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Chapter 23

Scarlett's POV

“How do I do this? I’m terrified. No, I can’t. It’s going to be too difficult...”

“Babe, it’ll be alright,” he says nonchalantly.

“No! It won’t be. You don’t understand. You’re not the one that has to do it!”

“Adrien will be fine Scarlett, you have to tell him.” he groans.

I’m more worried about telling him than going through the process of having a watermelon push through a keyhole myself. What does that tell you about how I anticipate Adrien to react?

“Don’t you understand what this means!? He’s going to freak the fuck out.”

Adrien just got over the emotional trauma that was the birth of Wesley, to spring this upon his delicate soul so soon is terrifying.

“Do you want me to tell him?”

“No, I need to just buck up and do it. Jesus, this is worse than handling the news myself. Adrien is outrageous.”

“When are you going to do it?” he asks.

“Today. Today at work.”

Toren nods then scans his phone in bed for emails. We slept in later after finding out the crazy news that we are expecting parents last night. We barely slept at all, just stared at each other, thinking about our future and what this means. I’m cuddled up to his side at the head of the bed as he scans his phone. His brow lowers as he pulls it closer to his eyes.

"We should find a hospital,” he comments while scrolling.

“Tor, I’m like twenty minutes pregnant. We have time.”

He pauses, setting his phone down and looks over at me with a huge grin, as his eyes trail my body, centering on my stomach.

“What?” I ask, wondering if I have drool on my shirt.

“I did that.” He grins proudly.

“Oh god, all men are the same.” I roll my eyes with a smirk. “Get a woman pregnant, now you’ve marked her, eh?”

“You better quit talking like that, girl, you know I’m one of a kind.”

He wraps his hands around my waist, effortlessly moving me between his legs as his arms encircle me.

I sigh, leaning back into him, smiling up at the man that holds my heart. “That, you are.”

“How are you feeling this morning?” he asks with concern.

“Honestly, I’m good. I haven’t felt bad. Just feeling a little more tired than normal.”

“I think you should take the week off, rest, relax, let me spoil you a bit.”

“As much as I wish I could, I can’t. I have a crazy couple of days ahead of me.”

He still has no idea about the charity event happening tomorrow. The information is about to be sprung upon him and I can’t wait for this surprise. I’ve decided to invite him to what he thinks is a dinner to celebrate some pieces of my work that were chosen to be showcased in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“Please, baby...just don’t overdo it,” he says with a soft voice, grabbing my hand and bringing it to his lips.

“I won’t. Trust me, I know my body.”

“I know. I know it too.” He wiggles his brows.

I roll my eyes, grabbing my cup of coffee on the end table next to the bed, taking a sip.

“Oops. That’s enough for you.” Toren says, pulling the cup out of my hands.

My eyes grow wide in disbelief as he takes my coffee out of my hands. My coffee. Out of my hands. Unacceptable on all levels.

“Um..excuse me!?”

“Only 8 oz of caffeine a day.” He smiles a tight smile as my eyes shoot daggers into his body.

I square up to him, ready to throw some fists. “Listen here, Toren, this shit right ain’t happening. Gimme that cup back, right now!”

His face lights up with an enthusiasm for my feisty reaction as he hands me my cup back. “Yes, ma’am, anything you want.”

“That’s better.” I smile.

He laughs playfully, then sits back onto the headboard, throwing his glasses back on. He looks so handsome with his scruffy bed hair, his lack of a shirt, the loose sweats and his adorable black frames resting on that sculptured face.

“What?!” he whispers to himself, almost sounding breathless as his face distorts.

He swallows, reading whatever it is he’s reading, and glances my way then back at his phone again.

“What’s wrong? What is it babe?”

I’m hoping nothing leaked out to the press about the event. We kept it super tight lipped.

“Uh, nothing. Nothing.” He shakes his head, pausing to read whatever is on his phone before him.

His reaction isn’t normal. Something is wrong.

He gets up off the bed abruptly, heading towards the closet, picking out his clothes for the day.

“What are you doing? I thought we were being lazy together?” I whine from beneath the covers.

“Sorry baby, there’s something I need to tend to. Just some work stuff.” He comes over to the bed, kissing my forehead then heads towards the shower.

Something isn’t right.

After the awkward exchange this morning, I head into the studio that afternoon to do the inevitable. I have to tell my friends about my recent discovery. I’m growing an alien life form inside of me.

To my surprise, Maggie is already there with Ronan and baby Wesley, along with Adrien decked out in some type of neon pantsuit.

“You guys!? I didn’t know you were all going to be here?!” I cry out, clasping my arms around my friend and squeezing her and Wesley together.

I immediately steal him away from her, cradling him in my arms for a bit to give him a little forehead kiss before handing him back off to Maggie.

“Yeah, we were told to meet here a half hour ago, but looks like we were right on time,” Ronan adds, rubbing a hand behind his neck, looking towards the door with a tight smile.

"You were told to meet here?"

Adrien approaches us from behind the desk, smiling with his eyes, looking back and forth between us all. “Is this all for me!? Am I getting surprised with a Bentley for my birthday?”

“Adrien, your birthday isn’t for another three weeks.”

No matter what’s going on in the world around him, Adrien will always assume if something is happening, it’s for him.

“It’s called a birthday month, ho,” he snaps back, gyrating his head on his neck.

“Hey, sorry I’m late.” The familiar voice hits my ears, instantly warming my heart.

I turn towards the entry of the studio where Toren is walking in.

“Babe!? What are you doing here?!”

He approaches me with a grin and a large long box in his arm. Scooping me into his other arm, he swings me around in a circle.

