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The Runaway Pregnant Wife

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Brianna kissed a stranger in front of his date and experienced her first kiss with him. They met again in a gala, she was with another man but they both can't ignore their strong connection and feelings. Her billionaire brother caught them in a compromising situation and Mitch was forced to marry her. Her life changed drastically as she moved to the base where her husband work as military officer. They became neighbor with her husband's ex. She ran from her husband and from her pampered life when she learned that she was pregnant and the ex was also pregnant. She decided to live alone abroad but her husband found her after several months and learned that the ex's mother lied to her. He explained that he is not the father of his ex's baby. He declared and showed his love to her. He retired from the service and she found out his husband was also rich. They live in his beautiful modern house near the lake with their daughter. He was with her throughout the ordeal of giving birth.

Romance / Drama
Suzzane Belle
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In my hazy memory, I recall my loving father’s soft voice reading my books before I went to bed. His kind words when he tried to talk me out of doing something bad. I recall being a happy, active, and sweet child. Those memories, as well as my forgotten self, were buried deep within my consciousness.

My idyllic days turned into a nightmare when I witnessed my father being shot in the head right in front of me.

The horror rides did not end that day; instead, it became a prolonged period of agony.

They kidnapped me and attempted to perform some monstrous act on me, but I was saved by my estranged brother. He murdered them all in front of me, including his father. He invited everyone who was inside the underground network to join them in their damnation.

“I can’t bring you with me Brie. I’ll start from scratch, away from these things. I’ll work hard in the open world, and I’ll make sure that our past never haunts you again,” I said, puzzled. I began my solitary life that day; he arranged everything for me, including paying my nanny and her family to stay with me. Later, I discovered that he had paid someone to take care of my security discreetly. Cara and her parents took care of me. They were wonderful people with pure hearts and good intentions.

On my 18th birthday, I sold everything and chose to live in the forest cabin. Cara stayed with me, though her parents stayed in a nearby village. I can’t stand the loneliness I feel every time I turn around in the house filled with memories. I wasn’t afraid because I could see from the corner of my eye that the men hired by my brother had been doubled. I learned to cook the old-fashioned way, and cooking fascinates me.

I received a letter of acceptance from a prestigious culinary school in France. I did not apply for it; Zach did, and I was aware of it. I guess his men were so efficient that they recorded every action I took. My nanny persuaded me to explore the outside world and return if school did not suit me. I was home schooled, she recruited the best teachers for me and I did my part diligently.

When I looked at her, I saw a beautiful woman who was mourning the death of my father. She loved him wholeheartedly, and she even loved and cared for him despite the fact that her love was unrequited. My father loved my mother so much that their forbidden love caused us all to suffer.

“Why don’t you hate me?” I asked, longing to ask her, and her response was my weighing provisions to decide. She glowed as if she had remembered something wonderful.

“When your father brought you to his house, it occurred to me that I would use you to gain his love. It backfired, because I started to love you like my own daughter, his love doesn’t matter anymore. Once, I was able to sway your father a little because of the love I gave to you. I realized that your father’s love for your mother is like the air he breathes. I may sway him a little, but he will never love me and it will only bring more anguish for both of us. I stopped dreaming, I accepted the reality that I could only love him in secret. I want you to be happy. I miss your old self, your easy smile and unruly self.”

I hugged her and cried; I will miss her, but I don’t want her to die with a heavy heart because of me.

I arranged for the property to be transferred into her name because she deserved more than this house and land. I sent her a letter with the titles and some jewellery from my father before I left for France.

Zach chose the most sophisticated school for me, and everything was well-organized.

“You will stay in the penthouse, Ms. Brianna, and Mr. Camwell instructed us that you may use the hotel’s facilities if necessary.” The manager then left and instructed one of the staff members who would be my butler for the remainder of my stay at the Camwell Hotel.

I’m back in a fairy tale, where everything is easy or brought to me. It was routine for the wealthy, but it was depressing for me. Though I enjoyed my education, I grew to appreciate the hotel staff.

I prepare food for them, and the chef criticizes my preparation, taste, and everything else related to food. He taught me a lot of things.

Zach came to my graduation ceremony and tried to persuade me to work with him in Los Angeles, but I declined. I needed to be alone first, and I was too afraid to be with him. I worked in the hotel for months and got to know some of the guests, who were mostly tourists. I was captivated by their descriptions of cultures, languages, beautiful locations, and the inner peace they bring.

When I arrived unannounced at Zach’s house, he was happy, a different kind of happy, joy?

I met his lovely wife. I was also surprised to learn about his hasty marriage. I never imagined Zach would marry someone as mysterious and as astute as her. Because Zach had his own world that revolved around Simone, I felt like an outsider once more. My heavy heart froze when I discovered that I had unknowingly caused a rift in their relationship. Zach tried his best to entertain me, but I knew deep down that he was worried about Simone’s behavior.

I had planned to run away again, to explore the world on my own, but Zach and Simone reconciled their relationship. She discovered my true relationship with Zach, as well as the fact that I had been in trauma for years. Zach shielded me by not telling the world that I was a victim of the underworld.

Simone mistook me for Zach’s childhood lover, and she acted strangely as a result.

Our mother carried the dupe blood in her veins. Somehow, the truth set us free, the open world accepted us, and money and influence played a significant role. People do not look back; they only see the surface of you. What matters is that the people you care about accept you for who you are.

Simone extended her hand to support me in regaining my former self. She taught me to dance, how to defend myself, and the joy of freedom. I explored the world with her guidance. Zach was hesitant to allow me without his men lurking behind me, but his wife convinced him to trust me. She gave me points whenever I traveled to other countries, and Zach tried to make my trip a business trip. He told me to check some things in his hotel, which was sometimes too obvious, because he wanted me to stay inside his watchful eyes via his men.

I didn’t mind because I pretended not to notice. I also made certain that I saw life through the eyes of many people. I stayed in a strange hotel, ate street food, slept in a park, and even hiked with strangers. I met a variety of people, some of whom were manipulative and took advantage of me, but I managed to avoid them.

I did some stupid things that made me laugh and cringe at the same time when I remember them.Travel brought about changes in my life, and the people around me helped me with regaining my identity. I returned home with them, and they were all eager to hear about my adventures.

The experience was fantastic; I had never felt so absolutely thrilled before.

I went to see Cara and was surprised to see her with a bulging belly. She hugged me and thanked me for the land. She met Cedric at school and they fell in love. I was overjoyed for her because she had made such a significant sacrifice for me.

She yearned for school but never told me because she, too, stepped out of her shell on her own.

She went to school despite her age, but she faced the consequences bravely, and the outcome was fantastic. She stayed with me and my teacher during my homeschooling and listened to us intently.

I assumed she was just being cautious and wanting to protect me, but now I realized she also wanted to learn.

I’m glad I made the right decision to venture into the unknown and allow her to explore the outside world as well. I stayed with her for several days before departing for my Scandinavian tour.

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