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Chapter 24

Toren’s POV

Holy fucking stress.

I’m trying my best to keep it cool, but there’s so much going on behind the scenes that Scarlett doesn’t know.

First up, holy shit. That announcement was rough. Only because they all thought I was changing plans at the last minute. Thank god I was there for it. My poor girl would’ve lost it at the odd response coming from her closest friends. It’s not their fault though, they were probably three seconds away from killing me after all of the shit I’ve been making them do.

Second, my mother is calling me like crazy. It’s like she has a sixth sense about her. A mental notification happens when a new Hollingsworth baby is conceived. We have yet to tell her. Oh, and her husband’s cheating on her. Can’t wait to break that one open.

It’s literally killing me inside. I haven’t told anyone. Not even Ronan. I just don’t even know how to approach it yet, but I know once I start talking to my mother it’s going to come out. I can’t withhold it, even if it’ll break her heart, and who wants to break their mother’s heart?

Third, there’s a snag in one of the developments for the new Moe’s Miracle buildings. One of the donors pulled out last minute due to funding issues, so I’m currently working on finding another organization that may want to assist us in donations.

And forth, Scarlett is pregnant. Like, what!? We’re having a baby. As amazing as this is and as excited as I am, it’s a lot to process.

But it’s cool, we’ll work through it. Right? Fuck, I’m about to implode.

Like clockwork, the twiggy gazelle is lighting up my phone.

“Toren muthafuckin’ Hollingsworth, do you understand what y’all just did to me? You gave me a coronary then pulled my heart straight through my asshole.”

“Adrien, I’m sorry, I would’ve told you guys ahead of time, but I just...I couldn’t take that moment away from her.”

“Ugh, you’re so dreamy...and perfect. It’s just sickening.” He sighs. “But seriously, we thought you were going to announce the engagement, like what the hell? My bags are already packed!”

“I know, it’s crazy right now, but just hang with me, alright?”

“Boy, you a trip. Your brother was about to spill the damn beans. You lucky as fuck Maggie was there to kick his shins.”

“I almost didn’t make it there in time. I got caught up with some crazy shit at work.”

“Crazier than the fact your girlfriend is fucking pregnant!”

I sigh, feeling the weight of everything in this moment.

“I just have a lot on my plate that I’m trying to work out. Just make sure to pack your little flimsy outfits and whatever weaves you need to feel alive. Be ready and continue on with the plans.”

“You sure she’s okay to fly? I heard pregnant women explode at cruising altitude.”

“Adrien! I’ve already talked to our family physician about it.”

“Y’all went in already!? Ain’t she like twenty minutes pregnant?”

“No! God, what is it with you two and the twenty minutes shit? I was paranoid after I found out so I called our family doctor and we talked about it. She’s totally okay to fly.

“Ugh. Okay dreamboat...” He sighs again.

“Continue with the plans and don’t ask any more questions, got it!?” I snap.

“Oh, I love it when you boss me around. You got it big boy,” Adrien comments with a flirty tone.

“Oh my god.” I groan. “Go call Adam already.”

“No. No, no. Don’t you even start playboy! Not you too.”

“I made sure to seat you both next to each other on the plane. Just so you know.” I gloat, rubbing the pain in.

“You betta be fuckin’ wit me.”

“Buckle up for the ride.” I ooze in satisfactory bliss.

“You just better hope we get along. I’ll bring that damn plane down if he gets too cheeky, don’t even test me! I’m talkin’ crash and burn, bitch.”

“Yeah, yeah. Anyways, I gotta run. Keep your shit together, and keep those loose lips sealed.”

“I’m going to remember that dick one of these days!” I barely hear his final words before hanging up.

I head back to work for a few hours, scouring my connections and the internet for another possible donor. We need a steady flow of money that will come into this place so that we can provide meals, warmth, shelter with no issues. We can’t stall the construction. At this rate, if I don’t get the donor solidified, they won’t be able to build until next spring. I can’t wait that long, especially knowing there are families in need that have already signed up on our pre-registration list to move in.

As I’m thinking, searching, scouring my books, I see a message from Scarlett.

Mommy Scar: Hey babe! There’s a dinner in my honor tonight at the Rasputin Center celebrating the new installation of artwork at the Metropolitan Museum. I know it’s last minute, but do you have a suit you can wear? I’d love to have you on my arm. The cupcakes were fire btw.

Is she crazy? Of course I’m going. I’d do anything for her, especially something as amazing as honoring her work.

Daddy Tor: I’ll be there. What time do we need to leave by? I can head out of work early to pick you up.

Mommy Scar: It’s at seven. Should be pretty lowkey, but I’m sure there will be press so let’s fancy it up for ’em, eh? 💃🕺

Daddy Tor: We’ll be the most amazing looking couple there. How are you feeling?

Mommy Scar: Tor, I just saw you like ten minutes ago, nothing’s changed. I’m better than ever. You’re adorable.

