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Chapter 16

Scarlett's POV

“Tell me, Tor, what do you want me to do?” I whisper with a devilish grin, trying to entice him through this screen.

I don’t think the man’s eyes could be more dilated at the moment. He’s practically drooling on his computer. I love his fascination with watching me. My little voyeur.

“Oh Scar, show me something.”

I lick my lips slowly, toying with the collar of the shirt, pulling it open to expose one of my breasts to the camera.

“Like this?”

“Oh God.” he groans in his raspy tone.

I miss his sounds, his noises, the fact that he’s so sexy when he’s not even trying to be.

I giggle and pull the shirt closed again.

“No, no, no!” He begs for me to open up again. “C’mon, let me see you.”

“Let’s play a little game, playboy...” I cock a brow, “...see how big of a nerd you really are.”

“What you got, I’m game.” he replies immediately, sitting up straight and brushing his hands then rubbing them on his shorts.

Oh he’s ready.

“I’ll ask you a series of questions. If you answer correctly, I’ll show you a body part. If you answer wrong, you show me yours.”

“What happens after I see all yours.”

“Don’t get too confident, mister, these are going to be really hard questions. Not your normal trivia. I’m testing that big muscle of yours.”

“You’re testing them both.”

I snort at his reply, then open up my google page on my cellphone to find some difficult questions.

“Alright wiz kid, let’s see whatcha got.” I fiddle through a few different pages, coming upon a question. “Question number one: What Indian mausoleum was called “teardrop...on the cheek of time” by Nobel Prize Literature laureate Rabindranath Tagore?”

“The Taj Mahal. Show me a titty.”

His answer is so quick, the response almost planned. I need more difficult questions.

“What? How could you possibly...?”

“Show me the goods lady, I won.” He wiggles his eyebrows at me.

I peel the shirt down off the side of my arm, exposing my breast again.

“Gorgeous, you are.” he coos.

Blushing, I ask the next question. “In Swedish, a skvader is a rabbit with what unusual feature?”

“Wings. Gimme the other one.”

“What!? You’re cheating! This is ridiculous!” I scold.

“Lies. Now give me what I’ve earned” he smiles widely.

I sigh, shrugging the shirt down so my entire chest is now exposed to him, the rest of me still covered by his shirt over my criss crossed legs.

“Alright, but I bet I’ll stump you here. Next question-”

“Wait.” He pauses me, taking a deep breath and letting it out while resting his chin against his fist. “Just need to take this sight in.”

“Oh, you’re silly. Next question so I can see some dick. What Disney Princess-” I read down a little further, interrupting myself. “Too easy, you’d get that in a heartbeat.”

“I do love some Disney.” He shrugs, waiting while I find another question topless.

“Here we go...HD 140283 is one of the most ancient stars, at 13.5 billion years old. It also has what biblical name?”

“Hmm...” he rubs his chin, deep in thought. “Oh, Methuselah.”

“What!? No. No! I don’t believe you’re not cheating. This is rigged.”

He throws his head back in laughter. “Do you know who I am!? Do you know what I did during our breakup? Say it with me now, Drunk Discovery.”

“Drunk Discovery?” I cock my head.

“When I’m upset or down, I get wasted and watch the Discovery Channel.” he admits, rubbing his eye with one finger. “Sadly, I’ve learned a lot.”

“You. Nerd.” I enunciate each word.

“I’m sorry, this is who I am.” he shrugs, grinning from ear to ear. “I won, now it’s time for you to pay up.”

He leans forward towards his screen, squinting his eyes to better see me.

“Ugh! Fine.”

With the sides of the shirt hanging down off my shoulders, I lean back against the headboard, lifting my knees again and slowly opening my legs. I pull the shirt tails open and to the side, exposing all of me for his viewing pleasure.

His lips part as his hooded gaze takes in the sight on the screen before him. “Goddamn.” he whispers.

“All for you.”

“You look amazing. You’re so beautiful. I wish I was there with you, on the bed next to you, touching you...”

“I’ll be your hands. Tell me what you’d do.” I whisper, raking my nails up along my inner thighs making his jaw clench.

“I’d start with those gorgeous lips, let you suck on my finger, teasing me with your warm tongue.”

