The Billionaire's Five

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One billionaire. One nanny. Five children. A chaotic family of six, plus one. What chaos would ensue between a billionaire's children and their newly-hired nanny? Will the five children accept her love and care? Can the damaged family of six be saved by one? Most especially, Will the billionaire welcome another chance at love?

Romance / Children
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“You’re hired. You’ll start next week, I’ll send you the details and address.”

“You’re so lucky!” Kris, and employee of ‘Kids n Us’, and Maureen’s close friend stated. They were currently having lunch by the busy street. It was a bright and noise-filled Tuesday.

Maureen sighed. It was true that she was lucky. But she didn’t feel like it.

She liked her job in Kids n Us. If only there was a way to save the bankrupt daycare, she’d gladly do it. She loved taking care of kids, assuring their parents that they’d be safe and sound when they come back from work.

She loved giving them snacks, and teaching them basic education, like the ABC’s. She loved when they’d run to her and laugh with her. And even though it hurts to see them cry, she’ll still miss hushing them and cuddling with them in their bad days.

Her childhood dream of taking care of kids and treasuring them just went down the drain, together with Kids n Us.

She didn’t know what it was about kids. She just loved them. When she was young and her parents announced that she’ll be a big sister, it was one of her happiest moments.

And then the day came that her Mom gave birth. She cried as she gazed at her little brother, with pinkish skin and tiny body. It took everything in her not to squeeze him.

Growing up, she enjoyed taking care of her brother. He grew up nice and strong, just like their Dad. Finnegan, or Finn as he liked it, now 20, looked just like their Dad when he was young. With brown hair and sharp jaws, he was the ‘popular guy’ of their university.

Finn was a kind brother, and son. He focused on his studies and preferred to be in a small crowd. He didn’t like parties and preferred to be home with family. Maureen encouraged him to go out, though. But he’d always make excuses.

For the second time, Maureen sighed. Everything was just disappearing in front of her eyes, and even though she did find a job right away, she still preferred the daycare.

“I just don’t understand... we were doing so well.” she murmured, he fingers tracing the lips of her coffee cup. Kris nodded in agreement, sipping her tea.

“I guess parent’s just really prefer having live-in sitters, now.” Kris answered “They feel more safe with that rather than dropping their kids in a colorful building. That man was just the last blow to the horn.”

Maureen’s third sigh followed. “I know.”

But still, the Kids n Us building was made for children. They were certified, and they had a good reputation. But ever since the new owner, Dylan , the former owners son took over, they seemed to have problem in every corner.

Not only was he a gambler, he was a pervert too. All the employees in Kids n Us made sure to guide the kids away whenever he visited, and they all kept their distance too.

Maureen wasn’t a spiteful person, but she disliked that man.

“Well, I still have two interviews to go.” Kris stood up and gathered her things. “I’m happy for you, Maui. I know you’ll miss our daycare, but try to enjoy you new job, okay? Besides, that house has kids, too.”

Maureen smiled and waved Kris goodbye. Out of the two of them, Kris was always the talkative one. Maureen preferred to observe and stay silent, Kris was always the smiley and wild one. She was always calm and serene.

People always said that she was like a serene goddess with her beauty and silence. They said she was like a loving mother, even though she didn’t have any children yet. Maureen would just laugh them off and giggle. It was flattering, their compliments, but she was not so comfortable whenever she was around big crowds.

She guessed that Finn took after her.

Her new job, which she was hired just yesterday, starts next week. She was to be a nanny/babysitter of five kids from a wealthy family.

It wasn’t her first time, but she found it weird living in another house instead of her home. The job required a stay-in nanny, and they provide for it. She couldn’t complain. She needed the job.

Her fourth sigh, and hopefully her last, came out of her mouth as she stood. She needed to prepare for next week now. She had to pack her things and arrange the papers of her apartment.

She loved working in Kids n Us, and she missed it, but she loved children overall, so she still looked forward to working at the Lawson manor.

Next week was going to be something new. But the thought of taking care of children sparked excitement in Maureen.

Five children and her. Her adventure at her new job starts Monday next week.


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