Brianna's Journey To Love

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Chapter 13 Brace

I don’t know what to say, I just stared at him, trying to understand our situation.“I think we got married too fast, we didn’t know each other” I said in frustration.
My phone rang and I answered it, the secretary of my OB called reminding me of my appointment today. “Let’s talk after my checkup” I said and turned to walk towards my bedroom to change.

I wore yellow puff sleeves knee length maternity dress. He smiled when he saw me, his eyes showed appreciation. I threw a bottle of rose perfume at him and motioned him to follow me, he frowned and looked at me “I don’t like your masculine scents” I said .

He sprayed the perfume all over him. We were both silent in the elevator. He frowned when we walked towards the side walk “I don’t have a car here.” I talked to the tuk tuk driver and gave him the address of the hospital. He never said a word, he gently supported me getting in like I a fragile china doll.

We entered the clinic and Dr. Chatchai or we call him Bank greeted us, he was a young good-looking doctor with bubbly personality. He and his wife Nataporn were also volunteer in the same non-government organization I was in.

“How’s your feeling Eyana” he said while looking at his chart. They all called me with that nickname. “I am still sensitive to food and smell” I said. He smiled “that’s natural, do you want to know the gender?” he said while looking at Mitch.

To my surprise Mitch answered “yes, if my wife wants it.” Dr. Chatchai turned to me and I just nodded, I wanted to know the gender too. I forgot to introduce them but Bank knew who Mitchell is

We went to a cubicle inside his clinic and Mitch helped me lie down, he frowned when the doctor applied gel into my bulging tummy. We both mesmerized with the sonogram, “it’s a girl” he said to us grinning. Mitch expression was tender, he stared at the monitor for a long time. He watched the movement of the baby in awe.

I excused myself to go to the comfort room which are very often in my condition. I returned to the table of Bank and found Mitch asking questions and making scenarios at him like soldier making battle plan. I sighed and looked at him, warning him is the right term. Bank laughed and accommodate him like he was enjoying it.

“I am hungry” I said and I wanted to eat in my favorite Thai restaurant near the beach. He followed me and he was alert the whole time, I wore flats these days. I love walking in the streets interacting with people and sometimes I tried street foods.

We walked for fifteen minutes and sometimes he grabbed my hand to change our position when many people were crowding us. His eyes were like a hawk taking survey on the place.

We chose to occupy the table near the beach front. The restaurant has native ambiance, most of their customers are backpackers and locals. I asked him what he wanted and he replied smiling at me that he wants what I want. I rolled my eyes, his gazed lingered on my face tenderly like I am the most beautiful thing on earth.

I ordered Thai dishes, when it arrived, he smiled and raised his brows with amusement at the variety of food I ordered. “Well I am not alone you know, I ordered for three” I said defensively.

He laughed “I am glad you and our baby are well pepper” he said while looking at my tummy. My heart was melting like ice on the glass, the cold water slowly turning into normal and become warm like my heart right now.

I love Som Tam or papaya salad and fried chicken together. The spicy Tom Yum and its sourness made me smile when I tasted it. The November temperature was good even in high noon. The wind blew my curly hair, it often covered my face because of its thickness.

I banded my hair loosely, and my neck and bare shoulder were exposed. I didn’t bother to put make up, my freckles were visible which I didn’t pay attention. My interest was focused on the food in front of me. He peeled off the shrimp's shells before he gave it to me.

I was full and it made me sleepy, the ambiance contributed to my sleepy feeling. I closed my eyes and my thoughts were fading, only the sounds of the ocean and the wind remained.

“I wanted to talk about Jessica and your child with her but I am too sleepy” I said.

His jaw clenched but he didn’t say a word, he asked for the bill. I saw a beach tent outside; few locals and foreigners were having their siesta at the sunbathing chair. I stood up and walked towards the sunbathing chair, I lie down and closed my eyes.

I woke up feeling confused with sound of waves and people talking. My eyes roamed around the place and was landed at my right side, Mitch was looking at me intently like he was doing it in hours. I checked my watch and was surprised that it was already six in the afternoon. I slept for six hours, I felt that I have lots of energy stored within me that drives me to stay outside. Maybe because I was always in the confine of my unit.

I noticed that owners of mobile bars started to install and arranged the tables and chairs under the coconut trees in the beach front. I felt thirsty like I wanted to drink wine and water at the same time.

I suddenly stood up and the world twirled a little due to a sudden rush, Mitch immediately beside me holding my shoulder for balance. I hold his arm and tugged him into the chair in front of the bar. It was a mini bus converted into a bar, he frowned at me. “I am thirsty and hungry, I want mango juice, peanuts and fries” I said. He smiled at me tenderly and went to the bar to order.

I looked around, I started to appreciate the simple life in the perspective of many. Simone was right, I need to experience these things to stay in the ground. Mitch returned, I looked at him intently, studying his features, he is a man of few words but I realized I can read him.

I knew what he was thinking when he frowned, his moves told me something that I understood. We tend to synchronized in our moves like I know what he will ask me and I answered it before he asks.

He was already there when I was thinking of something or plan to do something. I stared at him with perplex face.

Why I didn’t realize it before? I was focused on the words, I longed to hear but his actions told me his feelings.

Like what Zach did to Simone, I even told Zach to say the words to make things clear, to tell his feelings to her. I didn’t expect that I am also typical woman, I overthink. Our moves synchronized because we understand each other. Damn! I smashed my fist in the table without realizing it.

Mitch gaze traveled to my balled fist and to my face with fear in his eyes. “Jessica’s child is not mine pepper, please don’t make any conclusions, the father of her child is our enlisted personnel. Jessica was never my girlfriend, she loves another man but her mother had huge pride in her. She didn't accept lower rank for Jessica. She wanted me for her daughter, she told everyone that Jessica was my girlfriend and I didn’t bother to correct it as I don’t have plans to settle down until I met you. I went crazy when I found out that you went missing and when I saw the pregnancy test kits in the bin, I felt so scared. I never been so scared in my life, I was in hell these five months." His voice shook but he continued.
"Zach rebuked me when he learned you went missing, but I didn’t mind I need him and Lance resources to track you. Romano and Lance monitored every moves of the underground. When I reviewed the CCTV and found out that Mrs. Langley talked to you many times, I knew she said something to you about me and Jessica. I confronted them, they both apologized to me but their apology never satiated my fear for you. When Simone confronted them in her own way I didn’t give a damn." His dark scowl made me want to sooth him.
"Romano called me that someone called from Cambodia asking your identity, that you held captive by them. I prayed that day that I will do everything you want if you and our baby still alive." He closed his eyes and speaks again.
"You are my life pepper! I love you so much! I went to battle, comrades died in front of me, I saw unimaginable deaths in front of my eyes that made me dream of them. But when I learned that you were in danger in the hands of human traffickers, memories of my sister keep flashing back. I experienced real nightmare that day. I am sorry for all the actions I made that you misinterpreted me. I am not used to showing my feelings, please tell me what’s in your mind and ask me. I will tell you what’s mine. I will do everything to make you stay with me, to see my daughter first’s first, to be with you every step of the way.”
That was the longest talk I heard from him with his eyes full of tears. I tried to brace myself of his confession but I didn’t expect this. My guilt and the pained he suffered which made my heart shattered made me cry loudly. My cries were loud that people started to look at us.
“I want to go home” I said between my hiccups.
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