I run my finger up my stomach, between my breasts slowly, up my neck and finally across my lips. I open my mouth, showing him my tongue before gently sucking on my pointer finger.

“I’d take my wet finger and rub slow circles on your nipple, until it was erect and aching to be pulled.”

My finger dips down and circles my breast before I flick my already hard nipple for him, then pull it gently.

“Touch yourself, while I do this.” I breathe, needing to see him pleasuring himself.

“You sure?” he asks softly, “This isn’t gonna freak you out, is it?”

“What? Do you know who I am? I’m no church girl, soldier. I need to see you. It’ll get me off.”

“Well, by all means...” he grins, raising his brows, creating those lines I love on his forehead.

He disappears off the side of the bed for a second, removing his shorts off screen, before reappearing in natural form, nothing but his birthday suit, lying back against the headboard. His rippling muscles flex before me, as I gaze at the rigid abs I love so much. The deep v-cuts pointing directly to my favorite thing in the whole world, Thor.

And there he is, standing tall and at attention for me. Jesus, is my mouth watering for a taste.

“Thor. I missed you.” I talk shamelessly to Toren’s penis.

“Trust me, he missed you too. Damn traitor. We’re at odds.” he grumbles to himself.

I chuckle at his response, somewhat confused.

“I need you to get me off. I can’t do it alone, I’ve tried.” he admits.

I bite my bottom lip, loving the fact that he was thinking of me enough to try. “Well, let me help you.”

He adjusts himself comfortably on the bed, laying back with his legs spread and one hand holding the base of his thick cock.

“Grab the oil from the nightstand.” I command and he follows my orders. “And drip it, down your chest, trailing it to your cock.”

He hisses slightly as he pours a few drips of the oil on his chest first, lathering it all over his pecs and delicious abdomen, before dripping it over his dick.

“Ah-like that?”

I suck on two of my fingers watching him, nodding, then trail them down my body towards my clit.

He rubs the oil all over himself, lathering himself in a sexy, shiny glow, as he grows in front of me, watching me starting to play with myself.

“Yes, Tor, oh I miss my favorite toy.”

He drops his mouth open as he begins stroking himself while gazing at me, his thumb rubbing over the tip, then tightly stoking to the base.

“Lucky for you, I brought my second favorite toy.” I smirk, pulling my pink dildo from behind the pillow.

“What?! Scar! You dirty girl, you.” he grins, running his tongue along his bottom lip.

“I’m pretending this is you.” I smirk, turning to lick the dildo from base to tip with my tongue, swirling around the top.

“Uh, I can almost feel that. Your mouth is magic.”

I wet the dildo good enough by licking around it, then begin rubbing the head of it on my clit.

“Ho-shit, I’m ready for this.” he says, eyes wide with excitement.

“Let’s get you to come.” I whisper, spreading my legs further apart.

With one hand I suck my thumb, then cup my breast, flicking the nipple while slowly pushing the dildo into my wetness. From this angle he can see everything. I’m shamelessly available for him.

“I’m imagining you pushing into me. Slowly, like you do, letting me accomodate to your thickness. Inch by inch, as you force yourself into my wetness.” I moan while talking.

“Uhh...” he groans, his eyes wincing while he’s watching and listening.

“Then, after you’ve pushed so deep inside me, you can’t possibly go any further, I tighten myself around you, squeezing you with my soft, velvety walls, holding you captive, right where I need you.”

“Oh god, baby-” He starts stroking faster.

I grind my hips in circles, holding it deep, while still toying with my breast.

“I beg you to move, to give it to me hard, but you enjoy the slow torturous tease. So you ease out of me then thrust deep again coating your cock with the juices that are dripping out of me.” I say breathlessly as I glide the dildo in and out of my aching center.

“Oh, this is so hot.” he hisses.

“I’m so wet for you.” I moan, beginning to enjoy myself.

“Yeah, Scar, keep doing that. Oh, I’m imagining it, driving into you there, your warm, wet pussy.” he groans, his hand sliding up and down his oiled up shaft.

“I need you to fuck me hard and fast, so I plead with you...” I pick up the pace, arching my back and rolling my hips each time I slide it back into myself, my chest rising and falling at the building sensation.

