Brianna's Journey To Love

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I stepped into the real world recently. I lived in seclusion more than half of my existence. When my friend Tiffany asked me about my first kiss, I just stared at her, her jaw fell when she understood my expression. She smiled wickedly and dared me to kiss a guy who was having a date with pretty girl at the far end table of the restaurant. The man is tall, dark with short hair and strikingly handsome. I walked towards the man, swaying my hips. I wore baby pink body con dress accentuating my slim figure. I stopped in front of him, "hello husband" I leaned on him, pulled his nape, and kissed him. At first it was awkward but when he delved his tongue to mine and I followed his rhythm, I owned the pleasurable moment of kissing. We tried to catch our breath after the first torrid kiss. He whispered "more practice pepper" and kissed me again savoring the sweetness of the last kiss. I looked at him as he leered at me. I smirked, touched the contour of his lips with my fingers, "I will" and winked at him. His date glared at me like a shooting dagger. I flipped my hair and walked towards our table swaying my hips, I can tell, the man’s eyes followed my every move. I never tried anything like it, never been bold and confident. The thrill I felt was great. But then… It didn’t cross my mind how playful fate was and how small the world we live in because he was standing in front of me now.

Romance / Drama
Suzzane Belle
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In my blurry memory, I remember my loving father’s soft voice when he read me books before I went to sleep. His sweet words when he tried to stop me from doing something naughty. I even remember myself being happy, active and sweet as a child. Those recollections and my forgotten self were buried deep in my consciousness.

My blissful days changed into a horror story when I witnessed my father was shot in the head in front of me. The horror rides did not end that day, it turned into a prolonged moment of agony. They captured me and tried to do some monstrous act to me but I was saved by my estranged brother. He killed them in front of me, all of them including his father. He invited every single one who were inside the underground network and brought them into their damnation.

“I can’t bring you with me Brie, I will start from scratch, away from these things. I will work hard in the open world and I will make sure that our past will never haunt you again.” I looked at him in bewilderment, but kept my silence. I lived in my solitary life started that day, he arranged everything for me. he paid my nanny and her family to stay with me. I found out later on that he paid someone to look at me discreetly. I stayed in the care of Cara and her parents. They were great people, pure heart and with good intention.

On my 18th birthday, I sold everything and chose to live in the cabin in the forest. Cara stayed with me, though her parents stayed in the village near us. I can’t stand the desolation I felt every time I turned in the house filled with memories. I was not afraid because from the corner of my eyes, the men hired by my brother were doubled. I learned how to cook the ancient way and cooking fascinates me.

I received an acceptance letter from prestigious culinary school in France. I did not apply for it, Zach did it, I knew it. I guess his men were efficient, that they reported every single act I made. My nanny coaxed me to try the open world and come back if school did not suit me. I was homeschooled, she recruited the best teachers for me and I did my part diligently.

I looked at her and saw a woman beautifully aged, she mourned for the death of my father. She loved him with all her heart, she even loved and cared for me despite that her love was unrequited. My father loved my mother so much, their forbidden love brought suffering to all of us.

“Why you don’t hate me?” I asked at her, I longed to ask her that question and her answer will be by weighing terms to decide. She gleamed like she remembered something wonderful. “When you father brought you to his house, it came to my mind that I will use you to gain his love. It backfired me, I started to love you like my own daughter, his love doesn’t matter anymore. Once, I was able to swayed your father a little because of the love I gave to you. I realized that the love of your father to your mother is like the air he breathed. I may sway him a little but he will never love me and it will only bring more anguish for both of us. I stopped dreaming, I accepted the reality that I can only love him in secret. I want you to be happy, I miss your old self, your easy smile and unruly self.”

I hugged her and cried, I will surely miss her but I don’t want to give her a heavy heart and die with worry because of me. I arranged the transfer of the property in her name, she deserved more than this house and land. I wrote a letter for her with the titles in it with some jewelry I got from my father before I left for France.

Zach chose the most sophisticated school for me, all were efficiently arranged. “You will stay in the penthouse Ms. Brianna and Mr. Camwell ordered us that you can use the hotel’s facilities if you needed them.” The manager left and instructed one of the staffs who will be my butler the rest of my stay in Camwell Hotel.

I once again live in a fairy tale; all things were easy for me or brought before me. It was pretty mundane for the wealthy and it was so dreary for me. I enjoyed my schooling though, I came to love the hotel staffs. I cooked food for them, the chef critics my preparation, the taste and everything that involves food. I learned a lot from him.

Zach came during my graduation rites and persuades me to work with him in Los Angeles but I declined. I wanted to be with myself first and I was too afraid to be with him. I worked in the hotel for months and was acquainted with some of the clients mostly travelers. I was fascinated by how they describe the cultures, languages, great spots and the inner peace it brings.

I surprised Zach when I came to his house unannounced, he was happy, a different kind of happy, joy? I met his beautiful wife. I was also surprised when I learned his hasty marriage. I never thought Zach would marry someone like her, mysterious and too smart. I felt like an outsider again because Zach had his own world that revolved around Simone. My heavy heart froze when I learned that I created a rift in their relationship without even realizing it. Zach did his best to entertain me but I know deep inside him, he was anxious with the way Simone was behaving.

I planned to run away again, to explore the world all by myself but Zach and Simone smoothened their relationship. She learned my true relationship with Zach, that I was in trauma for years. Zach protected me and himself by not telling the world the truth, that I was a victim of the underworld. The dupe blood ran in our veins through our mother. Somehow, the truth sets us free, the open world accepted us, money and influence played the big part of it. People did not look at the past, they see the superficial you. What is important is how the people you valued most accepted you as who you are.

Simone extended her hand in helping me regain my old self. She taught me how to dance, a little of self defense and the joy of freedom. I explored the world with the help of her, Zach was reluctant to free me without his men lurking behind me but his wife persuades him to trust me. She gave me some points whenever I visited other countries, Zach tried to make my visit a business travel. He ordered me to check some things in his hotel which is sometimes too obvious that he wanted me stay inside his watchful eyes through his men. I didn’t care anyway, I pretended not to notice it. I also made sure that I experienced life in the eyes of many. I stayed in a creepy hotel, eat street foods, slept in the park, and even hike with strangers. I met different kinds of people, some are manipulative and took advantage of me but I successfully eluded them.

Few times, I did some stupid things which I laughed and cringed at the same time when I remembered them. Travel brought changes in my life, the people around me helped me regained myself. I came home with them and they were all excited to hear my experiences. The feeling was great, I never so excited like this before.

I visited my Cara, and surprised when I saw her in her bulging belly. She hugged me and thank me for the property. She met Cedric in school and they fell in love. I was so happy for her, she made huge sacrifice for me. She craved for school but she never told me, she too stepped out in her shell on her own. She went to school despite her age, yet she bravely faced the consequence and the result was great. I remember my homeschooling, she stayed with me and my teacher and listened to us attentively. I thought she was just cautious and wanted to protect me but the huge part was that she wanted to learn. I am happy that I made the right decision of stepping into the unknown to let her explore the outside too. I stayed with her for days and left for my Scandinavian tour.

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