Brianna's Journey To Love

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Watching Mitch and our four-year-old Kathy fishing in the lake from the wide glass window of our house made me smile. I cooked Kathy’s favorite lasagna, made some salad and lemonade, and put them in a basket. I walked towards them with their back at me. They both silent, as a child our daughter is always curious yet timid. She is so Mitch even her mannerism and the way she smiles.

I remembered the day she was born, his father promised me not to make me go through that painful moments again. He took care of Kathy, I saw him sleeping in the rocking chair with Kathy in her arms many times. He woke up at night when he heard her cries, he even woke up early to cook for me.

He was tired from training but he finds time to help me in the chores. He is my partner, my love, my best friend, my lover and my husband.

I cleared my throat, Kathy turned to me and motioned me to keep silent. I rolled my eyes and sat near Mitch.

“Do you think one more fishing buddy is ok? I whispered at him.

He frowned and looked at me, I smiled widely and when he realized what I meant by it, he hugged and lifted me. He laughed and twirled me in the air “thank you sweetheart” he said before kissing me.

“Mom! Dad! please… be quiet!” she said without looking at us. We kissed each other silently, we stopped when we heard “yaikkks” from our daughter.

“How about a brother or sister sweetie?” Mitch said excitedly at her.

Her eyes went wide, “really? I want a boy” she said grinning. “What if a girl?” I asked her. She shrugged “it’s ok, we will play dolls and dad can teach her fishing too” she said happily.

“Lasagna time” I announced at them, they both secured their fishing gears and walked towards me. I served them food and watched them eat. I never imagined my life would be like this, almost perfect. Mitch coming to my life is like a fire in a very cold winter. He is perfect, he pampered me with his care and thoughtfulness.

He let me live to the fullest, we traveled a lot these days. He was also in charge with the recruitment in Asia. With the baby coming, I want to stay here in our sanctuary and serve them. We chose home schooling for Kathy, we want to instill the values we adhere to her, though we hired tutor for her, we devout our time teaching her. Mitch used his skills in training to instill discipline in her daughter which to our surprise she diligently obeyed.

We were having dinner one time when she announced “I want to be like you and grandfather Dad, I want to be an officer someday” she said seriously.

Mitch looked at me, he was surprised too, “why?” he asked. Kathy thinks first “well… I like to train people like you do, they followed you all the time. I want people to follow me without complain. My cousins and friends always complained when I ordered them” she said.

Mitch smiled at her “I dreamed of a beautiful daughter and your Mom gave me a very beautiful daughter. Now that I have a very beautiful daughter, I want to see her on TV” he said. “Like an actress?” she asked.

Mitch nodded “yes like an actress, people will follow you, they even follow all your moves. Millions of people will follow you, unlike in the army you only have hundreds” he explained. Kathy thinks deeply, she is like her father when she thinks of something. “Ok, I will think about it, if I like hundreds or millions of followers, I don’t know if I can handle millions, I never counted millions” she said smiling.

I kissed her hair “for the meantime you should study first ok?” I said and gave her fruit salad. “If you want people to follow you, you can be a Chef like me, people follow me because I cook delicious food” I said. “I love cooking too” she said eagerly. We all laughed.

Mitch was washing the dishes when I hugged him from behind. “My hormones love your smell honey” I said inhaling his scents. He laughed “ what else? I will gladly attend to your hormone's needs” he said while he continues to wash the dishes. I whispered at him “my hormones wanted to see you naked” I said. I shrieked when he suddenly lifted me and carried me to our bedroom.

I love this life of mine and we have our lifetime to savor every moments of my great life.

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