Brianna's Journey To Love

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Chapter 10 Blast

I supervised the venue and food preparation for Lucy’s birthday. I usually delegated the function to my staff but I wanted to do something aside from paper works. Romano’s family arrived, Sophie embraced me and I kissed Lucy in the cheek. Romano documented everything, the man was fully tamed by his wife. I grinned when I saw the twins, they rushed to my side and I hugged them.

Sophia and Simone were talking about their pregnancy syndrome, I was just listening to them but when they mentioned about the delayed period, my brain instantly made calculations. I am three weeks delayed and I remembered my strange appetite and taste for food. My heart was throbbing like they were in marathon. I tried to focus on the occasion but I can’t. I excused myself, I drove to the nearest drug store and bought five pregnancy test kits.

I drove back to the hotel and went to the pent house, I was stunned when I saw my brother and sister in-law in their almost naked and passionate state. I silently walked towards the elevator and returned to the party. I can’t believe the sexual appetite of those two, they sneaked out from the party just to be with each other. Sophia gushed at me, “Mitch was looking for you.” I saw him talking with Romano seriously. Dom and Belle came to me, “Aunt Brie, we were looking for Mom and Dad but we can’t find them.” I smiled at them “they have important things to do, they will be back soon.” They both nodded and went to the games to join again.

I can’t help but smile at the sound of laughter of kids having fun. I caressed my stomach, though, I am not sure, I felt excited and sad at the same time. I went to the comfort room and followed the instruction in the test kit. I can’t explain my feelings, it seems like minutes turned into eternity.

I sat on the toilet and start fidgeting, when I opened my hands and saw the two lines, I can’t help but cry. I don’t know why I was crying, I can’t even understand myself. Jessica is also pregnant, is my child will be an outsider like me too? I can feel the desire for ownership, this b aby is the only thing I own. Mitch maybe my husband but he belongs to someone else. I feel like me and my child are intruder to his life.

I forced myself to stand and walked towards the common washer and saw my puffy eyes. I washed my face gently and applied some make up. I was surprised when I saw Mitch outside waiting for me. “Are you ok? you were inside for too long” he said in his worried tone. I smiled at him, “I am ok” I said and walked towards the venue.

The fairy themed party was a success, I was very tired. Mitch was always in my side, Simone and Zach returned with inner glow in their faces. Sophia hugged me and said their good byes; the kids were happy and sleepy.

I told Zach that I will use the penthouse again, he frowned and told me that I can use it anytime without asking him. I smirked at him and said “I am just telling you just in case you wanted a rendezvous again there and I don’t want to see it.” He grinned “don’t worry we will not disturb your rendezvous sister, thanks for not disturbing us either.” I rolled my eyes and walked towards the twins, I kissed their cheeks loudly and said my goodbye to my sister in-law.

We were silent, “I will stay at the penthouse again” I said to him. He stared at me in frustration, he followed me at the penthouse. I went directly to the balcony, I closed my eyes, sat and leaned on the sofa. I was tired and sleepy, he sat beside me but I didn’t open my eyes. I wanted to ask him about Jessica but I am afraid of the truth.

“I deposited my phone at the phone counter before I went to the command operation center, a protocol for all of the attendees if we have classified meeting. I reprimanded the personnel in-charged at the counter and even Jessica for answering your calls. I am sorry pepper, I am not a perfect husband but I will try my best to make you happy.” I opened my eyes and looked at him, he stared at me with longing.

Damn! I miss him so much! I touched his face, I can feel his stubble and when I stared at his eyes, I was mesmerized of how he looked at me. His eyes stared at me with love, like I am his world. I pulled his nape and kissed him like there’s tomorrow. He responded with ferocity, showing me what’s inside him through the kiss. The kiss razed us like fire, we ignited like a blazing fire storm.

The flames subsided, my head was in his arm, we are still naked in the sofa embracing each other. I was about to ask him about Jessica when his phone rang, he answered it. He suddenly became alert, he turned to me and said “I am sorry sweetheart but I need to return to the camp, we will talk next time.” He gathered his clothes and dressed in no time, he kissed me and caressed my face “trust me ok?”

I lazily went to the guestroom, I took a hot bath to ease my tiredness. Our relationship is like a place full of haze. The doubts and circumstances were like haze that prevented me to see clearly. The blurry path I took was giving me qualms for my future and my baby. I leaned on the tub to think of ways how to get out on the hazy place I was in.

Mitch is a man of few words, it’s hard for me to read him. People around me gave their full trust on him. I love him dearly that it pained me thinking about Jessica. I changed into my PJs and went to bed. I woke up with the ringing of my phone, I grabbed the phone from the side table. I frowned when the number was unregistered. I took the call and my heart became erratic when the caller said “Mrs. Humphrey, we regret to inform you that Col Mitchell Humphrey is in the hospital right now.” I asked the hospital address and immediately changed into shirt and legging. I grabbed my car keys and ran to the elevator.

I prayed silently while driving, I arrived at the base hospital and asked the woman in the reception, I gave her my dependent’s ID and she told me that my husband is in the private room. He was still unconscious when the doctor came, he told me that Mitch undergone surgery due to the bullet pierced in his chest and he is stable now. I looked at him and took his hand while I cried hard. I never told him that I love him and about our baby.

I woke up with a hand in my head, I slept with my head in his right side of the bed while sitting. He smiled at me while my eyes watered. “Hey…don’t cry sweetheart, I promised to make you happy, I am sorry I made you worried.” I didn’t say a word, I just cried and I hiccupped after few moments of crying. My voice squeaked when I said “I am sorry.” He took my right hand and kissed it “don’t worry about me pepper, I have been in worse shapes and I surpassed them, this is nothing.”

I called Zach and Kirk that I will take leave of absence, I told them about Mitch. Mitch was in good mood, when recuperating, he teased me about being lucky of having a beautiful wife taking good care of him. I ordered food from the hotel’s restaurant, Mitch grinned when I fed him with chicken soup and made funny face for me. I frowned at him and told him to stay put. Kevin came and I took the opportunity to go home and get some stuff at our house.

I parked the BMW in front of the house and was about to open the door when Mrs. Langley called me. She asked about Mitch and I told her that he is well now. “Please give my heartfelt gratitude to him for saving Jessie and the babe. He took the bullet meant for Jessie” she said but her face showed different impression not gratitude. I tried my best not to show my true feelings, I nodded and opened my door. I sat in the sofa and cried, it seems that my world was collapsing. If Mitch can give his life to Jessica and her unborn child, there’s nothing left for me and my baby.

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