Death Sentence

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He's sentenced to death by the king for a crime he didn't commit. With an unexpected turn of events and another chance at life, he has to survive the worst imaginable and worse. This short story series takes place in the future, in a kingdom called Motrem.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Today is the day. Today is the day that I die. My sentence has no chance of being appealed, the king himself made sure of it. There is no reason I’m being executed, it’s for a crime I didn't commit. The princess committed the crimes, I took the blame. The king knows this, he just doesn’t want his family’s name slandered.

“Wait!” the princess calls out. “He shouldn’t be punished, I should,” I never once in my entire life thought she would stand up for me. “Cedric isn’t the felon?” The king pretends he’s surprised, but that’s just so he’s not executed. I wonder what motives Crestina has. Once I’m released, I find her. She looks like she’s waiting for something. “Hi,” She looks very frightened by my sudden appearance. “Who are you waiting for?” I ask as politely as I can. “You, actually,” I wonder what she could want from me.

“I need your help. My dad wants to get me married, but I don’t want to, all the people in Motrem are jerks,” Oh moons, I already see where this is going. “I need you to ‘marry me’. Don’t say no yet! Just for a while until I can move out,” No way am I doing this, Malori would be so mad! “I’m sorry, but I can’t just betray Ma- I mean my mom,” I have to quickly correct myself since no one knows that we date. “What? What do you mean your mom?” I realized I said the worst thing possible. “What I mean is that I told my mom I would not date or marry anyone until I’m 18, and that’s still two years away,” I think I caught myself. “Well, that sucks, I guess I’ll just marry one of the ‘almighty princes’ then,”

Phew! I would kill myself if I had to even pretend to date that witch. I don’t know her much, but I do know she’s evil. “So, why did you save me, I mean, you barely know me,” I ask, pretty sure the marriage thing was the reason. “Exactly! I barely know you. You could have family, or even a girlfriend,” she says. “Well, with the way you look, probably not a girlfriend, but still!” Wow, rude much? I want to walk away so bad, but I don’t think the princess would like that. I don’t really care at all at this point, so I go ‘home’, since there’s nowhere else to go, and I sit on the ground.

My ‘home’ is a decently large hollow in the mana tree, about halfway to the top. No one can see that I live here, since the tree is so tall and mysterious. I hide my stuff pretty well, too. The hollow is deep and tall, so I have decent living quarters. I put up a wooden wall with bark on the outside when it rains, so that no rain gets in. Speaking of rain, great timing. I never like when it rains, I’m stuck with very little light, no way to get more food, and rain doesn’t put me to sleep, it keeps me up. Horrible. No sleep, light, or comfort. I hate rain.

||> - <⋅> - <||

Malori! I have to go see her and tell her about the princess’s offer once it stops raining. I’ll check to see if it’s done raining yet. Nope, so more being bored and uncomfortable.

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