Evie, Darling [GALATEA]

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Special Chapters will be available on the Galatea App and OWO NOVEL.

A sneak peak of what Evie and Alvaro’s married life will continue in THREE special chapters that I will be sharing through these reading apps.

The Dominguez family will be back in a three-chapter-special which will show three special occasions:

1. The Wedding

2. The Children (ft. Marco and Lucy)

3. 15 years later

Scenes will include their life as a married couple, as parents, and of course, a fast forward to what their life is like growing old together. Hand in hand, their love as alive as ever.

BONUS CHAPTERS will be available on the Galatea App and OWO Novel by March/A 2022.

See you there! Thank you so much for your support! ily.


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