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Elton and Audrey were caught up in an unforgettable love story. Though they disagreed to certain issues,their enjoyable love scenes were able to get them to the final years of college till the envious popped up. The couple made them take control over their moods. They lost trust for each other and listened to the voices of others. Serious quarrels,endless fights,bets and so on were what now existed between them both. But wait!!!Do you think Elton and Audrey will come out of this unending nightmare together as a couple???

Romance / Other
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I caught her from behind causing her to scream. When she realized it was me, I now had the chance to put the lapis lazuli necklace which had the inscription Elton on it. It was so beautiful and she loved it.

"This is too expensive, "she said whilst trying to remove it.
"No ...not this one too," II said. I had known this girl since high school and it was so difficult to have her accept a gift and not to even talk of an expensive one as such.
Placing my index finger on her cute, little and soft pink lips, I said to her. "No amount of money can be compared to you, love...just accept this please."

"I can't. It looks so expensive please....," she began.
"Yes, it is but I have bought it for you and you alone and there's no way I'm taking it back. It's yours and I want it to be on you always..."

There and then, her cell rang.

"Who is that ?"I asked her. It was him that jerk right!! I said shaking her vigorously just to make her answer me.

"Yes. But calm down baby."

Dont baby me just shut the fuck up!!!

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