“Oh fuck, I love when you get dirty for me.” he says, stroking harder.

The sight of his fat, veiny, shiny dick has me feeling spurts of excitement throughout my body. I imagine it’s shiny from just coming out of my tight center, that the feeling of this silicone is actually him penetrating me.

I slide it all the way out, then push the head in again, popping it in and out just like he likes to do to me, teasing me, teasing himself with the torturous pleasure. I let out a deep moan and begin playing with my clit with the other hand.

“Shit, I’m gonna come.” he groans.

I knew he’d go crazy over that last move.

“Come baby, imagine you’re in me. Fill me up.” I moan, continuing the motions for the screen.

“Ahh-shhit.” he hisses, before I see his cum shoot up and on his abdomen, then dripping down the side of his shaft, his large hands, still stroking until there’s nothing left and he’s left grunting and groaning in his release of pleasure.

He pants, his chest rising and falling, as he drops his head back, causing me to grin.

“Knew you’d like that.” I smile confidently, feeling accomplished.

I got my man off virtually. Hell yeah! Where’s my award!?

He snaps his head up from where he’s laying, wearing a lazy grin paired with those hooded post-cum eyes. “The way you were talking and the position of the camera, Jesus, I’ve never seen anything so amazing in all my life. I should’ve recorded that shit.”

I chuckle, rolling the dildo in a towel to clean later, when my door bursts open.


“OH. MY. GOD.” Adrien’s eyes are saucers and his mouth drops open as his hands slowly drag down the door.

The next scene literally happens in slow motion.

Adrien whale dives for the bed, his noodle fingers with his cat claw manicure, aimlessly grabbing for the laptop while my mouth opens to an “O” face as I scream to stop him.

I grip the shirt to cover my exposed body while Toren looks at me with a cocked brow. Unaware of what’s to come, Thor laying on his stomach still in semi-hard post orgasmic bliss.

Adrien grabs the laptop the same time I do while he screams out, “THE MIGHTY HAMMER!”

He hits some button as I was attempting to close out of the screen and somehow it freezes a still image of Toren in all his manhood.

“Yes! Aha! I’ve seen it! THOR LIVES ON!!!” he rejoices, laughing hysterically before I roll him off the bed.

He falls to the floor, on his back, holding his stomach as he rejoices in his victory. He finally did it. He finally saw Thor. I hate my life.

“God, I hate you.” I grumble. “I thought you were clubbing with your friends tonight!?”

“I was. It’s late girl, you’ve been playing with that VULVARINE for hours!”

“Adrien! You asswipe!”

“You’ve been BUTTERING your MUFFIN but the bake sale is OVA!!!” He laughs to himself. “It’s been, what, a day? And you’re already shaking out the old, dusty BEEF CURTAINS!”

“Dear God, you’re wasted! And I swear I’ve heard that before. Get some new lines, ya jackass.”

“Lil’ bit.” he says from the floor, in the same position after I pushed him. “Ya know, we coulda put on quite a show, had we used the double ender...” he slurs.

“Get up, and get out.” I command.

“Wait, what’s that!?” He turns his head to the pink dildo that has now fallen onto the floor beside him.

Kill me. Just do it now. Real quick.

I snatch it up, rolling it back into the towel, face turning lava red.

“You brought Dildo Daggins!?”

“First of all, I never named it that! And second, leave me the hell alone!”

I snatch my dildo wrapped in a towel to my chest, trying to shoo him up off the ground and out of my room.

“Chill, bitch, it’s not like I saw your boyfriend’s thick, custard launcher or something. Oh, wait...” He kicks his tiny little twig legs in the air while hitting the ground beside him laughing. “My life’s mission is complete! He throws a fist in the air.

“Why? Why me!?” I curse to the heavens.

“That was the most beautiful penis I’ve ever seen. I think I’m in love...” he sighs.

“Quite literally why I am.” I say under my breath.

I grab my phone, texting Toren immediately, informing him of the unfortunate circumstance.

Scar: Sorry for the interruption. Adrien saw Thor. He’s fallen. Hard. BEWARE.

He responds quickly.

THORen: Well, this just got awkward.

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