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Chapter 15

Toren’s POV

I’ve been sitting here, holding my flaccid dick in the shower for well over an hour.

I can’t masterbate. Thor is disappointed in the quality of my calloused hands. He wants hers. He won’t bring me pleasure unless Scarlett’s soft hands, mouth, or delicious lady parts are wrapped around him.

Fucking traitor.

I reluctantly get out, missing my baby more than ever. I want to give her her time, let her really embrace this trip and the company with her, but as every minute passes I just hate Adrien more and more.

Okay, I don’t hate the twiggy gazelle wrapped in weave, I’m jealous of him.

I imagine myself with her there, after enjoying a delicious dinner with a bit of a buzz from the wine I splurged on, waiting for the sun to set on the water so I can take her out to the balcony, have her sit on my lap and fuck her until I’m depleted of all life.

“Fuck!” I curse beneath my breath, punching the wall, then cursing again because dammit, that hurt.

I miss her.

I reread our last text messages like a fucking Tyler wannabe, sucking up all of her presence I can before I hear the man himself knocking at my door.

“One sec!” I yell out, jumping into some gym shorts.

Still wiping my wet hair with a towel, I open the door.

“Jesus, Tor, do you own any clothes? Or is this what I think it is?” Tyler looks me up and down with his arms crossed and an uneven smile. “You’re seducing me, aren’t you?”

“Shut up prick, get in here.”

“Oh! I see how it is...” Tyler begins, making his way into the penthouse, looking around suspiciously. “Your girl leaves you for an international tour, your new gay best fried tagging along, your brother is busy with the baby, and now....only now do you want to call your old friend Tyler to come hang.”

“Not true, we just went to lunch and jujitsu last week.” I retort, leaning against the kitchen island. “I ordered pizzas by the way.”

“Well, when I called you three days ago for an emergency, you blew me off!”

I think back on three days ago, when I was getting head from Scarlett and saw Tyler’s name pop up on my cell. Rubbing the back of my neck while grinning uncontrollably, I hiss. “Ahh...I was preoccupied.”

“See! What happened to homies before blowmes!?”

“You mean balls before dolls?” I quickly catch on.

“Sports before genital warts!” he yells.

“Male erection before One Direction!” I throw a fist in the air, still looking at the ipad.

“Beef stew before watching the View!” He finishes, throwing himself on the couch like a whale jumping out of the water.

“Fuck, I love that movie.” I interrupt the Neighbors quotes, “We should watch it again. Bro night. Can’t bring Adrien, he’d drool all over my furniture to some Zach Efron.” I add.

“Facts.” Tyler says pointing to me from the couch.

“Alright, but on a serious note...I’m sorry man, truly, I am. I should’ve called you back sooner.” I apologize, then settling into a straight face. “Tell me what happened. What was your emergency?”

“It’s all your fault.”

Tyler’s happy, playful demeanor changes into a deep scowl.

“Wait what? My fault? How?” I ask, checking the arrival time for our pizzas on my ipad.

“Yes. You told me to move on. Try new things, fuck new women, get over Viv...”

“I’m not sure I said this...” I comment, worried where this is going, then I think of my old ways. “Well, then again...”

“Well anyways, I met up with this chick I met on Black People Meet.”

“Black People Meet?! Tyler, I hate to break it to you, but you’re white, man. Like translucent.”

“Well, it was by accident. I was helping a friend from work with his profile, setting it up and in the process, found this woman’s profile on there.”

“This is about to get weird as fuck, isn’t it?” I sit down on the couch beside him.

“So I quickly jot down her information, then emailed her, pretending to be a tax collector from the IRS.”

“Oh, Christ. Why? Just why?”

“Because the other story was too suspect. But, that wasn’t the craziest part.” He sits up straight, turning to face me head on.

I shake my head, pinching the bridge of my nose as he continues.

“So I get her address, and tell her we need to meet to discuss a tax exemption that may help her in reducing the amount she owes...if ya get my drift.”

“Your penis being the exemption, got it.” I chime back.

“She sounded so into it, like she was picking up what I was laying down and was willing to play along and ‘pay up’ to the big, bad, tax man.”

“This. Cannot. Be. Real.” I groan, running my hands down my face.

“So I come over there, in my high waisted khaki pants with my flannel shirt tucked into it, pocket protector in the pocket with a stack of papers and a calculator in hand.”

“Oh! My god...” I continue groaning in pain.

“She lets me in as we begin crunching numbers at the kitchen table. Mind you, she’s even better looking in person than the pics. I actually thought this might go somewhere, maybe she’s the one to get me over Viv once and for all.”

“I hate to even say this...but continue.” I wave my hand at him, still hanging my head in disbelief.

