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Chapter 12

Scarlett's POV

“So this is like, really happening?” I say aloud, my bag slung across my shoulder, the other one being rolled behind me on the tarmac.

“Um, sweetheart? It’s happening! Bitch! This is my life! I’ve been deserving this shit!” Adrien squeals out as he confidently struts his stuff over to the private jet, clicking his heels with his purse in hand, trying to hold down his ruffled skirt as the wind blows it up.

Toren hooked it up alright- private jet with a suite at the Hotel Danieli with a view. He had everything worked out before we could even begin doing our google searches. It was clear he was making sure we were extra safe, secure, and protected.

“So I guess this is a bad time to tell you I hate flying, huh?” I turn and face Toren who’s holding three other bags of mine and Adrien’s.

Shoes. Never enough shoes.

“Babe, don’t do that to me.” he says with a stressed face, dropping the bags, pausing where he was walking.

Does he have to carry our luggage? No, but he wants to. Even more reasons for me to love him.

I turn to him, dropping my bags and run towards him, jumping up into his arms. He catches me, instantly cupping my behind with one hand and wrapping his other arm tightly around my back.

I smile lightly, attempting to be playful by rubbing my nose against his, enjoying the fact that he makes me feel so weightless in his muscular arms.

“I’ll be fine. My melatonin pills will help. It’s really okay. You’ve done so much.” I say, trying to comfort him and thank him in the same breath.

“It’s just, I’m already worried enough. I thought this would be a great idea for you two, but now that you’re leaving me, I just don’t know if I can take this. I need to be near you. You’re my heart.”

His forehead falls on mine as he sadly looks down. I tip his chin up with my free hand, the other wrapped around his neck, holding me up.

“I’ll see you in a few days. We’ll talk every morning, every night, facetime.” I explain, feeling the weight of this departure just as deeply as him.

He sighs, and nods against me, knowing our plans for communication we discussed earlier. I press my lips to his as a little tear runs from my eye. He squeezes me to him, then gently sets me down, our lips never separating. His tongue brushes against my upper lip and I open up to his kiss.

This feeling, so life changing, so unexplainable, so unbelievable. Everything he does to me, lights me up like never before. Any time I wonder if it could fade, I get hit with the phenomenal sensation of it, all over again.

I didn’t realize how much I needed him to survive, too. If I’m his heart, he’s my air and I can’t breathe without him.

“Promise you’ll be safe. Promise you’ll take care of the most important thing to me.” he declares, staring deeply into my eyes, his breath becoming a little ragged.

“I promise.” I say, “You, are my everything.”

“You are mine.” he whispers against my lips before placing those lips on mine again.

I finally part from him, his puppy dog eyes watching me as I walk up the stairs to the jet. I blow one final kiss to my handsome man, studying the way his hair blows in the wind, the light grin on his face, the noticeable change in his breathing. I can almost feel his chest constricting, I can almost hear his heart aching.

It’s only three days.

I need to remind myself because being away from him for even just a night seems like too much.

Boarding the private jet, I am reminded of how powerful my boyfriend really is. This jet is phenomenal. From the oak lined interior to the white leather seats, this private jet screams luxury. Adrien, in true form, is living his best life already.

He’s spread out, laying back on one of the chaise lounge chairs with his legs crossed at the ankle, receiving a drink from the attendant serving us.

“Yes, dear, thank you, she’ll have the same.” I overhear him tell the woman.

She’s probably in her forties with her brown hair tied up into a perfect bun, her crisp blue outfit meticulously ironed. She smiles kindly at me, introduces herself as Darcy and tells me to have a seat.

I wonder to myself if she’s been working with the Hollingsworth family for years. Lord knows his father probably took this same jet overseas for his work. The staff they seem to employ tends to stay with them for years which is an amazing sign and a true testament to their family.

Shit, who am I kidding, they probably make hella money working for them.

“I swear, you need to get on my level, bitch. I’m here and I’m queer!”

“Adrien, shut the fuck up, don’t get used to this lifestyle. This ain’t you.” I retort with a sly grin, joking around with my boujee bestie.

He gasps, setting down his martini. “Who the hell you talkin’ to? This is me to a T! Ima get used to this, I’ve been deserving this shit. I put the ground work in, I’ve paid my dues. You ain’t gon see me getting Dave and Buster’s no more!”

I laugh, reminded of the disaster that was him and Marcus.

We get ready for takeoff, sipping our cocktails in style, while they refuel the jet. I send a quick text to Toren.

Scar: I’m not even in the air and I miss you already. This jet is amazing btw, I forgot how rich you are, big daddy dollas. $$$

He sends a response a few seconds later.

THORen: God, I miss you. I’m the wealthiest man in the world because you’re on my arm. Please be safe and tell Adrien to shut up for me. I’m sure he’s said something stupid already. Message me as soon as you land. Love you to pieces baby.

Ugh! I’ve never wanted to not do something more in my life. All I want is to drive back to our place together and make out until our tongues fall off. Never in a million years did I think I’d be here in this position, thinking of one man the way that I do. I’m a goner.

“So, Adrien, tell me what the hell is going on with you and your love life lately. You’re getting a little messy.” I turn slightly, facing him, ready to dive into this on our way across the pond.

