Brianna's Journey To Love

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I sat on the sofa of our living room, I was exhausted, I can’t find my wife. I never been afraid all my life, even in a battle where lives were brutally taken in front of my eyes. I always stayed sharp and vigilant, I showed no emotions under chaos. They said I had excellent presence of mind in every desperate situation.

I came back from the operating room after the operation of Jessica due to accident. She was out from danger, but unfortunately not her baby. My wife was sleeping when I left her but she was not in the bed. I thought she just went outside or she returned home for other necessities.

I was in dilemma when I called her phone and it was turned off. I called Kirk, Eloise and Natalie but they didn’t know where she is. Zach and Simone visited me, I asked about my wife, they were surprised when they learned that my wife was not with me.

Zach became frantic and looked at me furiously “what have you done to her? I stared at him in confusion but I didn’t say a word. Simone immediately called Kevin “monitor all the flights, Brie is missing” she said calmly but I know deep inside her she was worried.

Simone went outside, Zach gave me his disappointed look. “Tell me how to find my wife, I will do everything” I said in desperate tone.

He sighed “Brie is different from any other women, she may look happy but I can feel that someday she will return to her old self again. Shutting herself to all the people, her wounds was deep. My father killed her father in front of her and he almost raped her. I thought you can protect her from herself because I knew your feelings towards her” he said before he walked away.

I was worried so much that they knew my wife's thought instantly. That there is something wrong without even further investigation, I hate myself for taking for granted her feelings and her well being. I had a feeling that she held something from me, I even pretended I was sleeping when she wanted to talk to me. Damn!

As soon as I got my clearance from the hospital, I started searching for her. I reviewed our CCTV cameras in our front door and living room, my heart beats accelerated when I saw Mrs. Langley came to our house twice. I cannot explain the pain I felt when my wife cried after she left her. I already knew the lies she said to her that made her cry. I saw her grabbed something from her bag and threw it to the bin and she cried again.

I immediately went to the bin and searched for the thing she threw. I felt like my world collapsed when I saw five pregnancy test kits with the same results.

I sat on the floor with my hands on my face, this is the first time I felt so helpless. She left me because she thought I cheated on her, I remembered again the day I pretended sleeping to avoid the confrontation. I helped Jessica without knowing that my wife was hurting.

I used my recuperation leave of absence to search for her. I called Kevin and Romano many times a day, months passed and the headquarters called me many times but I ignored them. The numbness I felt made me think of gruesome thoughts.

I breath yet lifeless, the source of my life still nowhere to be found. I went to Paul and Lucy, I didn’t say a word but they already knew my pain.

“I never imagined seeing you like this again, even worse than before” Paul told me while I drank the beer in can in the balcony.

“I filed for early retirement” I said while looking at the yard blankly.

He smiled “you are a great soldier, you have done great things to your country, follow your heart now” he said. I smirked, I don’t have a heart right now, she took it. The reason I live is because of hope, that I will find her and will do everything for her to stay with me.

I remembered the day when I gave my early retirement application to the personnel unit. I looked at the mirror, Simone was sympathetic to me even Zach because I looked like a hermit. I cut my hair and shaved. I donned my uniform and went to Gen. Langley’s office.

“I apologize for my wife and my behavior last time, you don’t need to do this” he said calmly.

“I am sorry sir but I cannot serve my country well when my wife and my child inside her still missing. I chose my family now” I said and looked at him straight in the eyes.

I moved our things to her unit, I was carrying a large box to a truck when Mrs Langley approached me, she looked remorseful.

“I am sorry for the things I said to your wife” she said.

I didn’t respond, she continued “I hope your sister in-law will be considerate of us” she said smiling.

Simone cancelled Primestone projects and emphasized that she will continue doing business and sponsorship again if her husband will be out of the picture.

I glared at her “I am sure she is serious about it, all projects were already cancelled” I said and left her with her eyes bulging in shock.

I arranged our things in the unit, I turned over the key of the house to the base. I want to start anew with my wife and our child. I cleaned her unit, arranged our things and cooked some spicy food.

I invited Kevin and Daniel, they instantly came with beer in their hands. I prayed that they are both healthy and well. “I tracked her, she went to Japan and South East Asian countries for short time mostly two weeks. She never used any of her bank accounts and credit cards” he said.

She left her phone and wallet, I smiled when I saw her few contacts. I read all her messages mostly from me. I woke up with piercing hangover, I drank too much alcohol last night. Kevin and Daniel left me before midnight.

My phone rang, I answered it when I saw Kevin’s name “she is in Thailand right now, I will call you about her exact location” he said.

I took a quick shower and checked the net for flights when Zach called “my private jet is ready, I will come with you” he said.

“Please let me talk to her first, I will do everything to get her safe” I said with my voice begging him. “Get my sister in-law safe and with happy face then you will work with Primestone, deal?” Simone’s manipulating voice replaced Zach. “Deal” I said before I hurriedly prepared my things.

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