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Dario Espinosa. Mafia boss. The 'evil' in devil. Everyone fears the boss who kills everyone who crosses him. Born and raised in the mafia, Dario was taught to be the biggest monster he could be. Will meeting Madie be the cause of his change? Or the cause of his downfall? Madeline. A very, very special girl who is under the care of Sister Mary Eunice in the orphanage. Full of smile and laughter, not everybody knows what the poor girl has been through. Suddenly associated with the mafia, can Madie's poor, innocent heart handle it? Accidentally crossing paths and getting stuck with each other, what happens when the big, bad mafia discovers Madie's biggest secret? Can romance brood between the two broken souls? ~~~ ⚠️ SAMPLE ONLY! READ THE FULL STORY ON GALATEA ⚠️ Only the first 3 chapters of the book will be available on free reading platforms such as Wattpad and Inkitt. The full story is available on GALATEA, the reading app. © All Rights Reserved

Romance / Erotica
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Only the first 3 chapters of the book will be available on free reading platforms such as Wattpad and Inkitt.

The full story of Evie, Darling is available on Galatea.

You can read it for FREE in the Galatea App but there is a wait time of 6 hours, but you can also avail coin and register for PREMIUM in order to gain access to all chapters.

Thank you for those who had the chance to read my book and inspire me to write more. Your support and loving messages motivated me to continue writing, as well as achieve my dreams as a writer.

To my future readers, may you enjoy exploring the world that I created with my fingertips.

I hope to see you all on Galatea, as well as my future stories that are yet to come.



“Call me Daddy, baby.”

“My name is Madeline, but you can call me Madie!”

“I know, no need to tell me.”

“But I wanted you to know my name! How about you? What’s your name, mister?”


“Yeah. You look old.”

“Do I?”

“Yeah! You look so old you could be my daddy!”

“You don’t know what you’re wishing for, Madie."

“Wishing for? It’s not my birthday, why would I wish for something?”

“Silly girl. With eyes like that, you looked like you’re begging me to bend you over.”

“But-but why?”

“Because that’s what daddy’s do to naughty little girls.”


“Yes. Daddy.”

“Are you-are you my daddy?”

“I can be.”


“Do you want me to be your daddy?”

“But-will I have a Mommy, too?”

“No, baby. Daddy is all you need.”


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