“Please...I’m just going through a dry spell.”

“Dry spell!? You were just bent over in front of a damn Congressman! Dry spell my ass!” I laugh.

“That was crazy though, right? Who would’ve thought him and Sawah!? The audacity.” Adrien makes a disgusted face.

“Yeah, memory lane came and bit us in the ass, eh?”

“Where the hell was T during that escapade? He would’ve loved that little debacle.”

I shake my head and blow out a big puff of air. “He was in the hall. With Rachel.”

Adrien studies me for a minute then licks his lips. “Hmm...and this upset you, him in a hallway with Rachel?”

“Clearly! Dude, she’s hot. Like the kind of hot that he’s meant for. They look like a fucking magazine cover when they’re together.” I pause remembering the image of them. “They are both gorgeous and I’m just...well I’m just, me.”

“Ew, stop that. Insecurity looks gross on you.” he snaps. “Not my friend. Nope! But, honestly, what do you think could’ve happened during a short conversation in a hallway. Why are you so worried?”

I sit on that for a moment. Why am I so worried? I trust him, don’t I?

“I don’t know...I guess, after seeing the way she was looking at him, the fact that they have some sort of history, and just knowing his past...I guess- I sometimes I just wonder if I’m enough for him. He can get anyone. He used to. Often.”

Adrien listens intently, seeing the concern in my face.

“Hunny, that man loves you. I can’t imagine he’d ever jeopardize that. But, truthfully, I understand why you’d feel that way. It can’t be easy knowing your boyfriend was literally the most sought after bachelor in New York and used the sling that sausage around, dipping into hotdog water tubs all across the city.”

“Ugh. That’s disgusting Adrien.” I wrinkle my nose.

It can be hard knowing who he used to me. Shit, it can’t be easy for him to know who I used to be. Understandably, I know he’s changed. He loves me, he’s proven it time and time again and he definitely has all of me. I just need to stop the insecurities I have and trust that we can make it. Trust that I’ll be enough.

“Wait, how did that get turned back to me?! I’m trying to talk about your love life! This was supposed to be about you. Now, what I really want to know is what’s going to happen with you and Adam?” I flash my brows at him flirtatiously.

“Ima stop you right there. Nothing. Nada. Zip. The story of Adam and I is nonexistent and will forever be.” he concludes.

I purse my lips, looking at him questionably, doubtful of the finality of this conversation.

“Why are you so against this? I never say this to you, so you know it’s real, but honestly, I feel like there really could be something there.”

He blinks dramatically. “Yeah, no.”

“Adrien, stop! Let’s be real here. This jet is a safe zone, okay? When are you gonna quit the game?”

“Um, when dementia hits?”

“C’mon, you can’t keep this up forever. Don’t you want someone to come home to? Don’t you want consistency? Nights get lonely sometimes. I mean, don’t you at least find him attractive, like even a little bit?”

He looks out the window sighing, then back to me. “No.”

“You’re lying! Your right eyebrow always twitches when you lie, oh my god!” I laugh.

“Okay, confession, I used to find him attractive, like way back in the day, when we first started interning together, but then his personality came through and it was over with.”

I eye him suspiciously. “You don’t wanna let go.”

He contorts his face, glaring over at me, uncrossing his legs and sitting upright.

“You don’t wanna let go! Adrien if you’ve learned anything this year, it’s that letting go and opening your heart can be the most freeing and most liberating experience. Trust me, I know. Look at me now.”

“Why do you like Adam? Like honestly? Why this new budding friendship with my archnemesis?” He asks.

“Well, for one, he’s genuine. It’s not everyday you find a genuinely kind, attractive, intelligent individual. Especially not one that has a thing for you.”

“Oh please, Adam does not have a thing for me. He literally just loves to toy with me, mock me, embarrass me.”

“That’s a damn lie. He flirts with you. ALL. THE. TIME. I don’t know how you don’t see that. Everyone around you does.”

“He’s not flirting with me! He tried to embarrass me in front of people who actually respect me.”

“For one, I don’t respect you, so no, that’s fake news.” I joke as he rolls his eyes. “But also, keep it real, have you ever imagined sex with Adam?”

I wait, mentally drumming my fingers together, awaiting the answer I so desperately ache to hear.

“Ugh, I mean, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.” he groans, looking out of the tiny window to his right.

My eyes light up with excitement. “I knew it! I knew it!”

“Cool your tits woman, it ain’t happening. And anyways, forget about this crap! We’re going to Italy, and my connects are beyond excited to see me again. Adam who?” He touches his chin to his shoulder, flashing me a flirtatious smile while batting his lashes.

“Oh god, do you have a Tinder date lined up already? Did someone swipe up on your crusty ass?”

“It’s left ho, and no...these are old friends. Old friends who are exquisite and excited to meet you. Old friends from the fashion scene. I have some things planned for us.” He grins devilishly.

“Oh Lord...” I moan.

“Get ready gorgeous, we are about to embark on a psychedelic voyage to the future and beyond.” he grins that same dark, devilish grin, shimmying his shoulders, and I know I’m in trouble.

“Calgon take me away.” I groan, throwing my hands up into the air as the plane begins to take off.

This is about to get interesting.

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