Brianna's Journey To Love

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We were in a family vacation in Brazil, we rented an exclusive villa for our huge family. The kids insisted to stay at the normal beach. Dom emphasized that their definition of "normal beach" is a beach with many people. We usually went to exclusive beach resorts in Bali, Palawan, Palau. Maldives and Great Barrier Reef among others.

We need to make use of full security if we chose crowded places. The kids were happy when we told them we will go to Ipanema beach. We watched the kids playing while our wives were at the other side sipping tropical juice.

My beautiful wife is having a good time with Simone and Sophia. She looks stunning with her one piece swimsuit, her belly is showing.

Zach is playing with Zach Junior and Romano has Wolfe in his arms sleeping. Kathy stayed with me playing word game in my phone. Dom, Lucy and Belle making sand castle with Romano Jr. playing sands with his plastic toys.

A woman sprinted in front of us, my instinct kicked in but when I saw her skimpy yellow bikini, I stayed in my seat under the umbrella. We looked at each other, but we didn't take action to help the woman. We all think the same thing.

We help her or we will be sleeping outside the villa. Kathy sighed, gave my phone to me and went to the woman to help her. "Are you ok Ma'am? Let me help you." The woman took her hand flinching, she said her thanks in Portuguese and my daughter replied in Portuguese too. The woman glared at us before she left.

She went in front of us with her hands in her waist. "Uncle Rom, Uncle Zach and Dad! Why you didn't help the poor woman?" she said looking at us seriously. She looks like her Mom when she's acting like that.

"I can't help her honey, I have Wolfe with me" Romano leered at us, trying to save himself by ditching us. She looked at Zach "I didn't see her sweetheart, I was sleeping" Zach pointed at his sunglasses saving himself too. Kathy raised her brows at me, "I was about to help her but you were too fast honey. I really trained you well." I sighed when she smiled at us. Romano and Zach also made deep breaths.

Lucy called her and she ran towards them. We laughed at our silly excuses. I promised my wife not to help beautiful women in need. I feel like an idiot and at the same time amused. I even tried to keep my gaze focused on her in places like this. Her jealousy made her more beautiful in my eyes.

Sophia called us for lunch, I waited for Kathy and we both walked towards her mother. I kissed her and she whispered at me "you're looking good and doing great honey." They witnessed the event happened few moments ago, and I was thankful I did the right thing. Goodness! What am I thinking?

I watched her sleeping, her cheeks a little pinkish due to the weather together with her lips. I kissed her lips, we just made love but I wanted to kiss her again. She moaned and kissed me fully in the lips. "Let me rest honey" she said in her sleepy voice. I smiled and hugged her.

"Hon, you don't need to do nothing, when beautiful girls need your help. Promise! I will not going to punish you, especially when our daughter is with you." She smiled at me sweetly. I grinned at her.

"Tiffany told me that she seduced you long time ago" she said smiling thoughtfully. I cleared my throat nervously, "I apologized to her." She looked at me sadly, "I miss her, she is dear to me."

I remembered the day when Tiffany seduced me and I almost choked her. I was not myself that day, I never treated woman that way. I was full of edginess because she was still missing and I can't find her.

Tiffany went to her unit and tried to seduced me, I choked her. I was mad because, she is still missing yet her trusted friend tried to seduce me. I gathered all my self control and pushed her. With her skills in hand on hand combat, she can defend herself from me. She just let me choked and pushed her.

"I am sorry, I want to make sure that you really love her. She is naive, sweet and beautiful. I don't want her to be like me, ruined by someone who doesn't deserve my feelings. I hope you'll find her, I miss her" she said. I can see tears in her eyes. She slowly walked towards the door with her shoulder slumping.

I apologized to her, when we became partners in training the new recruits. She grinned at me "It's nothing, I also seduced Zach, glad that Simone caught us. She looked at her husband with worry, like I sexually harassed him." She laughed but her laughter didn't reach her eyes.

We were all shocked when we found out that Tiffany left the firm. We knew that she also asked her re-assignment to Europe base long time ago and Haider played the big role. She took charge again after three years when Simone was on leave due to her pregnancy. Lance didn't say a word.

My wife was devastated when she heard it. She felt that something bothering Tiffany but she didn't open to her. She insinuated many times that she is willing to listen but Tiffany didn't say a word. She looked at her with sadness, "I am happy that you are happy Brie, you found a good person, nurture your love for each other." She kissed her in the temple with tears in her eyes. That was the last time we saw her.

"I love you honey" she suddenly said to me. My heart still swelled with joy whenever she said those words at me. "I love you more pepper" I kissed her. We were interrupted by our daughter. "Mom and dad, I want to write a story, a love story" Kathy said with notebook and pen in her hands.

We both looked at each other. "Well.. I want to write your love story, and I need to ask you something." She took her pen and opened her notebook.

"You always kissed each other, I decided to write a love story instead of poetry. My first question did you two meet? I laughed, my wife was looking at me with warning in her eyes.

"Well.. sweetie... your mom kissed me in front of my date in a restaurant." My daughter's eyes went wide "really? Can I do that too?" We both said no loudly. She stared at us then looked at her notes.

"How did you know you love mom?" she looked at me with curiosity. "I love her the first time I saw her" I said. "Like love at first sight" she said and smiled excitedly. I nodded and smiled at her enthusiasm.

'Mom?" she looked at her mother asking her silently. "Well... your Dad was my first kiss and my first love" she said dreamily. "How about you Dad? she turned to me. "Your Mom is my one and only great love" I said. She always looked at our wedding album and her baby album. Romano taught me how to take good photos.

We checked our daughter before we went to bed. We found her notebook and read her story...

"One upon a time there was a prince who dated many girls and they all kissed him. All the girls in the kingdom cried because the prince didn't want to see them after they gave their kisses.

One day a powerful fairy, visited the prince and he asked the fairy a kiss. The fairy became angry, she turned him into a grumpy old man. He will return to his old self if a girl with pure heart will give her first kiss to him.

The prince used all his money to date many girls but no one wanted to kiss him. His date said awful things at him when he asked her a kiss. He looked so sad but he was surprised when a beautiful girl kissed him in front of his date. The girl pitied the prince and wanted to save the prince from his date.

The prince turned into his old self. He fell in love with the beautiful girl with pure heart, who gave him her first kiss. They live happily ever after.

My wife laughed so hard. "Turned into a grumpy old man really? I looked like a villain in her story." She took my hand and tugged me to our room. I was still sulking, I thought my daughter looks at me like a hero.

She removed her clothes and stood naked in front of me. "Show me your power prince, you are not like a grumpy old man right?" I carried her to our bed "you will never say that awful words again wife after I show you my power." I kissed her hungrily, together, we create a new world full of passion and love for each other.

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