“I couldn’t let you share the news alone,” he whispers, licking his lips, gazing at mine before pressing them against my lips earning us a few groans from our friends. Ugh, he’s amazing.

Adrien’s face is hilarious right now. He keeps looking back and forth between Toren and I with a peculiar expression. He looks like someone just told him that every time someone buys a Louis Vuitton a kitten dies. He’s totally lost.

“News? W-wait, what? I thought-”

“Nope. Something exciting popped up and I thought we should share it together.” Toren interrupts Ronan who’s also sporting a confused face.

They must all be wondering about the dinner. Everyone seems so strangely lost at the moment. They keep darting their eyes towards each other, looking way more worried than I’d expect.

Toren sets the box down and loops his arm around my waist, pulling me to him with a smile. I bite my lip, enjoying the last few seconds of holding this exciting little secret between us.

“Go ahead babe. It’s all you,” he grins before pulling my back to his chest wrapping his arms around me and kissing the back of my head.

I face everyone, feeling flushed all of a sudden. I let out a deep breath at their anxious faces and then let it out. “Um..well...we’re pregnant.”


Silence and blinking.

Silence and blinking and blank faces.

“You’re kidding.” Maggie gasps. “But what-”

“No.” Adrien interrupts her. “What!?”

My eyebrows furrow together as I turn to look up at Toren with a confused face.

He looks cool, calm, and collected, whereas everyone else looks a little heartbroken for some odd reason.

Why are they acting like this!?

“Whoaaa.” Ronan laughs then places a hand over his mouth to cover it, looking over at Maggie.

“Okay, so yeah, we weren’t planning on this happening but I guess it happened.” I explain to everyone, trying to rectify this strange little situation. “I wasn’t expecting this reaction.”

I sigh, running a hand through my hair, feeling a little silly for some reason.

“I’m so excited for you guys!” Maggie finally squeals, running over and wrapping her arms around me. “You’re going to have a baby!?”

“Yeah, I guess I just thought I’d get a different response.” I pout a little, feeling kind of sad all of a sudden.

“Everyone is just shocked, babe. But it’s true. We’re having a baby! Found out last night.” Toren holds me, giving me a little squeeze with the biggest grin on his face.

Ronan congratulates me with a big bear hug, then turns to Toren, patting him on the back while whispering something into his ear making him chuckle.

I turn to face Adrien who’s just standing there, looking as ghost-like as his under-eyed baking powder allows.

“I didn’t think I was over the first San Andreas split, but now you? I don’t think I can watch another friend tear apart before my eyes. And just by looking at you I can tell your gonna split straight to that anus.” He cries out, making a pained face before grasping his little arms around me like I might die if he doesn’t hold on tighter.

“Thanks shithead. You do realize I’m probably more freaked out than you right? You’re not helping.”

“My mind is blown right now. I can’t even process this. So much is happening.” He holds me at arms length.

I chuckle, “What do you mean?”

Toren comes up besides us. “I don’t think he’s ready for more placenta by the sounds of it.”

“You told him?!” Adrien gasps. “That outfit isn’t even out of the dry cleaners yet.”

"Maybe we'll get you a pair of coveralls this time." I grin.

He pulls back holding my cheeks in his hands. “In all honesty, I’m so proud of you.”

His face is filled with nothing but adoring love as tears fill his eyes. I know the words he speaks are more than just this moment. He’s proud of me for every moment leading up to this. How I got here? I don’t even know, but having his love and support behind me throughout this wild journey has been everything. I don’t think he thought it was possible for me to willingly go down this road. But, here I am, happier and more fulfilled than I’ve ever been.

After our quick little announcement, Toren passed out the cutest little cupcakes he picked up from that same bakery that he got Maggie’s baby shower cake. You quite literally can’t make men like him. They don’t just exist, they grow.

We chat privately by the door before he heads back to work.

“I don’t think they were ready for that,” he chuckles.

“God, Toren, if you weren’t here with me, that would’ve been a train wreck! What the hell? Why was everyone acting so shocked? I mean, they know we fuck, right?”

He cups the side of my face with his palm, running his thumb across my cheek as he casually leans against the wall with me.

“Maybe they never thought this day would come. I’m sure you didn’t.”

“You’re right. I’m still whirling.”

“I’m going to take such good care of you. Don’t get mad at me for being a little crazy. I’m already feeling ridiculously protective.” he admits, gazing from my eyes to my lips.

I love the feeling. I’ve never wanted a man to protect me like I want him to. There’s a strange comfort in knowing I always have him on my side, here to take care of us, look out for us. Our little growing family.

“I’m not gonna lie, hearing you say that makes me want to fuck you.” I shrug with honesty.

Hormones must be raging. Oh, who am I kidding, I’m always wet and ready for him.

His eyes light up and a mischievous grin slides across his face. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of that tonight. However, I promised I’d tie you up, but I don’t think I can do that anymore. I might break you and I can’t risk that now.”

“Please, break me.” I beg desperately, biting my lip.

He chuckles before telling me he has some business to attend to, agreeing to meet me back at our place for dinner. He leaves me with sweet kisses, slipping his tongue inside my mouth, against mine in a slow and torturous motion, anticipation of what’s to come later. I sigh at his departure, feeling ridiculously love sick for my man already.

I turn towards Adrien who’s waiting with an excited grin.

“Surprises, surprises...let’s just keep going with the surprises.” He wiggles his eyebrows as confusion hits me again.

We finish the day, getting everything finalized for tomorrow. The outfits, the food, the drinks, the music, the art. Everything is set to go and I truly hope this event brings in new donors and sponsors for a cause so close to Toren and my heart.

This charity event is about to blow his socks off. I can’t freaking wait.

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