the best pastry chef in entire California, and my dad, Mr. Mikhail Savenoy is the best Physician and Surgeon in entire Western America. My little brother Stephen Savenoy is too young to be best in anything, but surely is the cutest boy you have ever seen. And my elder brother Elijah Savenoy, what can I say for him. Surely he is a pain in the ass but still is the best brother in the world, just to handsome that sometimes I think that maybe his looks may get him in trouble and that is my I ask him to watch his steps every time. Then comes my grandparents Viktor Savenoy and Cynthia Savenoy, the most loving grandparents one can ask for. I don't have much of friends as I used to have at the time, but my 4 best friends that are my second family Jason, Colton, Andrea, and Jess my childhood friends, and the best part is we are inseparable. In High School, we were all together with the same school, same grade and in college too same college with the same course and same class.

"Breakfast is ready" Mom called everyone. She and grandmas are the house bosses and no one, I mean no one can argue with them.
I was still angry at Eli so I avoided him and made my went downstairs, "Woohh, asshole up me down". I said as Eli being Eli won't let ms stay angry at him for longer and will try everything so that I'll again be his sweet loving sister.

"Spit that anger, forgive me and I'll put you down," Eli said.

"You very well know that I won't mind you carrying me everywhere for the week, but surely after the week you won't be able to leave the hospital bed soon," I said, enjoying my brother pampering me.

"Man, sometimes I wonder that how can you even be my sister," Eli said.

"Why were you two shouting in the morning? Honey you have 5 minutes come down or else you are not having your breakfast." mom yelled at my father, yeah I know my cool bossy mom.

"Nothing serious mom, Eli being Eli found a new way to irritate me and now will give me his last two months' savings so that I can buy the stuff he destroyed," I said, smiling to Eli. He looks angry now that I was asking for his two months' saving now. Did I tell you he is the best software engineer in Apple have? Yes, that man earns like a crazy bitch.

"That's between you two, hurry up and eat fast after that you are doing the garden, Eli you will go out with Stephen to get the grocery" Mom diving the work between everyone because that's how my family has their Sunday setup.

"Mom where grandma and grandpa," I asked because they are always the first ones to come to the dining.

"See didn't I tell you only my sweet granddaughter loves me the most," grandpa said as entering the house.

"Yeah okay old man, we all know she loves you the most and we are just the sidekicks. Now get out of my way." my grandma said. I was eating my breakfast just then I choked and started coughing hard. While my dearest brother was laughing like there is no tomorrow.

"Mom can you please just take a look at that language of yours we have a child in here. And I don't want this kid of mine to be a devil-like his elder brother and sister." my dad yelling to the dining room.

I sighed decided to eat my breakfast at peace. And this is how all the Sundays we have laughed, fighting and showing unconditional love.

It was 6 in the evening, I out on my way to Jason's house. Like on Sundays, in the morning it was family time and in the evening it was my friends' time, where we all go to parties and hang out at each other’s house or be at clubs drinking and enjoying. Yeah, I know you may think that how was my mom okay with that. So the thing is, my mom too in her teenager was a party animal even worse than me, but still, sometimes she lectures me about things that I shouldn't do and take care of my body because, 'Our body is a temple, and we give it to that one person who is made for us by the God himself.' Arghh, I know I too vomit on that but still, I am holding myself for my Mr. Perfect. I know some may say that come on live life, etc., etc. but no I am waiting for my prince charming.

I rang the bell. After 2 bells Colton opens the door and my God what was he doing. I immediately closed my eyes and shouted. "Fuck man, what the hell where are your clothes what are you guys doing?" Yeah, you all guessed right that man was standing at the door all naked, not even wearing his fucking underpants.

"Hey guys I won, Miss Saint's here," Colton shouted, still standing naked at the door. "Come on babe chill out we were just enjoying our Sunday, Andrea asked her boyfriend and his friends to join and they said yes so we were just playing truth and dare."

"Okay, that's enough I don't want to know about it any further," I said, still holding hands over my eyes. "And please Colton wear something no one's interested in seeing your dick."

"Hey don't say that out there girls are doing just for a kiss," Colton said dramatically. I ignored him and made my way inside. Shocked to see that half of them were naked and we're on each other's lap.

"Okay guys, you had your fun, and please dress up so that we can go out," I said

"Hey baby, where were you, I missed you," Jason said as he made his way towards me and kissed me on my cheeks. Jason has a crush on me and everyone knows that. I had plenty of times made it clear that we are just friends but he doesn't understand that and still keeps on hoping that one day I might fall for him, which is impossible. But what can I do I just don't want our friendship to get over just because of this?

"Ohkay Jason, enough, some distance, please. And will you guys please get ready I have been waiting for this day you know? So just hurry up so that we can leave and get over there at the time." I said, they all nodded their head and went to bet changed. Today was the day, when my favorite artist, Maluma was having his live show here in San Diego.

