Brianna's Journey To Love

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Chapter 4 Brake

He drove in silence, I don’t know how to start a conversation, I keep remembering his nude body like an imprint in my thoughts. “What are you thinking pepper? he turned to me with smile. I feel like I was struck by lightning, he is really gorgeous when he smiles, but he rarely uttered a word. “Ummm… I am thinking of my bad reflexes, Kevin gave up on me” I said and grimaced. He didn’t reply and he focused on his driving. I almost said what I am really thinking right now.

He stopped into an inner road and gave the driver seat to me, I was nervous but Kevin already taught me the basic. His instructions were precise and he patiently repeated his movements for me to capture it. He was very closed to me and his hands brushed my thighs and arms several times when he helped maneuvered the car.

After two hours, I drove the car myself with his help still. He gave me direction where to pass, I saw a farmhouse and he instructed me to park the car in front of the house. He helped me park the car, it made me nervous that made the car stopped suddenly. I looked at him smiling “sorry” I said. He removed his seat belt and opened his door, he walked towards my door and opened it for me. I followed him inside the house, an old man with some features as him greeted us.

“Glad you visits us boy” he patted his shoulder and looked at me. “Grandpa this is Brianna” he introduced us with his usual serious face. The old man smiled at me “this is the first time my boy brought a lady in our abode, no wonder why, have a seat dear, I will call my Lucy” he said excitedly.

Paul and Lucy were adorable couple, I learned that his dad died in one of his missions and his mother got sick and died when he was sixteen, their grandparents took them. Being a soldier ran in their blood, Paul was also a retired Navy. I was staring at the old photos hanging on the wall when Lucy approached me.

“Mitchell is like his father, he works with passion, when her sister was abducted by the traffickers, he searched for her. He was very devastated when he learned that she died from their hands.” Her voice was thoughtful as well as her expression.

I touched the photo of Alana and Mitch together, I never seen her in person but Simone mentioned that her father plans to marry her. He thought her sister was dead but he found her in the hand of notorious human trafficker killed by Simone. Zach teased her wife that her mother in law will be his age, Simone didn’t bother, she loves Alana and the happiness of her father is more important to her.

We bade goodbye to the old couple, I drove from the farm to the city slowly. He was alert all the time, his hands were fast when I was not confident. I tried many times before I parked the car properly. I listened to him attentively as I applied brakes. I closed my eyes and sighed “at last” I said.

When I opened my eyes, I saw him staring at me intently. I noticed that his phone rang many times but he ignored it, he answered it after he opened the door for me. He turned to me “I need to go, see you again tomorrow” he said and left. I sighed and went to my unit with heavy heart. It was like I was driving smoothly and the car stopped in a halt because I applied too much pressure on brakes. I can’t read him, he was too reserved.

My phone rang and I answered it “hey girl, let’s celebrate your independence, let’s party tonight, I’ll pick you up at eight” Eloise cut the call before I can respond. I chose royal blue body con off shoulder dress for our night out. I ironed my hair to make it straight and clipped it in one side.

Tiffany and Eloise came, they were both gorgeous in their revealing dress. Tiffany wore black tube mini dress with her blond hair in high pony tail, Eloise kept her ash gray hair down and wore low cut bodycon red dress. We used Tiffany’s sports car and went to high end bar owned by Romano Bectaz.

I was excited, I traveled a lot these days but never in a place like this. We were having fun when someone touched my shoulder “Inna is that you?” he said with amazement. “Kirk? Oh my! how are you? I am happy to see you!” I said in loud voice as the music played boomingly.

He moved his face near me “let’s dance girl” he took my hand and we went to the dance floor. I put my hands on his neck and we talked while we dance slowly, we didn’t mind that others dance under fast tunes. He told me that he stayed in Thailand with his boyfriend and worked as a chef in a hotel but unfortunately, he had gender issue with the manager, he resigned and applied to one of Zach’s hotels. He didn’t know that I managed some of them, I will review his application and will approve it tomorrow.

Kirk is an excellent chef, they both went to the same culinary school, he is very gay, her college days were not so boring because of him. He encouraged me to make a life and live fully, he was one of the reasons why I stepped into the real world and went to my brother. We were both absorbed in our talk, his face touched my face when he wanted to emphasize something and his lips touched my ears sometimes. Kirk is a good-looking man from outside, he is good at hiding his identity.

We were separated by someone, “what the….!” I looked up and saw the angry face of Mitchell and in his side were Daniel and Kevin. “What are you doing here?” I asked furiously at them. “You were having so much fun ginger” Kevin said with his clenched jaw. Mitch took my hand and tugged me towards the bar, Kirk, Daniel and Kevin followed us. Eloise and Tiffany scowled at them “this is girls’ night out, you don’t have the right to mess the fun!” Eloise said in her furious voice.

“Are you going to practice kissing to anyone ginger?” Kevin asked me in his sarcastic tone. That was below the belt, “you know I am not irresponsible Kev, I never judged anyone of you, so stay away from me!” I took Kirk’s hand and tugged him outside.

“Those overprotective pigs!” I shouted out of frustration. Kirk grinned at me “where did you get those hunkies sweetheart?” I looked at him in frustration and laughed. I texted Tiffany that Kirk, my gay friend, will accompany me, I didn’t want them to worry.

We went to a sophisticated bar; the ambiance was very different. The place has good lighting that illuminates a cozy ambiance. The music played were soft and mellow, I noticed that all customers were all men, or gays.

“This is our sanctuary sweetie, my boyfriend owned this place, we can drink here without interruption” he said grinning at me. We occupied a table and he ordered drinks for us. We ended up drinking together while we talked about our lives.

“I love seeing you with men, sweetie, not only men, but gorgeous men” he said in slurred voice. I never drink like this before; my head became light and I often laughed. “Too bad I can’t drive you home, let me give you my number” he said. I gave him my phone and he typed something on it. “What’s the name of the tall, dark and hot guy who wanted to swallow me whole?” he asked while he was typing. I replied “Mitch” before I succumb to darkness.

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