Evie, Darling [GALATEA]

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“Sometimes, a deal with the devil is better than no deal at all.”

“Hola, Señor Gomez!”

Genevieve called out to her Mama’s visitor. Mr. Isaac Gomez was a family friend, she knew him since she was little.

He was like a father figure to her, especially since she didn’t have her own dad any more.

Mr. Gomez was the one who supported her throughout college, paid for her tuition and all. He also provided for her like the good godfather that he is.

He added to the sunshine that was in her world.

“Hello, my Genevieve.” he greeted back. “How are you this fine morning?”

“Oh, Mr. Gomez! The chicks just hatched.” she replied, a smile prominent on her face.

He saw the enthusiasm in her eyes from far away. When she got close to an arms length, Isaac reached out and hugged her little body.

Genevieve felt the warmth that surrounded him. She loved hugs, especially warm ones.

“That’s great sweetheart, you can show them to me later.”

Genevieve grinned and agreed, dragging him inside the house while chatting about her dear animals in the barn.

Isaac couldn’t help but laugh with her. She had that effect on people.

Even the toughest and strongest people would go on their knees for sweet Genevieve.

“Now, darling, I need to talk to your Mama about something important.” Isaac started “Why don’t you go and shower, dear?”

“I will!” she replied, already running towards her room for clothes.

Isaac turned and went inside the warm kitchen, where he saw Emilia seated by the table, thinking deeply.


The woman turned and Isaac saw the sadness in her eyes, it was like a punch in his guts.

“I’m so sorry.”

Those were the words that were needed in order to break the thin wall that was stopping Emilia’s tears. She burst out crying, her hands covering her eyes.

“I-I am terribly sorry, Emilia.”

“What... what do we do?” she asked “What do I do? My poor baby...”

The man at the other side of the kitchen couldn’t say anything. He also didn’t know what to do. People knew that Alvaro Dominguez was a heartless man, but he didn’t know to what extent.

Until now.

“My poor Genevieve.” Emilia cried out.

Isaac Gomez neared the crying woman, rubbing her back, in an attempt to calm her down.

“We...” he started “We can’t say no to this man, Emilia. I’m afraid we cant.”

Her sobs only got louder. Her cries filling the small kitchen.

Minutes passed, and Emilia was hiccuping her sorrows away.

“I-I know that she is old enough for marriage.” she explained “But not this way. Oh God, no this way.”

“I am also against it, Emilia. But I-we, know that we cannot escape his grasps. He already sent out his right hand man to prepare Genevieve for the...”

He couldn’t continue his words, he knew what that single word could do to Emilia.

“But why?!” Emilia stood up, showing her distress “Why does it have to be my Genevieve? Why her?”

“Emilia, calm down! She’ll hear you.” he shushed her, forcing her to sit back down. He went and grabbed her a drink, offering it to her when he saw how out of breath she was.

“I don’t know why it has to be her. Maybe he-he picked out a handful of girls and picked one from them.” he said “I really don’t know Emilia. I just found out when he called earlier and said he wanted to meet Genevieve for the... wedding.”

She sobbed, she already hated the word.

“He’s a powerful man, Emilia, we know that. And we can’t challenge him on this.”

Emilia sniffed and nodded, agreeing.

People in this small town knew who Alvaro Dominguez was, and if he said he wanted Genevieve to be his bride, who were they to say no?

“I just- I don’t want her to get hurt.”

Isaac was speechless. No words came out of his mouth, no comfort or warmth.

People only saw Alvaro Dominguez when he was working, no one ever saw how he was in his home. Was he kind to his employees? Was he warm? Did he have a heart?

Nobody knew.

Isaac Gomez stayed silent.

The sound of footsteps was heard before Genevieve showed herself in the kitchen, immediately looking over to her Mama who was wiping her cheeks.

“Mama!” she called, frantic to see her mothers red cheeks and tearful eyes “What happened?”

Genevieve caressed her Mama’s cheeks and dried her tears, she hated seeing her Mama cry. She wanted her to be happy, always.

“Never mind me, dear.” Emilia smiled, hiding her pain from her daughter “Just dust in the eyes, is all.”

Genevieve frowned, you can’t cry that hard from dust in the eyes. Why was she lying?

“Why don’t you go and show Mr. Gomez the chicks, dear?” Emilia shooed her away “I’ll prepare for lunch.”

Genevieve was reluctant to leave her Mama upset, she wanted to stay and comfort her mom. So with one last look, she dragged Mr. Gomez to her coop, excited to show off her new pets.

Once the two disappeared from her sight, Emilia’s tears started to run down her cheeks once again.

She wasn’t ready to let her daughter go.

Genevieve wasn’t ready for marriage.

And they weren’t ready to say goodbye.


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