Evie, Darling [GALATEA]

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“No matter what happens, always keep your childlike innocence. That is the most important thing.”

Genevieve opened her eyes in the early morning, thinking only about one thing. She rushed for a quick shower and freshened up. Today was a very important day for her.

It was the day that the eggs would hatch. She would get to see little chicks in the chicken coop once again, for the earlier one’s celebrated many birthdays and grew into hens and roosters. It was one of the joys she enjoyed in their simple life.


Genevieve rushed to the kitchen where she knew she would find her Mama Emilia. It was six in the morning, meaning her Mama is finishing their breakfast for the day. It was a routine that they were used to.

“Mama” she called, reaching the doorway of the beautiful kitchen. Sunlight slowly creeped to the window by the sink, lighting the room.

Her voice sounded throughout the two-bedroom house barn house. Genevieve grew up here. Although she had no memory of her younger years, 6-year-old Genevieve enjoyed the fresh air and friendly animals that surrounded her house.

It was perfect for her.

“Easy, my love.” her mother, Emilia, didn’t need to turn around to see that Genevieve was at the kitchen door. “You’ll trip on your toes.”

Aside from her loud voice calling out to her, Emilia knew that her daughter couldn’t be light on her feet. The house was always full of Genevieve’s harmonic voice and swift movements.

“But Mama!” the excitement was heard from Genevieve’s voice. “The chicks!”

“I know, dear. You reminded me yesterday night.”

“I know you are excited, but first you have to have breakfast first.” Emilia carefully placed the plates full of breakfast food on the dining table. “Because...?” she trailed off.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Genevieve’s mellow voice answered with a laugh. It was still a hobby for them to act like this.

She looked over at the table. Today, her mother decided to cook bacon, eggs, and pancakes for breakfast.

“Sit now, Genevieve. You don’t want cold pancakes now, do you?”

Genevieve quickly sat on her seat, with her mother at the other side of the square-shaped table. Gobbling up her breakfast with speed, she quickly finished and drank her orange juice.

A teasing smile formed on Emilia’s lips, she loved how her daughter shined with sweet innocence. She knew how cruel the world can be, and she was so lucky to have a daughter like Genevieve.

Even if she wasn’t her own.

Suddenly, the ringing of Emilia’s phone could be heard across the kitchen. Quickly, Genevieve handed her mother’s phone to her.

“Thank you, dear. Now, move along. You wouldn’t want to miss the eggs hatching.” Emilia’s sentence wasn’t even finished when Genevieve rushed to get her slippers on and moved outside the house to the barn, only steps away from their house.

Emilia laughed, amused by her daughter.

She took a look at her phone and answered the call.

“Good morning, Mr. Gomez.”

It has been almost ten minutes, yet Genevieve was still patiently waiting for the eggs to hatch.

Leaning against her hands, she looked at the five different eggs that sat in front of her. Her mind wondered what the chicks would look like. Would they be pale or light yellow? Would they all look the same?

In the middle of coming up with names for her new chicks, Genevieve looked over at the eggs when she heard a small crack.

Her eyes widened as she watched the eggs shells slowly crack, a gentle sound reaching her ears.

She patiently waited until all five chicks were out of their shell, her eyes twinkling with wonder. They were all bright yellow and they all looked so healthy. She felt the flutter in her heart, knowing full well how precious these creatures are.

She giggled and watched as the chicks neared the mother hen, seeking for warmth, bumping into each other at the way.

One chick, Genevieve thought, purposely pushed aside her sibling and cheekily made her way through.

She lifted her index finger and gently caressed the baby chick that was near her, her heart full of love.

“Cheeky.” Genevieve giggled at the name she thought, how perfect it was for the baby chick. It was the small things that brought her joy.

It was almost an hour since Genevieve spent her time in the coop. She felt the blazing heat of the 8 AM sun and squinted while she looked up at the bright star.

“So pretty.” she whispered, even though she couldn’t see much because of her squinting.

She walked around the barn, greeting her cattle and horses along the way, caressing them.

Genevieve felt the contentment in her heart that she always felt.

Everything was perfect. She didn’t want anything more than this.

She was happy with her Mama and her pets. Spending the day in the barn and going into the town square to shop. Her days went by fast, almost a cycle, but she loved it anyway.

Hearing car engines nearing her home, Genevieve looked up from what she was doing and neared the barn house.

She saw a slick blue car nearing the barn’s driveway, and she knew exactly who their visitor was.

Her cheerful voice called out to the visitor that she knew like the palm of her hand.

“Hola, Señor Gomez!”


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