“Well one thing led to another and we end up in the bedroom.”

“Damn, that quick!?” My head snaps up. “Okay tax man!” I raise my hand so he can five it.

“So I gave her the ’ol, suck this dick and I’ll erase your credit history, and she began doing just that.”

My face contorts as I listen to him animatedly tell the story.

“And she’s sucking, and sucking good, like her life depends on this tax break, so I keep throwing lines out, which seemed to get her even more excited because she kept saying “Now! Do it now!“, like she was ready for this sadly large load. Mind you, this is the first head I’ve gotten since Viv, it was one hell of an experience.”

“God, it hurts.” I groan again, talking to myself just listening to this horrifying tale.

“Then, just as I feel my balls tighten up, ready to release years worth of semen down this woman’s throat, the bedroom door swings open as a young boy, probably seven years old, takes a quick photo of me. My cock is in her mouth, I’ve got my hand on her head, in my handmade IRS uniform.”

“A kid!? Aww hell no?! Why!?”

“The woman pulls back, bends down under the bed and grabs a shotgun and chases me out of the house with it, screaming, I got you now, Pocket Protector!”

“No.” I gasp.

“I was set up Tor! Had her son take part! I barely escaped, and now, I may be a wanted man for falsely impersonating a federal employee of the United States of America! I’m about to be somebody’s bitch in prison!”

“You actually made an IRS outfit?” I ask, still caught on that little detail.

“Stitched the initials myself.” he smiles proudly, then his face drops again. “What the hell am I going to do!?”

“ sounds like a great time to leave the country.” I smirk. “Which is why you’re here.”

Our pizza arrives from the doorman as we talk about the plans I have in motion. We chat, watch some basketball, catch up on guy time, all while I continuously check the clock, waiting for my call from Scar.

I’m six hours behind her so as it approaches 10:30 p.m. there, it’s still only 4:30 p.m. here. We planned our call for 5:00 p.m. I assumed her dinner with Sergio wouldn’t last all night. She told me her and Adrien were invited to an intimate dinner with him and his friends tonight. Immediately the word intimate threw me off.

I’m a fairly confident guy. I’d like to think I’m slinging hammer alright. That I keep my body in shape and for the most part am well groomed, keep clean, wear deodorant, all that. But this is Sergio we’re talking about. The guy’s like an Italian God. I hate to think that he invited her to dinner with an ulterior motive. I also hate to think she’d bite whatever worm he was trying to fish with.

But, this is also Scarlett we’re talking about. She eats pricks like him for breakfast. I remember when we first met, how awful she was to me, so rude. She got off on tearing me down. She kicked me to the curb like the asshole I was, and little did I know, I needed it. I loved every minute of that torture. Who would’ve thought we’d be here now.

I kick Tyler out with the rest of our pizza with a few minutes to spare, firing up my laptop as I sit back against the headboard in our bedroom. The vacant space next to me feels so cold. I can’t wait to see her smile again.

Before I know it, the call comes through. In a flash her adorable face fills my screen and I suck in a huge relieving breath of air. Crazy how it feels like it’s the first time I’ve taken a breath since she left. A warmness encapsulates me.

“Baby...” I grin my big toothy grin.I probably look so stupid, but I’m just so excited right now.

“Tor!” she whines in a cute tone, “Oh, I’ve missed you.”

She’s in her bed too, wearing what looks like my shirt.

“Is that...? Is that my button up!?”

She bites her bottom lip, holding the cuffs of the ice blue button-up shirt near her smile, breathing it in.

“It is. I stole it before we flew out, still smells like you.” She hugs it to herself.

“Well it looks much better on you. You look tan lil’ mama. You’ve been getting sun.”

Her eyebrows shoot up humorously, showcasing her bare legs under my shirt, looking tanned and oiled. Ohhmygawwd.

“You’re naked under that shirt.” I swallow, staring intently.

She places the laptop on her bed, opening her legs, resting her elbow on her knee, tilting her head with a sexy grin while her curled hair falls to the side.

My jaw drops as I sit up on the bed, grabbing the laptop screen with two hands, gazing across the vacant room as if there was a possibility of someone seeing this.

“Jesus, woman, is this…? Is this happening? Are we going to do this?” I question, the drool practically hitting the keyboard beneath me, as I adjust my shorts which are becoming oddly snug.

“I mean, if you want to?” she says with a bashful grin, “I’ve never done this before.”

Thinking to myself for a moment, I shake my head. “Me either.”

She bites her bottom lip and pushes the laptop a little further out so I can see her full form sitting back against the headboard, spread open for me.

“Well sir...” She trails her hand from her neck down to the glowing skin between her breasts, “...tell me what to do.”

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