Brianna's Journey To Love

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Chapter 14 Back

He carried me from the taxi up to my unit like I weigh nothing. He gently laid me to the bed and when he was about to move away from me, I pulled him “stay” I said. I put my head in his arm, he embraced and kissed my hair. My stomach grumbled, he laughed.

“I will prepare dinner, do you want something to eat?” he asked. “I want fried chicken, spaghetti and fruit salad” I said.

I took shower and changed into oversized cotton white shirt and shorts short. I blow dry my hair and went to the kitchen. Pom was waiting for me, she smiled when she saw me “I brought Pad Thai for you, we will stay at our new apartment” she said.

’Thank you Pom, send my regards to Pam” I said and hugged her. “We thank you for your kindness to us, call me if you need anything” she said with her teary eyes. She went to the guest room and packed her things.

I like Pom and Pam, they didn’t hover, they respect my privacy and they are honest and kind. I got Pam’s account and I plan to deposit money on her account. I also plan to have some scholars from the victims of human trafficking recommended by the NGO's

Mitch was busy preparing dinner and I opened the plastic bag brought by Pom and put them in the plate. I started to eat them, I looked at Mitch and he raised his brow “well…don’t worry I can still eat all the spaghetti and chicken after this, with your help of course” I said.

He laughed and continue cooking. Pom said goodbye to us, I waved my hand while my mouth still full. I fed him with Pad Thai, “do you think you can cook this for me? I am lazy these days. I love this food, I ate it everyday” I said.

“I will cook anything for you sweetheart” he said. I kissed him in the lips and his eyes turned into something “I am hungry” I murmured. He laughed again, “ I am hungry too” he said with double meaning. I love the sound of his laughter.

We were having good times in the dining table when he suddenly said..

“I don’t like your doctor, change him”

My eyes went wide ’what? why? He is the best doctor here” I said in surprise.

“Choose a female doctor, I don’t like man hovering and touching your body even a doctor” he said with his serious tone.

“Ok, how about we made a list of the things you don’t like with me” I said.

He stared at me “I love everything about you, I don’t want you to change. Just tell me what’s in your mind” he said.

“Ok... I don’t want your gentle manly behavior towards women. I don’t care if you’re rude to them, don’t assist them, don’t give your sympathy to them even if they cry in front of you and don’t give your brightest smile to them” I said with my balled fist in the table without noticing it.

He laughed so hard “You’re scaring me pepper, I will give my best to become stiff in front of women” he said with eyes twinkling with amusement.

“I don’t want you to share your food I prepared for you to women too like you did before” I said before I drink the mango smoothie.

He frowned “I didn’t share any food to anyone especially women” he said. I looked at him guiltily “well… when I called you, Jessica insinuated that she ate the food” I said.

“What happened that day when you got shot? Mrs. Langley told me that you save Jessica and her baby” I asked him to change the subject. He sighed “we were in a mission and I did it because it was the right thing to do. I will have plenty of time being with you pepper, I applied for early retirement three months ago” he said happily.

I looked at him wide eyed and the tears suddenly running down my face. I cried loudly “this is my fault, you did it because of me, I am so sorry I left you, I will never do it again” I said while sobbing.

He went to my side and embraced me “hey sweetheart don’t cry, I was thinking about it before I met you, it’s not your fault, please don’t cry” he said while wiping my tears with his hands.

I made him sit and I sat on his lap while I cried loudly again. He rubbed my back while I cried on her shoulder for few moments. When I looked at him, I saw his love in his eyes, I was so stupid I didn’t recognize it.

"What happened to Jessica's baby?" I asked him. He sighed "she had miscarriage and she blamed her mother for it. She got married two months ago with her boyfriend and moved out from her parents. Gen Langley was remorseful, he thought the reason I got out from the service was because of my disappointment of him. I didn't say a thing about it, I let him think that way" he explained.

“I love you” I said and I kissed him hungrily. We poured our longing in the kiss and I can feel his reaction down there. I hold the edge of his shirt and was about to pull it up when he said...

“I don’t want to hurt you and the baby, sweetheart.”

I winked at him “this is good for my hormones, the baby needs to acquire some features from you, maybe this will help a lot” I said. He laughed and kissed me in the lips.

“I love you so much pepper”

He carried me to our bedroom and we showed how much we miss each other.

We were both naked in the bed, still savoring the aftermath of our passion when I asked him “How many past girlfriends do you have?”

He kissed my hair and rubbed his hand on my bare arms "I don’t do girlfriend thing sweetheart, though I lost counts of the women I tangled with, for the record you are my first girlfriend” he said.

I grinned when I heard it “I will work at Primestone pepper, as part of training team, I wanted to work with Lance and Simone for real. I will have plenty of time with you and Zach can hover over me at all time” he said smiling.

I rolled my eyes and frowned “ how come they didn’t call me up to now?” I said looking at him. “I begged Zach and Simone to talk to you first and convince you of my pure intention and love, though Zach was adamant but Simone swayed him.”

My eyes started to water again “I am sorry I made you suffer” I said crying again. Damn hormones! He hugged me and kissed me again, the kiss turned into heated collision of body and feelings.

I called Zach “Hi” I said, he was silent for few moments “I miss you Brie, please come home, your nephew wanted to meet you” he said with emotions. I cried again and I heard Simone’s voice .

“Hi love, please come home, we wanted to see our niece in her first day in this world.” I didn’t say anything, I can hear Dom and Belle talking loudly “Aunt Brie, I helped Dad changed nappy of our little brother” Dom shouted. “I played piano for him” Belle said trying to join the conversation. “I miss you all” I said in croaked voice.

Kevin, Daniel, Tiffany and Eloise called, they all excited to see me. I sighed, my life will be back to normal now. There will be difficulties in the future but I know how to handle it now with Mitch by my side. I was blinded with my doubts and prejudices before and we both suffered by it. I now understand, Simone and Kevin's perception towards Mitch, they trusted him fully because they knew what’s inside him. I was ashamed I didn’t recognize it.

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