Brianna's Journey To Love

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Chapter 6 Bride

I clapped my hands happily when I parked the car properly. Mitch looked at me like he adores me. He kissed me “you are now ready to apply for driver’s license” he said. We were having lunch when his phone rang, he answered it, he looked at me in hesitation after he ended the call.

“I need to go somewhere, I am sorry pepper” he said and kissed me. I nodded in understanding, he immediately left. I sighed, “I guess my biggest contender in our relationship is the country he serves.”

Tiffany called me and squeaked in delight when I confirmed that I am getting married to Mitch. When I asked for my bill, the waiter told me that Mitch already paid them. I went to my office and approved the application of Kirk, I stayed in the office till five and decided to visit my nephew and niece. Zach still assigned a driver for me, well… he told me he is a company driver. I called the reception that I will make use of the company driver.

The twins squealed in delight when they saw me, I hugged them tightly “I miss you so much kids.” They both took my hands and showed me their toys, we were playing musical instruments when my sister in-law came in. “It’s time for dinner loves” she said and hugged me. I helped Martha in the kitchen, Zach and Simone together with my niece and nephew settled in their seats. The twins were very smart, sometimes I looked at them in amazement when they did something extraordinary.

“When are we going to choose the wedding dress love? Do you want to go to the fashion house or we will call them here? Simone asked me. I sighed, Oh yeah! I forgot I am getting married “I want here” I replied. She grinned and became excited “I will sleep here tonight” I informed them.

The twins were excited “I will sleep with you Aunt Brie” Belle smiled at me. “Sure baby” I smiled and kissed her. Everyone called her Izzy, I gave her my own pet name, I was in awe of her beauty when she came into this world. Dom looked at me “I am big now Aunt Brie, I am afraid your bed can’t accommodate the three of us anymore” he said. I smiled at him “Oh! I am sure my bed is big and can accommodate you still, we can play board games before we sleep.” His eyes lit up “I will try not to move in my sleep” he said. We all laughed, we knew that Dom moves a lot when he sleeps.

We were playing board game when my phone rang, I answered it without looking who it was. “Hello pepper, where are you?” Mitch asked me, his voice full of worries. “I am at Zach’s house, sorry I didn’t message you, I thought you were in a secret mission or something.” He laughed “you surprised me always sweetheart. I will be at the camp, I miss you” he said. I replied in a low voice “I miss you too” Dom looked at me and asked “Is that Uncle Kevin? We miss you Uncle Kevin” they said loudly. “No, it’s Uncle Mitch” I said to them and hanged up on Mitch.

The next morning, I called Mitch to asked him who will be his best man, he let me chose if Kevin or Zach, of course I chose Kevin and Simone as my Matron Honor. Romano will be partnered with Tiffany, Daniel with Sophia, and Haider with Eloise.

Bridal gowns arrived, I chose minimalist simple deep V- neck puffed sleeve wedding gown with full skirt and pastel colors as my motif. Mitch called me that his grandparents and Alana will come for intimate family dinner. I smiled, he was really into tradition.

I wore beige pleated halter dress with my hair down and was braiding Belle’s hair when Mitch arrived. He smiled at us while Dom said in a loud voice “Uncle Mitch welcome to our house” he took his hand and made him sit beside me. We all laughed “you’re such a great host buddy” he said and made a fist touch with him. Belle looked at him shyly, I finished braiding her hair and whispered at her “say hi to Uncle Mitch.” She hugged him instead while her face in his chest.

Paul and Lucy arrived, they brought food and delicacies. Alana and Lance came and the twins ran to their embrace. It was a memorable dinner, Paul was in deep conversation with Lance and Mitch with Zach.

Alana is very beautiful in an exotic way, she hugged me tightly and said “thank you for coming into my brother’s life.” Lance approached me “you ruined my plan Brie, I guess I need to move my plan for a wedding next year” he said. I can sense that he was hesitant about the topic. I just smiled at her, Lance’ aura was kind of intimidating and full of authority.

The ladies arrived for fitting, Sophia brought Lucy and Romano Jr.; Belle and Lucy were excited to see their dresses; Dom was engrossed with the puzzle game while waiting for his turn. Mitch told me that their husbands called him to switch partner with their wives and girlfriends. He told them that I reign the entourage, they came to me sulking. Zach used his demanding tone as my older brother. I told them that I only followed superstitious belief and tradition that a couple must not be paired in the entourage or else their relationship will end up in bad state.

I smiled when they all glanced at each other like idiots, they all still gullible when it comes to their partners. I even used my acting skills when I told Zach that I will hire a brother who will walk with me in the altar to my groom if he is not willing to do it. Of course, Zach bought my manipulation and apologized to me.

Tiffany and Kirk planned the bridal shower while Daniel arranged for bachelor’s party. I knew Daniel and Haider were crazy but I have full trust on my groom. Kirk invited his good-looking gay friends and boyfriend to cheer us. We were imitating the famous k pop girl group with our sexy outfits while our gay friends cheered at us when Zach and his minions barged into our place.Our gay friends were taken outside by Kevin and Haider while the furious Sophia and Simone carried by their husbands outside.

Mitch looked at me with amusement in his eyes. “I will kill Zach for this, he ruined my bridal shower!” I wailed like a child. He laughed “I am sorry pepper I tried to stop them but when they saw in the security footage that men came in here, they went crazy. Haider brought strippers for us but Romano and Zach were paranoid, they told Haider to get rid of the strippers. They were afraid of their wives snooping at them, we ended up snooping at your bridal shower.” I smiled at him wickedly “I can continue the show with you, my solo.” He laughed “I can’t wait to see your performance sweetheart.”

My edginess created a havoc inside me, today is my wedding day. Simone made sure that I stayed in their house and Mitch will only see me in a limited time. I smiled when I remember our last encounter, we were at the green house kissing each other like teenagers sneaking from their over protective parents.

Simone interrupted my thoughts “it’s time love.” Zach took my hand and we walked in the aisle under a saber arch, we stopped in front of my groom “cherish my sister Mitch.” He took my hand and stared at my brother straight in the eyes “I will.” I was in cloud nine that I didn’t even notice when the priest gave his final blessing.

I looked at my groom after he kissed me tenderly. He wore mess uniform which he looked splendid on it. We walked as a couple under a saber arch that begins with the ushers going down the church steps, military officers face off and raise their swords into an arch under which we walked as a couple. When we reached the end of the arch, the final sabers are dropped to the ground and we exchanged kiss. The sabers are then sheathed again and the celebration continues. I never imagined myself in this happy moment with my man of my dreams beside me.

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