Brianna's Journey To Love

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Chapter 2 Bold

If I have known the taste of a kiss was sweet and will linger in my thoughts and imprinted in my lips like a tattoo, I should have kissed many boys before. I kissed them to make the experience so ordinary and won’t stay in my mind for so long.

I stared at Kevin while he was conversing with officers, he looked stunning, with the air of intelligence in him. What if I kiss him? Is his kiss the same with Mitch? I wanted to erase the feelings he evoked inside me.

Kevin walked towards me, he said goodbye to them. He clasped my hands and was surprised when I pulled his nape and kissed him. I closed my eyes and savored the kiss, no tingling sensation just connection. I opened my eyes and looked at his petrified face. “What the....” I put my point finger in his mouth to silence him and tugged him outside. Mitch face was grim when he followed our moves.

When we were inside his Audi, he said in indignation “are you crazy ginger? Zach will kill me if he’ll learn this.” I ignored him and looked outside, still contemplating. I didn’t feel anything in his kiss, should I kiss another man?

I saw a convenient store ” stop over there, I want to eat instant noodles and junk foods.” He sighed and stopped the car, customers were looking at us, we both wore party attire. We sat in the stool at the corner with tables and waited for our noodles to become soft in hot water.

“Do you have feelings for me ginger?” His face showed concern. “Yes, I love you” I said while I tapped the table, feeling bored and wanted to eat the noodles. He was astounded and he combed his hair. I can’t take this anymore “I love you like I love Zach” I laughed at him. His face lit up and pulled me to him. I pushed the instant noodle to him and we both eat in silence.

“Why did you kiss me then?” I slurped the noodles and answered him “I kissed someone, and the kiss stayed in my mind as I felt something, so I kissed you to make comparison.” His face became thoughtful and asked, “what did you discover then?” I sighed “I felt nothing, you’re boring, maybe I should kiss another.” He laughed out loud “you try Daniel” he suggested “Nah,” Eloise will kill me, I said to myself.

I woke up when someone pounding my door. I opened it and was confronted with the furious face of Zach with the newspaper in his hands. “What is the meaning of this?” My eyes went wide when me and Kevin was in a society page, me kissing him. “Damn McGregor, I trusted the bastard! I will kill him” he bantered. I rolled my eyes “calm down Zach please, I’m hungry let’s eat first and I’ll explain.” I walked towards the kitchen counter and greeted Martha.

Zach followed me with his contorted face. Martha gave me my favorite black coffee and toast. “Explain” he was really persistent. “If you looked at the picture, I kissed him,” surprised was written in his face, “no need to kill Kevin you’re over acting Zach. “He glared at me “you don’t talk to me like that Brie.”

“Don’t push your sister hon, and don’t make any conclusion, why did you kiss him love?” Shimi was always on my side when my brother became over protective. I smiled at her “well... Tiffany dared me to kiss a man and I felt something with the kiss maybe because that was my first kiss, so I kissed Kevin to make comparison, he was furious though and was worried that I felt something for him aside from brotherly affection. I can’t forget his face.” I laughed and Shimi laughed with me.

“How was the kiss?” she asked. I sighed “boring, no wonder Kevin has no flings.” Shimi smirked while Zach relaxed his shoulder and kissed her in the lips. They both absorbed with what they’re doing to my annoyance. One of the reasons why I wanted to live on my own, they were like honeymooners, I saw them everywhere in the house making up. I left them to their own moments and walked towards the twin’s room, I will miss those darlings surely.

Kevin and Zach’s men, John and Jim together with Martha’s husband Jack, helped me moved out. Zach announced during breakfast that they were expecting another angel, I hugged Shimi while Kevin congratulated Zach. “You really didn’t waste time knocking her up Camwell.” Zach gave him his cocky smile.

“Anyway, Mitchell stays with me during his rest and recreation, he can help us too.” My eyes went wide as I saw him waiting at my door. Shimi wanted to come but I insisted not to bother and take rest, she was suffering from morning sickness. “Hello pepper” he greeted us with his dazzling smile. My heart fluttered wildly at the sight of him. He was so gorgeous with his jeans and fitted white shirt, his muscles were visible. I nodded at him and opened my door through my prints. Kevin prints was also in the system. He is a complete gentleman and always respect my privacy and I trusted him.

We ordered pizza and buffalo chicken wings for dinner, John, Jim and Jack went home after they helped us, they declined my invitation to have dinner with us. “Thank you knight for helping me” I hugged Kevin and he kissed my hair “you smell like a bunch of dust ginger.” I rolled my eyes and turned to Mitch “thanks to you too Col Humphrey.” He laughed “why the formality pepper, just call me Mitch.” I smiled at him and went to the door to get our order.

They came early in my unit to have breakfast with me, Mitch washed the dishes and I went to my room to prepare for my work. “Mitch will drive you to the hotel ginger, you should learn how to drive while he still here.” Kevin suggested, he surrendered when he tried to teach me to drive. He was so frustrated with me when I can’t even use my reflexes to good use. Zach’s assigned someone as my driver and he wanted me to use his services even I moved out from them but Kevin volunteered to do it in exchange for the food of course.

We were silent during the ride, I can’t think of something to talk about. “How old are you?” I asked out of nothing. He chortled and looked at me “I’m thirty-eight pepper, I have vast experience in many things, I can teach you anything aside from driving and kissing.” I looked outside “you’re too old for me, I want younger men” I blurted out without thinking.

He became silent and focused on driving. When he parked Kevin’s Audi, he instantly pulled me and kissed me feverishly. I moaned as his hands cupped my right breasts through my white shirt. I lost in the real world, all I can feel was the tingling sensation I felt. He freed me from his embrace and kiss me. “You’re driving me crazy pepper” he said hoarsely.

I got out from the car with my swollen lips and disarrayed hair. I combed my hair with my hands and hurriedly walked towards the door of the hotel. I didn’t pay attention to the greetings of the staff. I went directly to the comfort room and stared at myself . My cheeks were flushed and my thick stubborn wavy hair tangled a little.

Tiffany visited me often, we bonded together like sisters. She was bold and fierce but she never opened herself to me. She just listened but never said something about herself. I respect her privacy. I insinuated that I’ll be there for her anytime.

“I kissed him thrice already” I blurted to her. She wrinkled her brows “Who?” I answered her while playing the utensils in my empty plate, “the man I got my first kiss, Lt Col Mitchell Humphrey.” Her eyes went wide “the legendary man, the hero, the old fashion, the straight and strict like Matthew? Wow! you’re a lucky girl” she said in awe. “He is a good catch Brie, according to Shimi he is loyal and a man of few words, let’s see” she smirked like she had already wicked plans for him.

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