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Chapter 11

Scarlett’s POV

A week has passed and I’ve fallen in love with a new man.

A man who makes me feel unlike I’ve ever felt before. Alive in a new sense of the word.

His name is Wesley and he’s a little short for me, but we make it work.

“This is going to be impossibly hard leaving you right now, in the midst of new baby bliss.” I tell Maggie, finally handing Wesley back over to her for the night.

Toren and I watched him for a few hours so the new parents could unwind and go to a movie. It’s unfortunate they didn’t see any of it because according to Ronan, they passed out as soon as the previews started.

I can’t get enough of Wesley. After Toren made me hold him, something I was terrified to attempt, I feel like we’ve kind of figured each other out. He’s the sweetest little thing, and babysitting him with Toren has become a new obsession.

“Enjoy yourself! I’m beyond excited for you. This is your time. Use it, enjoy it, and for once in your life, let go!” Maggie shakes my upper arms in a tight embrace as she talks excitedly.

“I’ll be with Adrien, someone needs to be the parent. You know he bought a double headed dildo just in case inspiration strikes? His words.”

“Sweet Jesus.” she whispers, a worried look overtaking her face.

“We can only hope Jesus intervenes.”

After we part ways, Toren and I head back to the penthouse so I can finish packing for the evening.

“I can’t believe it’s already tomorrow. I feel so unprepared.”

“Lucky for you, your best friend is also your personal stylist. Seems most of this is organized and ready to go.” Toren looks over the suitcases, zipping one of them up for me.

He stands, stalking towards me as I sit on the bed, palms planted back behind me. I know that look in his eyes. It’s a dangerous one. A look that lights up my insides, sends my hormones soaring with lust, and need.

“You sure you don’t wanna slip in one of those bags? Come along with us?” I ask, a hopeful gleam in my eye.

He walks between my legs, spreading my thighs with his broad stance. Placing two fingers beneath my chin, he tips my head up, facing his perfectly chiseled face, his strong jaw and those kissable lips.

“Don’t tempt me.”

“Who’s going to help zip me up from the back as I slip into my gown?” I bat my lashes.

“Adrien.” he answers quickly.

“Who’s going to hold my hand as I step out of the limo at the event?”


“Who’s going to keep me warm during those cold, Italian nights, when I’m all alone in my king-sized bed?”

“Unfortunately it better be fucking Adrien.” He growls.

I chuckle, then my face turns serious. “I’m going to miss these arms, wrapped around me as I sleep. I’ve grown so used to...this.” I say, looking around the room, then back into his blue as an ocean eyes.

“It’s only three nights.” he says blandly.

I gasp dramatically. “Toren!? Are you suggesting you won’t miss me? What are you going to be doing in your lair whilst your lady explores the world?”

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be busy.”

I don’t like his tone or his shortness with me. I know it’s only a few days, it’s really not a huge deal, but I’m being playful and I just wish he’d pretend to miss me. Jesus.

“You’ll be busy?” I scoff, turning my head from him. “Ok, Tor.”

He turns my head back towards him. “You’re mad at me.”It’s more of a statement than a question.

“Nope.” I pop the “p”.

He pushes me back down against the bed by my shoulders, still standing tall above me. “I think I like you a little mad.”

His grin turns mischievous as he swiftly removes his shirt with one hand, tossing his hair in the sexiest way, but I’m not in the mood. Nope. I’m grumpy now.

He grabs for the button to my pants, popping it open while eyeing me. I cross my arms over my chest, not giving in to his temptations.

Pulling my zipper apart and sliding my pants off my legs, I lie there like a crash test dummy, leaving all my weight in my legs, making this as difficult as possible.

Damn him and his strength.

Before I know it, I’m naked from the waist down.

He bends onto his knees at the edge of the bed, wrappings those large hands around my thighs, settling himself between my legs. I look to the ceiling and purse my lips, still pulling off this “I’m upset with you” routine.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asks, the rhetorical question driving me mad.

Of course I don’t want you to stop, dammit, we’re here! But, I’m annoyed with you. Meh!

He lightly blows air on my inner thigh, squeezing and massaging my thighs in his strong hands as I writhe beneath him.

I feel myself getting wet. His mouth. His beautiful, perfect mouth, and those delectable lips that were designed to please me, just inches from bringing me the pleasure I know all too well. Teasing me, toying with me, driving me to the brink of insanity. Fuck me.

He pauses, stilling in his movements. I pop up onto my elbows, looking down at him with questionable glare. He cocks his brow giving me a cocky smirk. “I’ll take that as a no.”

As soon as he says the words, his long, flat tongue trails my wet center. I fall back unto the bed arching into the amazing sensation.

He’s kissing me so passionately. Licking and lapping my folds, sucking where he needs to suck. He knows exactly how I like it, what it takes to get me to the edge. It feels phenomenal but I can’t let him know that. I enjoy it without showing him I’m enjoying it.

Looking back up at me with a smirk, he licks his wet lips. “Oh you don’t like that, huh?”

He’s cued into my quiet game of “you piss me off, I don’t make noises” and the challenge is his to win. With a sexy determination in his eyes, his head disappears into my legs again as he finds my sweet spot.

The feeling of his five o’clock shadow between my thighs with the soft wetness of his agile tongue is enough to have me open mouth breathing.

