Brianna's Journey To Love

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I looked at the sleeping form of my wife in the bed, I gently touched her face and I clenched my jaw when I saw the reddish imprint from a hand. The relief I felt engulfed my being when I saw her well and healthy.

I touched her stomach gently and I almost bolted from the bed when I felt the movement of our child. My heart beat became unstable, yet I touched her belly again, I smiled when the movement continued like our child was welcoming me.

I slid from the bed and went outside, I met Pom and her daughter Pam, I thank them for taking good care of my wife. Pom told me that she loves Pad Thai, she ate it every day.

I cooked the food for her with the help of Pom and arranged it in the dining table. Pom said goodbye to me after she cleaned the kitchen, she will stay at their new apartment. She is a dressmaker and my wife helped her put up her shop in their new apartment.

Her three-bedroom unit has breathtaking view, with minimalist design. I installed camera in the different areas of her unit including her bedroom. I grinned, I felt like a pervert stalking my own wife. I don’t care, I wanted her safe, I stayed in the spare bedroom. I asked Pom not to tell my wife about me, she nodded and frowned.

I took a bath and checked the monitor, I saw her lazily slid from the bed and went to the bathroom. My eyes went wide when she emerged from the bathroom naked, she opened one of the drawers and put her underwear. She had difficulty in doing it because of her bulging belly.

She went to the mirror and started cleaning her nipples. I just took shower but it seemed that I am in the middle of the dessert. I wiped the sweat in my forehead. Her breasts are bigger than before. I missed her so much that I craved her touch.

I watched her eat the food I prepared with gusto. My mind went to the day I arrived here in Thailand. I stayed in Bangkok and started searching for her while Kevin contacted me several times with frustration in his voice. Exactly three weeks of my stay when Romano called about a Chinese human trafficker in Cambodia who asked about my wife.

My heart beats fast because of fear, what the hell is she doing in Cambodia?

I contacted my asset in Cambodia and drove there, Simone called me that the team will arrive at Siem Reap International Airport. I was in awe sometimes at the efficiency of Primestone firm, they have control both the underground and the open world.

The leader shook in fear when I cornered him, all his men were eliminated by us. I shot his leg and stepped on it, he wailed in pain.

“What did you do to my wife? I asked with my shrilling tone.

He understood who I was referring to, “I am sorry, I didn’t know her but I didn’t do anything, we left when I discovered she was related to Primestone" he said between his gasps.

I put pressure on his legs, he shouted with pain.

“What did you do before you discovered her identity?” I asked again.

He screamed in pain “I slapped her and just touched her a little” he said.

I kicked his balls and waited for a minute before I pulled the trigger. Kevin was able to tracked the NGOs, Zach got her location from them and donated millions. He looked at me “I expect you bring my sister to me Humphrey” he said and patted my shoulder.

She was watching news when she recognized the leader of the gang, she ran to the bedroom. Shit! she’s running away again, I followed her and watched her threw her things in the luggage. The pain I am feeling right now when I realized that maybe my wife hated me so much that she didn’t want anything related to me was killing me.

“Running away again pepper?” I said in croaked voice, I hated myself for making her like this.

She looked at me and I hated myself more when I saw the pain in her eyes. She stared at me for few moments and I can see the different expressions in her face. She touched her protruding stomach and my gaze followed her hands. Did she think that I will harm them?

She slowly walked towards the bed and placed the pillows under her legs. She lay down and closed her eyes, I watched her and I smiled when after few moments she fell into sleep. I watched her in her sleep, watching her like this pleases me.

I remembered the day, she kissed me and was delighted when I noticed that she was new to the kissing game. I fell in love with her, I don’t believe in love at first sight even love itself, I planned to stay bachelor and get married to the right women even without love involved.

I am not a romantic person, my decisions were always based on practicality. I didn’t imagine myself fell for a girl very hard that her face was always in my mind every seconds of the day.

She hit my insecurity when she mentioned our age gap, she is fourteen years younger than me. I stayed in Kevin’s unit to see her, Kevin knew but he didn’t say a word. When Daniel and Kevin talked to me, well… tried to frighten me, they emphasized that I was her firsts first.

I promised to them that I will cherish her with all my heart. They laughed at me, “you’re such an old school man!” they said but they knew I was serious about it.

Looking at her, with her face in the toilet wrenching because of my awful smell made me hate myself again. I wanted to do something for her but I was afraid she will become sick again. She gave me hope when she invited me to accompany her in her regular checkup.

She is stunning in her maternity dress, my heart swelled when I saw her. I didn’t want the idea of using public transportation. I used all my skills to protect her, I stayed alert like a paranoid husband.

I didn’t like the idea of a good-looking male doctor for her, I discovered my possessiveness when I met her. I stared at the monitor intently, I am having a daughter. I cannot compare the joy I felt when I saw my child for the first time.

My wife excused herself to go to the comfort room and I asked her doctor if I can have the printed result of the ultrasound. He happily accommodates all my questions, like he understood my feelings.

We went to a restaurant in the beach front, I looked at the food she ordered. She looked at me guiltily “I ordered for three” she said while she touched her belly. I smiled at her sweetly, I love watching her eating happily. I paid our bill and my eyes became alert when I saw my wife went to one of the tents and lay down in the sunbathing chair there.

I love watching her sleep, like a hobby and I never get tired of doing it. She slept for six hours, I read about pregnancy and child care, I want to understand her without asking her. Know her needs, her feelings, her likes and wants.

She cried hard when she learned about Jessica, I am afraid of her well being. I have read that pregnant woman are emotional due to their hormones. I prepared dinner for her and she was in her happy mood, I was surprised when she kissed me.

I miss her so much that I want to take her in the table, I used all my willpower to stop my sordid thinking. I don’t want to hurt her and the baby.

“I don’t like your doctor, change him” I said out of nothing.

Her eyes went wide ’what? why? He is the best doctor here” I looked at her “choose a female doctor, I don’t like man hovering and touching your body even a doctor” I said.

She agreed and told me not to become accommodating to women, she wanted to ditch my gentlemanly behavior when it comes to women. I laughed at her absurd wish but of course I will follow her with all my heart. If it will make her happy, I don’t care if women will see me as an asshole.

She cried again when she heard my explanation about Mrs. Langley. I didn’t know what I feel when I heard her said the word I longed, that she loves me. She kissed me hungrily, I miss her so much that my body reacted instantly. I laughed when she flirted with me and told me that our baby needs to acquire some feature from me. I made love to her slowly and intensely. She completes me and I love her so much. I will do anything to make her happy.

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