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Chapter 10

Toren’s POV

The next morning, after sleeping in late with my favorite person, we get showered up, dressed, and make our way to the store to pick up some gifts for the new parents who are arriving home from the hospital today.

We arrive at Ronan’s place in the afternoon, with boxes of diapers, wipes, formula, a basket full of baby clothes, and multiple bottles of wine for Maggie. I didn’t realize how much stuff such a little human actually needs. It’s seriously insane.

“Where’s my nephew!?” I ask eagerly as we walk through the door.

Maggie shushes me right away, “He just fell asleep.”

“Hey, love.” Scarlett says to Maggie, pulling her into a hug.

“Hey guys.” Ronan says from the kitchen, sounding a bit groggy.

“Rough night?” I ask, dropping the stuff on the counter.

“You have no idea.”

He runs a hand through his disheveled hair, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so exhausted.

“It can’t be that bad?”

“Dude. He eats and shits, eats and shits, sleeps, then eats and shits. It’s constant. My time isn’t my time anymore.” he whines over-dramatically.

“Oh shut-up, Ro. He’s wonderful. Just..well, in need of something every hour.” Maggie comments, making a pained face.

“Thank God for you, babe. She’s a natural. Seriously, you’re the best mommy ever.” Ronan coos as I groan.

They kiss as I look at Scarlett. She’s watching them with little hearts for eyes, clearly loving the little display of affection between the new parents.

“Get a room!” I call out, making them laugh while holding each other.

“No, but seriously, get a room. Now. Go to bed. Wesley is sleeping and you guys clearly need rest. We’re here now, so if he wakes up, we’ve got it covered, at least for a little bit.” Scarlett adds.

I can’t believe what I’m hearing. She’s stepping up and actively offering to take care of a newborn? I fucking love it.

“Yeah, go to bed.” I agree, shooing them out of the kitchen.

“Alright, but don’t screw around on the couch and forget about my boy.” Ronan lectures.

“Tell your brother to keep it in his pants!” Scarlett adds.

“Oh my god, what am I to you guys, some sort of nerd-turn-sex-fein?!”

They all collectively look at each other then answer. “Yeah.”

I scowl and point to Scarlett, grumbling. “It’s her fault, looking all hot and shit.”

They finally head to the other end of the house to rest in the bedroom as Scarlett takes the baby monitor, setting it on the kitchen counter. She begins throwing away food wrappers from the fast food Maggie and Ronan must’ve eaten last night.

She continues cleaning the entire kitchen and living room for them, putting away random articles of clothing, washing dishes, and wiping counters, while I remove the hangers from the clothes we bought and fold everything into piles.

“These are the tiniest little slacks I’ve ever seen.”

“Ridiculously cute.” she smiles, coming to join me on the floor.

We sit together cross legged, checking out our purchases again with giddy delight.

“It’s insane how in one day, everything changes. Their entire world now revolves around Wesley when only yesterday, they didn’t even know him.” I comment, baffled by the idea.

She stares at the clothes, a little smile forming at the corner of her lip, her eyes focused on one of the items as she’s clearly thinking of something. She makes an unreadable expression as I study her face.

“What? What is it?”


She looks puzzled, confused almost. As if what she’s about to ask might sound ridiculous.

“Tell me.”

With a sigh she twists her mouth. “How do people become naturals?”

I cock my head to the side in question.

“I mean, Ronan said Maggie was a natural. How does that happen? How do you know what to do with this little thing once they send you away from the hospital? There’s no instruction manual. I just...don’t get it.”

I smile lightly, watching her while I think to myself. Her curiosity for the matter excites me. She’s thinking about if she was in this position, with me. My heart feels like it’s about to explode at the idea.

“I think there’s some trial and error, and learning and growing with your partner to figure it all out together.”

“I guess...I don’t know. It seems so overwhelming.” she huffs adorably.

The sound of Wesley making tiny little cries comes through the baby monitor as we snap our heads to it, then each other.

“Shit. I was hoping he’d sleep longer.” Scarlett says in a panic, her eyes wide and her mouth slightly parted.

“It’s alright, I’ll go get him.”

She lets out an audible sigh of relief making me chuckle lightly. I make my way into his room, peeking in on the little bundle wrapped so tightly in a blanket. He looks like one of those pigs in a blanket, wrapped so sweetly.

“Hey buddy.” I whisper, picking him up gently.

His crying stalls for a moment as his tiny eyelids open slightly, taking a look at this new person holding him. He’s so tiny and light. I feel like I could break him so easily. Putting him in the crook of my arm, I begin bouncing him lightly while talking to him.

“Wesley, my are so lucky. You have the best parents and the hottest aunt. She’s literally insanely attractive, like boneable.” I talk to him, knowing the baby monitor is on and hoping Scarlett is listening. “When I first saw your Auntie Scar, I knew she was gonna be mine. I thought my magic worked on her instantly, but she played me. She played me, Wes, can you believe it?! Me!?

He coos lightly, clearly not crying anymore, so I continue.

“I thought I had charmed her with my wits and my money, but she didn’t want any of it. She did things to my mind you never want a woman to do. She possessed me, mind, body, and soul. I couldn’t even get my dick hard without her because she plagued my mind. She still does. I can’t get enough of her. One day, you’ll find someone special who makes you feel like the world didn’t spin until you met them, that you were living a stagnant, colorless life before them. And once you find them, nothing is ever the same. It’s the most amaz-”

I’m interrupted by a throat being cleared.

