Evie, Darling [GALATEA]

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Thank you

A big thank you to all the readers who have added this story to your reading lists. To all of you who have been reading from the first chapter to the end.

Thank you so much.

This journey has not been easy and it took a long time, but thank you for staying all through out.

Starting this book, I did not think that I would reach a large number of audience and have them wait for the next chapter after the other. You have been a great inspiration and gift to me, and to all other aspiring writers out there.

This was a milestone for me, completing this book and being able to reach this many readers. The reads on this book used to be a dream, but now I wake up with all of you bombing me with notifications of support and love.

Thank you for making these blessings achievable for me. This was all because of you guys.

With your support and love, we have reached the ending of Evie, Darling.

But as I quote, this is not the end of their love story.

I leave it up to your imagination the future and lovely life of Alvaro and Evie, and their growing family.

I actually cried while writing the Epilogue. I just let the pain and the goodbye sink in as I realized that my first book truly reached it’s end.

The happiness, the longing, the laughs and the tears I shared through the chapters. And the true meaning of saying goodbye to someone who passed. As well as a mother who lost their child, and a child who lost their mama.

Basically, anyone who lost someone important to them. My heart reaches out to you.

It made me happy writing the ending, but sad too. But this gives me more opportunity to share more stories in the future.

Again, thank you so much.

I hope you stay with me in my future endeavors. I have many more ideas and stories to share. Different genres that will make you smile, cry, bawl or laugh.

To all the bookworms and readers, thank you.

See you in my other works, and in Gala.



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