Daddy Tor: Just making sure. Love you, baby. I’ll call you when I’m done.

She drives me wild. My chest feels like it might explode with the love I carry around for her. And now she’s carrying my baby!? My baby. I can’t control myself. There’s no way I’m not going to be completely focused on her and her health and happiness. There’s nothing I want more than to spoil the shit out of her.

Just thinking about her growing belly gives me some sort of papa bear mentality. She’s the only thing I can seem to focus on, even while planning all of this behind her back.

Later that evening, I grab Scarlett from the studio and head back home to get ready for this dinner.

She explained that they surprised her with an honorary dinner in retribution for her work done with the Rasputin Center. With her being back in the states again, she’s gaining more and more attention. Her career has taken off into orbit and she’s killing it with every move. As much as I hate to admit it, Adrien is an amazing social media and marketing manager. He’s prioritized her career and is on top of how to handle the press she knows nothing about.

I suppose it takes a deceptive little weasel to know how to work the system.

After a quick shower and shave, I hop into my three piece suit, ready to be the man on the arm of the woman of the night.

“Jesus woman,” I say beneath my breath, watching her walk out of the closet in her gown for the evening.

She’s wearing this gorgeous slim fit gown, exposing her entire back. Her full hair is tucked to the side in curls. I can’t believe this is the woman I’m going to marry. I can’t believe this is the woman who took a chance on me. The idiot that I was. God, I’m the luckiest bastard alive.

“Look alright?” she asks, turning to check out the back in the mirror.

“You’re a vision.” I say, leaning against the door frame behind her.

She smiles, then approaches me, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“You should eat before we leave,” I say, pulling her jaw towards me.

“Tor,” she groans.

“I’m just saying, the baby is gonna eat you from the inside out. Gotta make sure my girl is taken care of.”

“You’re the most adorably insane person I’ve ever met.” She rolls her eyes with the smile that makes me weak at the knees.

She attempts to pull away from me, so I pull her back in, both hands on her ass. I bite my lip and smirk mischievously.

“Should we see how insane I am? Plenty of things in this closet to tie you up with. I’ve got a whole arsenal back there I haven’t shown you yet.”

“You have a secret sex closet? How did I not know about this?!” she asks sarcastically, playing along.

“Oh yeah baby, I got all kinds of naughty things. Things that would drive you wild.”

“Yeah? Can you show me? I’m new at this. I’m practically a virgin.” she says in a soft, sweet voice, touching her chin to her shoulder.

“I’ll fuck you up, girl. You’re not ready for Thor’s wrath.”

She breaks character, as a laugh escapes her. “Stop it.”

“Let me light you up with this bolt beneath my belt.”

“No, make it stop,” she groans with a smile.

“It’s hammer time,” I say, beginning to dry-hump her.

“Oh, my god, Tor! You’re ridiculous.” She holds my arms, bracing herself from falling at my continued thrusts.

“Yeah girl, take this God,” I say in my best sex voice, grabbing her hips and continue humping.

She bends backwards laughing, attempting to push away from me, until I pull her upright. I grab her behind her neck and pull her into my lips. The rough playfulness is replaced with a soft kiss. She moans against my lips as our tongues connect, lighting that fire that’s always there between us.

I pull apart from her lips as her eyes flutter open, the laughs, out the door. I move to her neck and begin kissing along the length of her shoulder, running my hands over her curvy hips.

“Mmm, Tor, we gotta get going,” she moans, attempting to stop me.

“How fast can you put this dress back on?” I ask between kisses.

“Not fast enough.”

“Fuck.” I curse before kissing her cheek. “Alright, let’s head out then.”

She firmly grabs my jaw with narrowed eyes. “Who said anything about taking the dress off?”

My face of confusion at her forcefulness turns into a sly grin.

“It is tradition, I suppose.”

“What’s that?” she asks.

“Getting ready for events and then fucking either before, during, or after them.”

“Jesus, we’re reckless. What’s wrong with us? It’s no wonder we’re pregnant, huh?”

“I’m just wondering how pregnant we are. How many are in there?” My eyes grow wide with concern at the thought.

“Well based on my hormone changes, I’m guessing at least three.”

I swallow at the seriousness in her tone.

“Are you kidding? I was joking before, but...shit,” I pull at my collar, feeling faint.

“Chill babe. I’m not being serious. But, I am extremely in need of that cock,” she comments, biting her bottom lip, running her little hand down my chest before cupping me.

I groan, dropping my head back against the frame as her hand begins massaging me, rendering me defenseless. Her hand feels amazing against my growing erection.

“That’s right. You thought I was bad before. Just you wait...” She cups me firmly, holding me back against the wall. I gladly accept the light squeeze, loving this feisty side of her.

“You’re fucking me right now, and we don’t get to leave until I come,” she demands.

I smirk at her demands, cocking a brow.

“Well, lucky for you, we won’t be late.”

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