Scarlett is leaning against the door frame with the baby monitor in one hand, a bottle in the other, and a blushing grin on her face.

“Oh...oh, I didn’t know you could hear all that.” I act dumbfounded, but the smile creeps it’s way out.

“Nice try, playboy.”

She walks into the room, peeking in on Wesley in the blanket, then looks up at me with a smile. Biting her bottom lip, she smiles, then pulls me down for a kiss.

“You’re amazing.”

“I know.” I agree smugly, “A natural, you could say.”

She shakes her head at me, rolling her eyes, handing me the tiny warmed bottle.

“Nope,” I say, not taking it, “Come, sit down.”

I make her sit down in the rocking chair in the room. Her breath increases and I can tell she’s hesitant to hold him. I gently lay him in the crook of her arm, showing her where his head goes and how to support it.

I’ve never done this before, but somehow, it makes sense to me. Scarlett swallows nervously, so I do everything I can to make it seem like I’ve been doing this for years.

She stiffens and sucks in a breath as I place him into her embrace. She pauses, looking into his little eyes, and her stiffness fades. She smiles, then draws her eyebrows together as the emotion takes over. Licking her lips, she chuckles lightly, then stares at him in wonder.

“I’m holding a baby.” she whispers.

I take in the sight before me, almost feeling dizzy with a drunken love. It feels as though someone is squeezing my heart inside of my chest with a tightness that’s almost painful. This is a beautiful image. Wesley softens the hardness of her she’s trying to keep together. There is no possibility of a wall between them. The raw emotion of it all makes me fall so hard. Fall even more in love with this woman than I ever thought possible.

But, she’s leaving in a week. The trip to Italy will take her away from me to boost her career to a point of no return. She’s there. She’s at the verge of taking her talents and truly being known for them. I couldn’t be more excited for her. It’s everything she’s ever wanted in life and it’s right there, right at her fingertips.

The images I have in my head of her with our baby in her arms is an idea I need to shelf. For now anyways. With Wesley came a ridiculous surge of emotion I need to reign in.

“Toren...” she whispers in disbelief, smiling at him.

“You’re doing it.” I smile as she offers him the bottle and begins feeding him.

“I’m doing it.” she squeals silently.

“This is too much for me.” I accidentally say aloud.

She bites her bottom lip, looking up at me through her lashes. “This is just enough.”

She’s lucky I don’t put Wesley back in his crib, bend her over that damn changing table and shoot a few babies up in her real quick. All this testosterone flowing through me wants to impregnate this woman, especially seeing her with him. If I had breasts I’d probably start leaking milk right about now.

He falls asleep in her arms after drinking his bottle and she stays put, too afraid to wake him if she moves.

“You’re the hottest Uncle.”

She’s silently watching me fold baby clothes and put them into his drawers. “You’re the hottest uncle I’ve ever seen. Why does watching you fold tiny clothes make me want to lick your penis?”

“Moe!” I scold. “You said penis while holding a baby.”

“Oh please, you told him you couldn’t get your dick hard a minute ago.”


“I bet I could get that dick hard.” She wiggles her eyebrows at me, then gleams at me with a naughtly look in her eye.

“Scar...don’t play around, you’ll end up getting fucked in a baby room.”

“Ha! You wouldn’t.”

She laughs out loud, then sucks in a breath, biting her lip and looking at me with a worried expression for being too loud.

Slowly standing with him, she walks closer to the crib and gently places him back down on the flat surface. She couldn’t go any slower. She’s literally moving at glacial speed.

After successfully putting him down, we make our way back out to the living room and plop down on the oversized couch.

Ronan and Maggie are still passed out so we put on a movie and lay back for a bit.

“I don’t know what they’re talking about, this is easy.”

Scarlett turns her head up at me from my chest, with narrowed eyes. “You gotta be kidding me.”

“Can I ask you something?”

She separates from me, looking straight at me now from my lap.

“Do you think I’d make a good dad someday?”

“Tor...” she begins with an empathetic look on her face.

“I know I have work to do, to make myself a better man, get over the childish shit and whatnot, but I’m trying.”

She gets up off the couch, straddling my lap, and holds my face between her soft palms. “You would make the best dad yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that. You are the best man any woman could dream to be with, any mother would wish for a son, any child would want as a father. You are everything and you’ve been everything since the day you came into this world.”

My brows knit together and my jaw tightens to hold back my emotion as she places her forehead against mine. What did I do to deserve this kind of love?

She’s perfect for me, undoubtedly so.

“I want this...for us.” I comment, looking towards Wesley’s room.

“I know.”

Her lips are centimeters away from mine, so I close the distance between us. I wrap my arms around her lower back, pulling her into me while my tongue sweeps between her soft lips, gently touching hers.

I can not contain my need for her, emotionally, physically, mentally. I can’t ever seem to get enough of her in my veins, throughout my being. I want to live inside her heart, breath inside her soul.

But, I have unfinished business I need to handle first and Scarlett leaving town next week for her art exhibit is the perfect time to do just that.

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