After 20 minutes, which felt like an eternity everyone came down. Jason slides his arm on my waist and I slapped him giving him a look, to which as usual Jason just smiled and kissed on my cheeks. We all headed out and made our way to our destination.

It took us 45 minutes to reach the club. And I swear, I was able to find the whole of San Diego at the club. Getting out of the car, Jason comes to my side and holds me right. Okay, so this is where I always meltdown, the protective nature of Jason is where I think that maybe he is the right one, 1) he has never given me a reason too doubt him and 2) he is never afraid and tired of telling me that he likes me a lot and will never give up on me. But there's the thing, I do like Jason, he is smart, tall, got a fantastic muscle body and got the Australian Accent to die for, but after all this, I still can't hear that soft music every time I see him neither do I feel that guitar strings playing in my heart. Yeah, I know too much about Bollywood but what can I do, I always have enjoyed watching Bollywood movies. Though you definitely should check Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar, they are the Bollywood Kings. Coming back to the topic, I surely believe Jason and I won't work, but after seeing his try again and again I feel like I should give him a chance shouldn't I?

"Please do me a favor and don't leave my side tonight," Jason said bringing me back to the present. I looked into his eyes and saw his being concerned. I smiled and nodded. He held me right and tight and we all went into the club. I sometimes find it profitable that Andrea has Senator Son's as her boyfriend, he can be handy most of the time. As we entered, I witnessed there was no space in the club, and I tell you that this club was the best and the biggest in the whole of Western America. We all squeezed into one another and made it to the VIP lounge, whole time Jason has his arms around me and I don't know it felt good. I held onto him, not giving a chance that I could get away with him, once we made in and sat on the couch Colton straight away laid on the floor, "Sanite this is the last time you got to plan for Sunday nights" Colton said in an irritated tone.

Before I could reply Jason said "Oh shut up dude, you too wanted to come here, don't say anything to her it was known to everyone what it would be like and after that everyone agreed so just zip it up" I don't know how but I just blushed, as Jason replied to Colton.

"See Sainte this guy won't keep his anger down to anyone who plans to say something to you. I don't know what more do you want just say yes to him, man. He is a fool that he is just giving you hints of his liking to you but the fact is, he is in deep deep love with you. So just get a corner kiss and say yes." Colton said.

"Okay, that's none of your business, if she needs-" I cut Jason from saying anything, and just kissed him right on his lips in front of everyone. I can feel him being shocked by my sudden action and for the next 5 seconds, he just thought what should be done, after that he kissed me back and took the charge and kissed me with such a hunger that he finally got some food after I don't know months, maybe years. He licked my lower lip asking for my permission, which I gave him and he slides his tongue inside my mouth and made me moan softly, he slides his arms around my waist as he lifts me and made me sit In his lap. We kissed for like 10 minutes or so before someone made interrupted us by clearing his throat. I unexpectedly pulled away and saw everyone starring at us with confused and amused gaps.

"I-I-I'll be right back" I rushed to the restroom, thinking of how stupid I can be not bothering to hear that someone was calling me back. I shut the door and sat on the seat. I shouldn't have done that. I don't know what possessed me. I shouldn't have kissed Jason, now everything will be destroyed, all my friends will leave me.

"Kira please open the door I won't say a thing. Please just open the door let me see you, we will forget this ever happened okay and I will always be your friend no matter what please just come out. Look it's time Maluma's gonna come to the stage, we will simply enjoy the show and forget that anything happened." Jason said. I know I can never have someone like him, but I can't just feel it with him.

I opened the door to see Jason in his vulnerable side. I just hugged him tight and said, "Can we please talk about this tomorrow?" Jason rubbed my back and said yes and we went to the lounge where everyone was back to their normal behavior. I don't know what Jason said but thankfully he knows me, I can say that.

It was 2 in the morning and the show ended. Everyone was tired, slowly all went their ways, Andrea went with her boyfriend, Colton drove with Jess, leaving me and Jason alone. I quickly text my mom that I will stay the night at my friends' place and will be back tomorrow after college. Jason was just about to say something when I asked him "Can I stay with you tonight?" Jason smiled and nodded, we went to his house. Just as we reached, I soon get out of the car and stand in front of the door. Jason took out the keys and opened the gate. We straight went to his room, knowing his parents must be sleeping.

No one said a thing I changed into Jason's shirt and went to bed. After getting out of the bathroom and changing, he took his pillow and cover. "You don't have to sleep on the couch, come to bed with me please," I said as Jason was about to go to the side couch.

"You know it won't be easy for me to-" I cut Jason as said, "I want to talk about it please I need to and you, you know help me in, I-I-I need you please."
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