Brianna's Journey To Love

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Chapter 15 Birth

We stayed in Thailand for a week, we made sure that we had fun, we savored every moment of being together. Zach hugged me firmly when he saw me, Shimi kissed both my cheeks and embraced me tightly “welcome back love” she said. The twins were very happy when they saw my protruding belly “we will help you babysit her Aunt Brie” Dom always acting as adult said.

I got to carry my newborn nephew Zachary Jr., he is the exact copy of Zach. Mitch silently watched me, I looked at him and gave him Zach Jr. at him. He reluctantly carried him, my nephew’s lips made an “O’ form which brought smile to Mitch.

Mitch moved our things in my unit, Kevin and Daniel visited us. “Welcome back run away princess, we miss you so much” Kevin said while he embraced me. They stayed for dinner, Mitch did all the cooking. To my delight, he prepared Pad Thai and even Som Tam for me, well for four actually. “Marriage suits you well” Daniel said and patted Mitch shoulder.

When Kevin and Daniel left us, Mitch started to clean the table and wash the dishes. He did the laundry last night and he even folded our clothes, he woke up early and prepared our breakfast. My eyes started to water when I remembered the days, he was looking for me.

He was suddenly at my side when he saw me crying, “are you in pain? I will call the hospital” he said while he dialed the number in his phone. I pulled his shirt and kissed him “I am sorry I left you” I said between my kisses. He smiled and as usual he accommodates my silent yearning.

I was in the mirror looking at my body with just my undies when I felt the movement of my baby and my belly was moving too.


I shouted from our dressing room, my husband like a snappy soldier was already in front of me in just seconds. His eyes full of worry “our baby is moving and I can see it” I said. He knelt and watched the movement for a while then he put his hands and kissed my stomach.

“I love you baby, you can run now but tonight you sleep when your mother wanted to sleep” he said while he gently rubbed his hands to my belly.

“Sweetheart wake up, we will go somewhere else today” he said while he made small kisses in my face and neck.

I groggily sat on the bed, my breakfast was already in the side table as always. He grabbed the tray and put it in his lap while he fed me with food. My eyes still close and I leaned on his shoulder, I chomped my food lazily. I finished the food longer than normal but my husband patiently waiting for me to finish.

He took the tray and went outside the room while I still in my position. I protested when he carried me to the bathroom and helped me with the quick shower. He gently rubbed every parts of my body, I was so ashamed last time but he clearly told me that he loves me more now. I feel like a toddler, I enjoyed every moment of his caring. He dried me with towel and he helped me walked towards the dressing room. I let the towel go, circled his neck with my arms and kissed him.

“How about you feed my hormones first husband?” He moaned and carried me to the bed.

I raised my brow when I saw him took the picnic basket in the dining table. He winked at me and checked my bag, I rolled my eyes when he saw everything were on it. We shopped for our baby’s needs last time, he checked everything like a soldier checking his gears. He even packed our emergency bag and put it in the car.

He drove me to a pretty house near the lake and in the hill slope. The modern black house with large windows and green roof was like a camouflage to blend with the nature. I smiled when I hinted that Mitch’ taste was incorporated in the design. He helped me get out from the car and took my hand; we both walked towards the house.

“When are we going to move here?” I asked him.

He smiled “do you like it?” he asked instead. I smiled at him “ I like it very much” I said while I stared at the mesmerizing view of the lake and greeneries in front of me.

He hugged me from behind “my mother’s family has old money; her parents were against my father. They disowned her, when she married my father. She was the only child, when my parents died, my grandfather came to me and wanted to take me from Paul and Lucy. I was eighteen then, but I firmly told him that I will go to the academy for my military career. When he died, he left all his old money to me and Alana including this property” he said.

I looked at him in amazement, he opened up to me now. “Since you are loaded, I want to stay at home, take good care of you and our kids” I said laughing.

“Really, you wanted to be just a housewife?” he asked happily.

“Well… not in a sense because you did all the chores and I just sit and sleep” I said teasing him.

“I will make you happy sweetheart” he said and hugged me tightly. Kirk handled the restaurant well and I want to spend all my time with my family.

Mitch started his work at the Primestone headquarters, he brought me with him. Alana hugged me when she saw me and happily chatted with me. Tiffany and Eloise talked to me for a while before they went to their tasks.

I stayed at Mitchell quarters, it was huge, like a room with all the facilities of a house. I was astounded when I saw Shimi’s quarter, it was like a three-story house inside a room with complete amenities. They are freaks! Even the garage was inside her quarter with those limited-edition car models.

Lance threw a buffet dinner, all Primestone members were present including Romano. He was talking to his phone when he saw me, he gave me the phone.

“Stop calling me all the time Bectaz, I am fine and Wolfe is fine too. Give the phone to Brie now!” she said in demanding tone. “I cleared my throat, well… I will tell Romano about it” I said with amusement.

“I am sorry Brie, I miss you, I will make time to visit you ok?” she said guiltily. “Don’t worry Sophie I am fine, we will meet when you’re not busy” I said. She sighed “yeah, our Junior’s birthday is coming, I hope you could attend” she said while I heard a baby’s cry. “We will be there, you stay cool and I miss you to Sophie” I said.

She laughed when you have three kids, staying cool is a privilege” she said before she ended the call. I returned the phone to Romano “don’t call her again or she’ll kill you she said” I said laughing. He combed his hair, put his phone in his pocket and winked at me “old habit hard to die.”

I watched Mitch talking to Lance in a serious manner, they both intimidating but I know they have soft heart for the people they love.

I grimaced when I felt a sudden pain, I breathed deeply. Mitch asked Liza many things about labor, and Liza explained about the interval among other things. Liza is Matthew’s wife, he is also in the training department with Mitch. I was in pain for an hour and they all still in the dining table, all absorbed with their conversation.

Mitch came to me when they all rose from their chair, I can feel something liquid running down my legs, my sandals and the floor are wet no.

“Sweetheart let’s go to our room” he said while he took my hand. I shook my hand and I didn’t stir from my chair. I was ashamed of the mess I created.

He knelt beside me “what’s wrong? are you in pain?” he gently asked me. Zach looked at us frowning but he stayed where he was.

“I need to wipe the floor, my water broke” I said hiding my face from anyone. Mitch instantly carried me.

“The hell with the floor!”

He ran towards the door. He laid me gently in the car seat and adjusted it for my comfort. He ran to the driver seat and he drove like crazy. He clenched his jaw when he heard my groans due to pain. We were at the hospital in no time, he carried me to the emergency room and when the doctor asked me about the interval of the cramps. He left me and called someone, Mitch came to him and said in a threatening voice “she’s in pain do something.” The doctor calmly looked at him “I called her OB and labor takes time” he said.

Mitch was wiping my face when Lisa came, she checked on me “she is 4 cm dilated, save your energy don’t push, use breathing method you learned to ease the pain. I’ll be back” she said. Mitch frowned “how long she will suffer?” he asked frantically. Liza smiled “it depends” she said and left.

I smiled when I saw sweat in his forehead and his hands were shaking a little. “I never imagined I will see you like this, looking nervous, I thought you are one of the Greek gods” I said teasing him but my breath hitched when the strong pain stayed longer with more pressure on the lower abdomen.

After more than three hours of agonizing moments Katharina Marie came to the world. We both agreed to name our daughter to our mothers. Mitch smiled with tears when she saw his daughter “I love you both, your are my world” he said and kissed my temple.

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