Brianna's Journey To Love

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Chapter 5 Bent

I woke up groggily and with piercing headache, I noticed the aspirin and water in my side table. I took it and laid for few moments in bed. “Damn hangover! I will never drink alcohol again.” I suddenly opened my eyes when I remembered that I was with Kirk in his boyfriend’s bar when I passed out.

Who the hell brought me in my room? Is it Kevin? Zach? No…no… not him, I’ll be dead now.” I checked myself I was wearing PJs not my party dress. Who changed my clothes? Damn! Kirk? I went to the bathroom and was surprised that a bath was ready for me. The hell! I will use it now, I smell like a rotten food. I took time in the tub, it eases the headache and the soreness of my body. I changed into an oversized cotton white shirt with bear imprinted in front.

When I got out from my room I smelled the aroma of coffee that made my stomach grumbled. I checked the time and sighed when it was already almost noon. My jaw dropped when I saw Mitch in the kitchen, he looked at me, pushed the coffee towards me, scooped some soup in a bowl and gave it to me. He didn’t say a word just look at me while sipping his coffee. I took the coffee and drink it, I even ate the soup he gave me and finished it. He took my empty bowl and put another serve.

“How did you find me? Did you change my clothes?” He stared at me for few moments and said “your friend called me to pick you up, both of you were smashed. You threw up several times, I washed our clothes.” I closed my eyes in embarrassment, no wonder I smelled bad. I opened my eyes and saw him smiling “don’t overthink pepper, I took care of you like my sister.”

He thinks of me like his sister? He kissed me like a sister? Damn! I suddenly rose from my seat and said furiously at him “you clean these like my ideal older brother” I went to my room and slammed the door.

I felt guilty after I did it, I stayed in my room to avoid him. He didn’t deserve such treatment from me, he was just being nice. I closed my eyes and my thought about him became blurry. I woke up with a resolute mind, I will apologize to him. Kevin texted me, he said sorry that he was just worried about me. Mitch will stay in his unit and he will be out for few days for work related thing.

I went to Kevin’s unit and opened the door, I didn’t bother to knock as my prints were save in his security lock. Kevin has two guest rooms, I knocked on the first one but no one answered, I opened it and found it empty. I knocked on the second room, no one answered still, I opened the door and noticed the masculine scents and some personal belongings. Maybe he went somewhere, I turned to the door but stopped when I saw the bathroom door opened.

Mitch emerged from it with only towel in his body and his hair was wet. I can see surprise in his face and turned into something, anger perhaps? I swallowed hard “I came here to apologize, well… I will wait for you outside” I said mumbling. But then I stopped, he’s like a magnet, I walked towards him and pulled his nape. I kissed him hungrily and he responded with longing. “Stop this pepper or we both regret this” he said in raspy voice. I moaned and continue kissing him, he lifted my shirt and touched my bare breasts. He whimpered “damn!” he carried me to the bed and I tasted heaven for the first time.

I woke up with loud crashing from outside, “go change Brie and come out we will talk about this” Simone said before she went outside. What the hell? What are they doing here? My eyes went wide when I realized that if Simone is here, so is her husband. I hurriedly search for my clothes scattered in the floor and put them on. I went outside and saw the bloody hands of Zach and nose of Mitch.

Zach turned to me in his furious state “be ready sister, Mitch will marry you in four weeks” he said with finality. Mitch didn’t answer, he clenched his jaw and avoided my stare. I stood in a middle of Kevin’s living room and said nothing. It didn’t enter my mind the result of my action, all these happenings were too fast.

I don’t’ want this, I don’t want to force someone into marrying me. “I don’t want to get married” I said to them. They all turned to me with astonishment, Mitch stared at me furiously. “You may be carrying my child, we didn’t use protection, I will marry you, I will prepare for military wedding. He looked at Zach with finality, my brother nodded with satisfaction. Damn them! “Oh yeah! You both prepare for my wedding while I stay in my unit” I said and strode towards the door and slammed it.

Simone followed me in my unit, I sat on my couch and closed my eyes. “I want to marry someone who loves me Shimi, not like this, I don’t want forcing Mitch to marry me.” She took my hand and I opened my eyes, her beautiful gray eyes showed understanding “I misunderstood your brother too, but I took risk, I didn’t even know my feelings for him then. Mitch is honorable man, he will not allow anybody manipulates and forces him to do something he didn’t want to do, even Zach. I can see in his eyes that he has feelings for you.”

Her words gave hope to my heavy heart, she then smiled and said “visit us, your niece and nephew miss you so much” she hugged me and kissed my hair before she bade goodbye. My stomach grumbled, I only ate soup, I went to the kitchen counter and decided to cook spaghetti. I cleared the counter and sat on the stool, I was so hungry that I can’t bring myself in the dining table.

I ate in the counter when Kevin arrived “I was out for a day and when I came back you’re getting married ginger.” He helped himself with spaghetti, she cooked for four people as always. “Why are you so cool at this? I asked him. He ate few spoonsful first before he replied “Mitch is a good person, he is your first firsts.” I sighed “I feel like he was dragged into this because of my curiosity and stupidity.” Kevin laughed “you cannot force a man like us in a lifetime situation if we didn’t like it ginger. If I had sex with someone and got her pregnant without feelings for her which will never happen, child support is the key.”

He winked at me “Mitch was persistent on marrying you, I can see something in his eyes when he looks at you. But if you don’t like him, which I doubt, you can back out anytime, I will give my support.” He tapped my shoulder and walked away but then he stopped and turned to me...“I included Mitch prints in your security lock. Thanks for the food! Damn I can’t barge in here anymore” he said and went out.

I washed the dishes and went to my room. I showered and I shrieked when someone hugged me from behind. My eyes went wide when I saw the naked Mitch, he silenced me with his kisses and touches. I felt like we were having our honeymoon first before the wedding.

He was insatiable, we had sex in the shower and in my bed many times. I was tired and sleep encompassed me. “Wake up pepper, we will continue your driving lesson today” he kissed me. I murmured and embraced the pillow “you can drive me anytime, I want to sleep” I said with my eyes closed.

He laughed and said “I can’t drive you, I will be in the camp most of the time, you need to learn while I am still on vacation.” I instantly opened my eyes and sat straight, I forgot that I wore nothing, the blanket fell and my breasts were proudly bared. His eyes turned into something, she thought it was anger before but now she realized it was lust. I bolted from the bed and ran to the bathroom. He laughed, I noticed that Mitch laughed often now, I love the sound of his laughter.

I finished my shower but the towel rack was empty. Damn! I called his name. “Mitch can you pass the towel please?” He replied “you can come out without the towel, I already memorized your body pepper.” I will buy many towels today, I gathered all my courage and came out naked. I walked towards the dressing room without looking at him. I found my robe but Mitch was already behind me kissing my neck “you are so tempting pepper, we can delay your lesson.” I turned to him and kissed him “the hell with the driving lesson!” I said. He smirked and carried me to bed.

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