Brianna's Journey To Love

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Chapter 3 Beat

I never imagined myself thinking about a man. Lying in bed reminiscing the kisses we shared. My heartbeat became frantic by just touching my lips. His kisses is like a stain in my lips and in my mind. I wanted to be with him in this moment. I love to place my head in his chest to feel the beating of his heart

Am I crazy? I need to do something to shoo him away inside my mind as he lingered there for too long. When I worry and uneasy, I cook. I went to my kitchen and checked my kitchen cabinets and fridge. I have plenty of stocks, Kevin accompanied me in the supermarket often, his way of giving back in all the food he ate from my fridge.

I baked carrot and walnut cake; and lemon yogurt cake. While waiting for the cake in the oven, I prepared ingredients for beef stroganoff with pasta, steak and mushrooms. I checked the time, it was already past twelve midnight. Kevin called me after office that he and Mitch will drink outside.

I called him to check on him “hello ginger” his voice was slurry. I sighed “where are you?” He hiccupped “going home now, don’t worry Mitch is driving, Daniel is here too.” I rolled my eyes “hello Brie, I miss your cooking” he said while laughing. They both were hammered “drop at my unit before you all sleep I prepared soup” he squealed “that’s my girl” I ended the call.

I chose easy to prepare soup, I have cooked turkey and frozen dumpling. I cooked them for soup with vegetables and set the table. I went to my room to take quick shower as Kevin can open the door.

I emerged from the bathroom with only my towel on. I was surprised when Mitch was in my bedroom “I am sorry, they were persistent to get you as they were hungry” his voice was a little shaky, his eyes roamed on my body. I clutched the towel tightly, “I will finish in three, please tell them” he nodded and left. I noticed his jaw clenched and his Adams apple moved.

I quickly changed into cotton loose pink sleepwear dress. I found the two dickheads already in the table waiting for me. Daniel rose from his seat and opened his arms “I miss you my Brie.” I rolled my eyes as he hugged me tightly “you smell good.” I saw Mitch clenched his jaw again. “You better behave Dan, I will prepare your food.” He happily obliged when he thinks of food.

Kevin leaned on the chair and closed his eyes, Mitch helped me with the soup. He was silent all the time, Daniel and Kevin moaned when they tasted the soup “You’re the best Brie! I think I will move here too, Camwell will give me hard time in acquiring units here” he laughed as he loved pissing Zach. They ate all the food I prepared even the cakes.

“Sorry ginger I can’t help you with the dishes tonight” he slugged to the sofa, same with Daniel, they both sprawled in my sofa like they own my place. “You’re a superb cook pepper” he looked at me thoughtfully while he complemented me. “Rest, I will do the dishes” he said while cleaning the table. “I’m tired, you can sleep at the guestroom” I looked at the two dickheads, “I think my sofa can accommodate them.”

I went to my bedroom get some blankets and about to put them to the two men sprawled in my sofa when I noticed their shoes were still on. I removed their shoes and put the blanket to them. Mitch was glaring at me as he wiped the counter but he didn’t say a word. When I checked outside, the lights in the kitchen were turned off. I went to the guestroom and knocked but he didn’t answer. I turned the doorknob and was surprised when I saw him came out from the bathroom with only a towel.

I was stupefied, I can’t lift my feet to walk away. It seems like this situation repeated in reverse. He slowly walked towards me, lift my chin... “I want to do this to you pepper the moment I saw you almost naked.” He kissed me hungrily, my heartbeat accelerated in fast mode. I whimpered when his hands caressed my breasts through my thin cotton dress.

We both panting when we take time to breath but then I pulled him and kissed him again. He moaned when our tongue joined in harmony together with our lips. His hands lifted my dress and caressed my inner thigh, he caressed me there. I was shocked that we both become intimate like this.

I pulled his towel in accident. My eyes went wide when I saw his sex, he is enormous. My legs shook as fear encompassed me. I ran to the door towards my bedroom. My heart was beating fast like they were in marathon. I placed my face in the pillow once I realized my stupid reaction as embarrassment swallowed me from head to toe.

I woke up late, I remember my visitors. I went to the bathroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth. I was frustrated when I combed the tangles of my hair but as stubborn as me, they keep their firm stand and stick to it. I let them in their stubborn way, the hell I care! I stomped out to my bedroom and walked outside.

Kevin and Daniel were sipping their coffee in my dining table while Mitch was toasting and making omelet as I saw eggshells at the counter. Kevin smiled brightly “Good morning ginger”. Daniel hugged me “we didn’t wake you up, Mitch volunteered to cook for us.” I looked at him, I can feel the warm feeling spreading all over my face “good morning pepper” he smiled at me. I murmured good morning to them. I sat on the chair next to Kevin in front of Daniel “You looked flushed Brie and the bird can lay eggs in your hair” he always made jest on me.

“She is the most beautiful creature in the morning with her hair like that.” Mitch suddenly made remark. We all looked at him in astonishment, he stared at us with his brow raised. “Now you’re talking man!” Kevin said and they all laughed together. I shook my head and rose from the chair to help him.

I cooked buttermilk pancakes with Mitch beside me cooking bacon. He made coffee for me too. “Mitch will teach you how to drive today ginger, please focus and do your best, he maybe the last man willing to teach you” Kevin always acting like Zach. I looked at Daniel and smiled at him sweetly “you know Brie my schedule are full these days, I have upcoming projects” he said with knowing smile on his lips.

I pouted my lips and went to their side with pancakes in my hand. “You two wash the dishes” I said and jabbed the pancake. They laughed “you’re such a kid” Daniel said with amusement. I ignored him.

I wore white square neck chiffon crop top spliced lace hem with puff short sleeve blouse and denim shorts. I matched it with white sneakers and vintage body bag. I side braid my long hair and applied natural make up with pink lipstick. Mitch was waiting for me in the living room “You’re gorgeous in every way pepper” he kissed my forehead and hold my hands. I looked for Kevin and Daniel “where are they?” He sighed “Shimi called Kevin, she gifted you a Ferrari and the two rushed to the basement to see.”

I paled upon hearing it “a Ferrari really?” He raised his brow and smirked at me. “You know Shimi do things in extreme, I’m afraid of her gifts” I said while shaking my head and made deep breaths. “Relax pepper she has great taste too, that’s why Daniel and Kevin were excited.”

We found the two men checking the shiny red and gray Ferrari. “Hey ginger, you’re such a lucky girl, this is limited edition Ferrari Pinanfarina Sergio” Kevin was still checking the inside. I walked hesitantly to them.

“I can’t handle this, I think this is too much, I prefer the ordinary one, I don’t want people looking at me.” Daniel raised my chin and looked at me thoughtfully “Yes, you can handle it, Shimi knew it, people look at you even without this.” He touched the car. “But” he instantly put his finger in my lips “Shimi will get hurt if you turn her down, and its not good for her right now, you are beautiful Brie and you will have more power if you know how to drive” He tossed the key to Mitch and slapped my ass “go and learn how to drive.”

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