Brianna's Journey To Love

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Chapter 9 Bewildered

Calling Mitch is like a strong temptation I need to endure but my willpower won the rest of the day, though my desire to call him became stronger when night came. I imagined different scenarios why Jessica answered the phone when I called him last night. To avoid unnecessary thoughts that made me overly analyzed the event, I decided to cook dinner.

My dilemma started again when I saw the frozen steaks, will I cook for two or just for me? I decided to make a sandwich instead. I was preparing for sandwich when someone hugged me from behind. I inhaled his scents, he kissed my neck and whispered.

“I miss you so much pepper.”

I turned and touched his face, all my worries and doubts evaporated. He kissed me hungrily, the kiss turned into heated passion “in here?” I asked. “Yes, in here” he said in raspy voice while he skimmed my skirt up and I unzipped his fly.

“Do you plan to just eat a sandwich for dinner sweetheart?” he asked while he helped me with my wrinkled clothes. “Ummm… yeah,” I replied.

He went to the fridge and took the steak from it. I watched him cook the steak from skillet to oven, he motioned me to stay put and he arranged the table. We ate in silence, he sometimes took my hand and kissed it. His gaze was full of adoration, he stole few kisses while I was busy with food.

“I will return to the camp again tonight pepper” he said while we were sipping wine. I nodded, the door bell rang, he rose from his chair and opened the door. I cleaned the table and I turned when I heard a woman’s voice.

I walked towards the living room, Jessica and Mitch arguing in their low voices. I cleared my throat, when she looked at me, I noticed that she cried, her eyes still damp from tears. “We need to go to the camp pepper” he said and kissed my forehead. Jessica didn’t say a word, she turned towards the door, they used Mitch’ car.

I stayed in the living room for an hour, still in deep thought. I felt the painful sting of jealousy, I feel like an outsider again. I went to the kitchen and baked blueberry cake and made fruit salad. I turned the smart TV and browse the NETFLIX movies. I chose the assassin movie, I just stared at the screen with my thoughts wondered in the event happened few hours ago.

I realized long time ago that I fell in love with my husband and I thought my feeling was reciprocated but I have doubts now. What if Mitch really married her because he needed to do it, his honorable character made him do it. I felt sudden sadness, I thought I was living in a fairy tale and this is my happy ending.

I woke up with the ringing of the doorbell, I slept in the sofa, I turned off the TV and went to the door. The furious Mrs. Langley showed in our doorstep early morning “ we need to talk” she said in serious tone. I opened the door and let her in, I offered her blueberry cake and juice.

She sat in the living room gracefully “you know that my daughter and Mitch was lovers for four years, we all anticipated that they will end up together. My family was shocked when we learned that Mitch was getting married to another girl. When I found out your background, I concluded that he did it because your brother is very influential. He maybe threatened him to marry you, that’s the filthy rich family always do.”

I looked at her coldly “I think the most rational thing to do is tell it to my husband Madam.”

Though what she said to me was partly true, particularly the “threatened” thing, she had no right to judge me like she watched drama series and compared it to my life. She gave me something, when I inspected it, my eyes went wide because it was pregnancy test kit.

My heart skips a beat when I saw the two lines, I looked at her. She leered at me “my daughter is pregnant and Mitch is the father, what will you do now? If my husband knows this, your husband’s career will put in peril” she said. She snatched the thing from me and walked towards the door.

I stared at the door for a long moment, I can’t explain my feelings. Jessica cried last night because of her predicament. I cried in the pillow, if I didn’t come to Mitch’ life, Jessica’s situation will not be like this. I was always the third party, Simone’s misery was caused by me when she thought I was Zach’s lover.

My parents were killed because they had a daughter like me. I always bring chaos to the people around me. I don’t have a world of my own. When I shared their beautiful world, it started to fall. I was like an organism for decay.

I looked at our room, this house maybe their love nest before and I contaminated it. I took my car key and I drove to my unit. I cried hard, my tears were running down my face like a water falls that never dried out during drought.

I woke up late maybe because I slept very late last night. I had missed calls from Kirk, I texted him that I will be late. I changed lazily to office attire and went to the hotel. Kirk reminded me of Lucy’s birthday tomorrow at the hotel. I made myself busy to forget the pain I felt. I stayed late, I volunteered to bake the cake, and made several for Simone and Sophia. Those women were like having a contest for baby making.

I was tired and I checked the time, it was already past eleven. I also have ten missed calls from Mitch. I called him, my heart constricted when Jessica answered.

“Tell Mitch I called” I hanged up on her.

I waited for his call, my eyes started to water. I waited for an hour, when the phone signaled low battery, I didn’t bother to charge it. I decided to stay in the penthouse of the hotel. Zach and Simone told me to use it if I work overtime which I did several times in the past.

My blank gaze lingered on the city lights, I was in the balcony eating tacos and avocado which was very strange. I moaned at the delectable taste of tacos and avocado and smiled when I felt the slight emotional comfort. I became sleepy, and I was tired to go to the bedroom, the oversized sofa is too comfortable.

I woke up with the aroma of coffee which to my surprise my nose wrinkled at the smell. I frowned when I saw Mitch at the kitchen counter “hello pepper! I called you many times last night” he said smiling. He gave me the coffee but I shook my head, I took the water in the dining table and drinks it.

He suddenly beside me “are you ok?” he said while he touched my forehead. “I am ok, I am just tired” I said and sat on the chair. “Why you didn’t call me last night, I was worried about you, I went to your unit but you’re not there” he said in his worried face.

I looked at him coldly, “I called you and when Jessica answered, I told her to tell you that I called.”

I rose from my seat and walked towards the guestroom, he followed me “sweetheart, I am sorry she didn’t tell me” he said while combing his hair. I looked at him “that was not the first time she answered your phone and she didn’t tell you. Are you that careless or phone sharing was a requirement for security reason?”

I slammed the door and locked it, I went to the bathroom and bade time to shower. I chose puffed sleeves yellow and white floral dress. I braided my hair and applied make up to hide my haggard face.

I went outside and found Mitch arguing with someone, I never saw him raised his voice and he was fuming mad. I went to the elevator and punch the ground floor. I texted him that I will eat at the restaurant. Well …being mad was just understatement of how I feel right now.

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