Evie, Darling [GALATEA]

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“Silence speaks for the one’s who does not need words.”

Silence surrounded the magnificent building of Dominguez Enterprise on a weekday. The employees were used to working in silence.

It was all because the boss didn’t like noise.

And what the boss says, goes.

Located at the top of the company’s building is the office of the man who started this empire.

Alvaro Dominguez.

Black, white and grey was scattered around Alvaro’s office, no bright color can be seen. Somehow, the color of this room represented the life of it’s owner.

Quietly going through his documents, no sound can be heard in the spacious room, just like Alvaro liked it.

All quiet, except for the knock that came moments later.

“Señor?” [Sir?]

Alvaro’s secretary, Corazon, was of Spanish blood, just like him. She had been working at the enterprise for so long, but she was still full of glow even at age 48. She was efficient and a great worker.

Looking up from a deal that he was scanning, Alvaro only stared at Corazon, waiting for her to say something.

Even after thirteen years of working for the young Señor, the secretary still felt the chills down her spine each time her eye’s met his.

Not needing words, his stone cold gaze was enough to make people avoid it.

One cold gaze, and you’ll feel that shiver embracing your body.

He had that effect on people.


“Señor Roman has arrived.” her quivering voice reached his ears, and he simply nodded an okay for his visitor to come in.

Marco Roman was his right-hand man if you will, his most trusted man. The two grew up together, and they know each other very well.

Alvaro set aside all his documents and prepared a glass of whiskey, he was going to need it for the talk that he and Marco were going to have.

He could already feel the headache coming.

Alvaro remembered his last conversation with Marco, about needing to get married and have an heir to continue the bloodline of the Dominguez.

He didn’t want to.

The last thing he needed was a bitch in his midst. He had enough in his hands, and he didn’t need a spoiled and selfish girl adding to his worries.

All his encounters with women were all the same. They wanted the money and power that came with his manly physique, and they tried hard to achieve it.

Except he wasn’t interested.

Alvaro focused on his work and keeping his people under control, there wasn’t a single time where you could see him with a woman in his arms.

He had several shares of women in his bed in his younger years. He remembered how young and foolish he was.

Now, his men were creating a fuss about how he isn’t getting any younger, that he needed to get married at the age of thirty-five in order to produce heirs that would guarantee the success of the empire that he worked hard to build.

A marriage of convenience was what they were proposing.

The only way to shut them up, Alvaro thought, is to give them what they want. He could just ignore them and go on his way, but he didn’t need the distrust that would build if he couldn’t provide a solution.

The door to his office opened and in came Marco Roman.

“Señor.” Marco Roman’s voice greeted, immediately placing the files from his leather bag to Alvaro’s table.

“These are the girls that provide great background and came from wealthy families.” he explained. “They would do good for the company’s name.”

Alvaro hummed a reply, chugging down his alcohol. He didn’t want to waste time choosing, so he made Marco do it. He trusted his instincts.

“Si puedo...” [If I may] Marco’s voice trailed.

The silent man peeked his left eye open, waiting for his friend to continue.

“Hay una chica...” [There is this girl]

“Escupelo ya, Marco.” [Spill it, Marco]

The boss’ impatient voice rang in his ears, the small bit of fear hugged his mind, causing him to stop for a minute before continuing.

“Isaac Gomez’s niña... Genevieve Cortes.” he started “He has her ready.”

Alvaro merely listened. He didn’t know any Genevieve, but he knew Isaac Gomez.

He was a pesky man who has a pile of debt that he has yet to pay him. He was drowning in debt and didn’t look like he was planning to pay any time soon.

“Ella es una buena chica , age 23. And she is a great asset to use against Isaac Gomez.” [She is a good girl]

It was moments before Alvaro spoke, he spent the last minutes thinking about whether he would regret his decision or not.

“Esa chica... Genevieve, is it?” [That girl]

“Si, señor .” [Yes, sir.]

“What do you think of her?”

“Well... she’s nice. Everyone in town loves her. And she’s low maintenance. I think this will be a good decision.”

“Call Isaac.”

“Para que, Señor?” [For what, Sir?]

“Tell him to take her to me.”


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