Brianna's Journey To Love

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Chapter 7 Base

The perks of having a soldier as a husband was all about security. We spent our honeymoon in Guam and Hawaii, not entirely our honeymoon as he mixed it with work related activities. We talked about our arrangement, I can stay in my unit or at the officer’s residences in the base. I sighed, as much as I want to enjoy kissing him every day, his country was bitching me.

I stayed low as usual, I don’t want people see me as Brianna the sister of Zach. Speaking of my brother, he gifted me a BMW which I like because Simone’s Ferrari was eye catching but when I found out from Kevin that the car was bullet and missile proof, I was astounded. Mitch smiled at me and thanks Zach for the gift, I rolled my eyes and whispered “freak," my brother leered at me.

We visited his residence at the base, buildings have uniform design and color. His two-story residence was located at the center of twelve buildings. “I know, this is not luxurious as your unit pepper but I want you to stay near me” he said. I turned to him and hugged him, “I stayed in a forest cabin for many years, this is home.”

We ended up having fun in our new bedroom. We returned to my unit and packed some of my things. He gave me the dependent’s ID which we applied last time for easy access in the base. I looked at the ID and smiled, I am truly a soldier’s wife.

I watched Mitch unpacking our things as I prepared our meal. I was embarrassed last time when I found him in the laundry area handwashing my underwear. I tried to snatch it from him but he was quick. He told me that doing simple things for me was his joy.

There will be times in the future that he can’t be with me because of his duty and I will do things on my own. He also added that cursing him in the near future for not being with me is very possible. He wanted to serve me while he is with me.

We were having lunch when the bell rang, Mitch opened the door and I can hear the voice of Kevin. “I invited myself for a housewarming party” he grinned at me while he holds a wine. He pulled a chair from the kitchen bar and sits with us.

Mitch gave him plate, spoon and fork, he opened the wine he brought. “I also brought your Ferrari Brie” he said while his mouth was busy. I frowned at him “Oh I almost forgot, I also invited myself for a sleepover tonight” he said and grinned at us. He even smiled sweetly “I also expect breakfast before I leave tomorrow.” I stared at him while crossing my arms “I can kick you out now.” He turned to Mitch “watch out for her Irish temper” they both laughed to my annoyance.

I drove Kevin to our unit with my BMW the next morning and went to the hotel. I was relieved when Kirk started to work already. He was very passionate and perfectionist about work. We had lunch together and talked about his proposal. Mitch called me to ask about my day, he said he has time to accompany me in the supermarket.

I left the hotel before five and went to the supermarket, Mitch was already there waiting for me. He kissed me when he saw me “I miss you pepper” he said after a long kiss. I put my head in his chest because of embarrassment, people looking at us.

I never expected that doing a simple household chore with my husband brought joy in my heart. I woke up late, Mitch left a note in the dining table that he was in the headquarters. He already prepared breakfast for me. I was washing the dishes when I heard the knocks on the door. Five ladies smiling at me with something in their hands.

“Hi Ma’am, I am the Captain’s wife, we wanted to welcome you in the neighborhood.” Her visitors were chatty well… some are nosy. Claire, the Captain’s wife brought cooked meals and chatted with me for hours. They were excited with the family day and social night for the next weekend.

The family day is like a typical family day with lots of games for kids and raffle draws. The ladies organization solicited a prize for a raffle draw. They all gushed when I gave them one gift certificate for three days and two-night accommodation with free meals at Camwell Hotel. I also gave ten weekend buffet gift certificates at Camwell restaurant.

I felt awkward with the too formal treatment of junior officers and enlisted personnel but I was used to it and remained polite at them. Mitch was respected by all, I can see the admiration of the people in the Armed Forces for him and being his wife was like I need to pass their expectations.

Daniel threw a party in celebration of his box office hit movie, he called me for food catering. Me and Kirk were busy in the event, Daniel approached me while he was talking to someone in the phone “here she is” he gave me his phone.

“Hello pepper, how are you?” he asked. “Oh I am sorry I was so busy, anyway we are wrapping up, see you!” I said hurriedly. “Are you not tired for the socials, it’s ok you can rest” he said. Crap! I forgot the socials “no I am not I’ll be there, see you!.”

I gave the phone to Daniel and hurriedly walked towards my belonging “I am sorry Kirky, I need to attend to my husband’s function tonight.” He motioned me to go, Daniel was waiting for me in the lobby “let’s go Brie, you’re already late, not good for a Commanding Officer’s wife.”

Daniel was with the driver in front of his limo, he told me to change inside while we are on our way. I changed into a simple off shoulder black dress and silver stiletto, I let my hair down with just a small diamond pin on the side. Daniel opened the door for me, he smiled when he saw me “you look like a princess Brie and here comes your prince charming.”

I turned to Mitch and hugged him, “I guess I need to go now, enjoy the night, thanks for the food” Daniel said and tapped Mitch’ shoulder before he went inside his limousine.

“You look stunning pepper” he said, I smiled at him “I am afraid the ladies will snatch you from me tonight” I said. He laughed and we both went inside with my hands in his arm.

I saw familiar faces of ladies, Claire approached me when Mitch was talking to one of the senior officers. I was tugged in their table with other ladies, they were all chatty. A gorgeous woman approached Mitch, I have a bad vibe on her as it seems that familiarity resonates between them. I turned to Claire, we both looked at the woman.

“She is the general’s daughter, Maj Jessica Langley, the ex-girlfriend” she grimaced when she mentioned the last word.

I sighed, it seems that someone will snatch my husband from me tonight. “Dear I saw you with Daniel Harris outside moments ago, is he your relative?” a middle-aged lady asked me. I smiled at her “he is a family friend” they all gushed and became excited.

“Ladies mind if I borrow my wife for a moment?” he smiled at them while they were all stuck to their seats with their dreamy eyes fixed on him.

He took my hand “ I wonder how you survive those years with them as your neighbors, they all wanted to eat you alive” I said in amusement. He laughed and said “ I plotted many ways to avoid them, but now that you are here, I feel safe.” I laughed with him, we both watch the presentations prepared for the night from enlisted personnel and junior officers.

Mitch accompanied me in the buffet table, he helped me choose the food which he thinks I would like. A woman in her fifties approached us “Mitchell darling, nice to see you here” she was overly affectionate towards him while she ignored me.

Mitch introduced us “nice to see you here too Madam, this is my wife Brianna, pepper this is my Commander’s wife Mrs. Rita Langley.” I gave her my sweetest smile “It’s a pleasure meeting you Ma’am.”

She nodded and looked at me from head to toe “oh oh! witch is in the area” I said to myself. “Jessie darling, I want you to meet Mitchell’s wife” she said to her daughter who approached us. “Hi I am Jessica” she said while she extended her hand to me. I took her hand and we made handshake “nice meeting you Maj Langley, I am Brianna” I smiled at her.

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