He gently sucks my clit, applying a little more pressure and I cave to the pleasure. I moan out a raspy, breathy tone, then slap my hand over my mouth to suppress the sound.

His head snaps up, a dangerous look in his playful eyes. “I win.”

I grab the top of his overgrown blonde hair, running my fingers through it, then pull him down to continue what he started.

With a light chuckle he continues until he has me screaming out into the dimly lit bedroom, coming undone by his tongue alone.

He looks up at my sexually energized body, my chest rising and falling as I catch my breath, his eyes completely dilated with a new type of need pumping through his veins. I know exactly what watching me come does to him.

As he begins to climb on top of me, I sneak out from under him, crawling up the bed and under the blankets. I wrap myself up and roll over to the side. He’s confused, watching me without moving. I peek my head out from behind the blanket. “I always win.”

With a little wink and a cocky grin, I leave him high and dry.

“Oh, you wanna play dirty now, huh?” He tips his head to the side, crawling up the white bedspread, his forearms flexing, his broad shoulders rolling, like a lion zoning in on his prey.

I squeal, giggling as I disappear under the sheets as he claws his way to me through the soft material.

Our playful interaction turns serious when he lays himself across me. The heavy weight of his warmed body does things to me. Naughty things. Things that a battery operated toy could never supplement. You can play with yourself all you want but it’ll never compare to feeling the weight of a man on you, especially this one. He strips himself of the rest of his clothing, assisting in removing mine as well before kissing my body everywhere it needs.

He kisses me like the taste almost isn’t enough, it’s powerful, passionate, it brings me to life. Totally wound up again, I feel his hardness against my leg.

“, please.” I find myself begging.

He licks his succulent lips again, studying my eyes and getting more aroused by my physical response to him alone. He loves when I give in to the sensations, the desires, the passion, and right now, I’m giving myself to him completely.

His dilated eyes find mine and he parts his mouth, closing those eyes for only a moment to enter me. His pained expression turns to pleasure as he pushes the head of his cock into my wet folds, our eyes connected the entire time.

“There’s nothing better than feeling you raw.” He groans, dropping his head, stilling inside me once he’s pushed himself full tilt.

“You’re so tight around me.” He pulls back out. “We were made to fit like this.”

I moan as he pushes back into me, harder this time, his words getting me more excited by the second with the strained use of his erotic voice.

He picks up speed, bending forward to capture my erect nipple into his mouth. He sucks then drags his teeth, causing me to arch into the sensation, never seeming to get enough. I feel another orgasm building. It amazes me how he can get my body to respond to his again so quickly after recovering from the first one, but the feeling of his rigid cock sliding in and out of my juices, the noises that escape his mouth, the feeling of his hands scouring my body, grasping, massaging, clutching all is more than I can take.

“Oh, fuck Scar. Roll over.” His words are breathless and I know he’s close but doesn’t want to give in just yet. It feels too amazing.

He helps me roll over beneath him, pulling me up onto my knees, my forearms on the bed. I’m spread open for him, my ass popped up in the air, the aching need for him to fill my emptiness.

“Jesus.” I hear him say as his hands explore my curves, running up along the back of my thighs, running a palm down the curve of my back, then grabbing at the weight right below my hips.

Using a hand to guide him back into me, I feel him slowly fill me, this angle making him feel even bigger than before.

I release a little moan from my parted lips, dropping my head to my hands as I stretch around him.

“Does this hurt?” he asks, concerned.

I release a breath, adjusting to him. “No, keep going.”

He keeps his movements slow at first, gliding in and out of me, the repetitive motion becoming unbearable for him. He begins testing what he can get away with, speeding up his thrusts, his grunts, animalistic.

Driving deep into me, he wraps an arm around my waist, pulling me upright so I’m effectively sitting in his lap now. He continues his thrusts, my thighs spread as he fills me over and over again. He reaches around, his middle finger finding my clit. He rubs in soft circles while using his other hand to roll my nipple between his fingers.

I’m helpless in this position, only able to fall apart to his demands. His lips find my earlobe and he sucks then sticks his tongue into my ear. It’s all I can take. I begin to orgasm around him, the pleasure aching through the base of my spine, out throughout my limbs. I scream his name, moaning loudly as my walls clutch onto him, convulsing at the overwhelming sensation.

“Oh yeah. Come for me Scar.” he groans.

I feel him thicken inside me, engorged until the point of his own release shortly after me.

We fall onto our sides on the bed, me rolling over to face him. His eyes are half lidded and his chest is rising and falling. His lips are parted before he licks the top one, then pulls me into a kiss. His tongue demands mine, rolling across it, sucking it, licking with enticing perfection, until he separates.

He stares at me as a solemn face takes over his expression, his brows knitting together. “I’m going to miss the fuck out of you.”

A smile breaks across at my face at his final admission. I rub my nose against his playfully, sensing what he’s been feeling but pretending not to. He was trying to be tough for himself.

“This is going to be the worst three days of my life.” he adds, cupping my cheek with his palm, rubbing his thumbs across my bottom lip, studying it.

I smile slightly at the confession, feeling sad for leaving my poor, sweet man lonely without me.

He needs me like I need him. Completely, unreservedly, unconditionally. I couldn’t feel more fulfilled, mind, body, heart, and soul. When I get back, it’s time I fully open up to him, it’s time for us to have our chance.

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