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Chapter 7

Toren's POV

I’m about to have sex at my brother’s baby shower.

I can’t help it. I’ve been watching her prance around here all day in that little silk dress that showcases that full ass, just bouncing around beneath it. I’m a heathen. But as I said, I can’t help it. Caveman is in my DNA.

She’s not the happiest with me right now either. I called her my fucking friend in front of Jonathan!

Little does she know I had to. What would she have thought if I called her my fiance like I was about to. She nearly had a stroke when I gave her the tiny box with the key in it. We haven’t exactly talked about marriage, even as I was ready to get down on my knee for her. I just don’t know if she’s quite there yet, even if in my head we are.

So I did what I do, and retracted like a punk and acted like I didn’t know what happened. I’m a fucking idiot. I suck at lying to her. She’s so goddamn direct and I’m so...fucked.

So here we are, wondering where the hell Adrien and the congressman disappeared to, when they eventually make their arrival together at the table.

Adrien’s weave is slanted to the side and Jonathan’s shirt tail is untucked. Suspect as hell.

Dammit. That little shit beat me to the baby shower fuck.

“Adrien!” Scarlett scolds him as he sits in the seat next to her.

He brushes her off with a wicked grin, adjusting his wig until he appears totally put together again.

“You are the worst! A congressman!? At the baby shower?!” she angrily whispers.

Jonathan is turned, watching my mother begin talking to the guests as the waiters begin bringing out the lavish meal.

“Girl, get you a politician. I feel like a hotter Monica Lewinsky, sans stain.”

“God, you’re despicable.”

“Hey A...” I whisper, leaning into their little circle, “...what did Bill Clinton say to the new intern?”

Scarlett drops her head back groaning while Adrien sits forward in his seat excitedly.

“I haven’t come across your face yet.”

“Ha!” Adrien shrieks out loud causing a few guests to look over to our table.

“Hey T...why did Monica Lewinsky vote republican?”

Scarlett flops forward, banging her head on her hands on the table while my eyes dart from left to right, unsure.

“Because the last Clinton left a bad taste in her mouth.”

I can’t control the deep hearty laugh that comes out of me. Scarlett groans again, causing Rachel to look over to our little crew of misfits from across the table with an arched brow.

The waiter brings our food to the table, prompting us to cut the foolishness and sit up straight again. The meal is a delicious parmesan risotto with roasted shrimp. My mother really outdid herself with this shower.

We all begin eating in communal silence while classical music plays in the background. As most people begin finishing up lunch, the conversation starts flowing again and Rachel and Jonathan begin discussing global warming while Adrien saunters over to Maggie, Ronan, and my mom and begins chatting.

Now’s our chance.

I casually stand from the table, buttoning my suit jacket looking down at Scarlett who’s looking back at me with wide eyes.

I lean forward, bending down to whisper the instructions to her. ”I’ll be waiting for you.”

She smiles devilishly as my lips brush against the shell of her ear, “Knock to the theme of Star Wars and I’ll unlock it.”

Her smile drops as she begins shaking her head, “A nerd, even in times of passion. Unbelievable.”

I step inside the quaint little bathroom that’s so eloquently designed and wait until I hear the knocks, letting her in.

“Do you know how moronic I felt doing that?”

“Hey, whatever, they won a Grammy for Best Instrumental Composition! Now lift your dress and bend over!”

“Toren!” she scolds, humorously.

I push up against her, back into the door of the bathroom, pressing my hips into her, pinning her to it.

“You know I’m just kidding, baby.” I smile, then capture her lips, only to pull back. "Kinda."

She chuckles then kisses me again, moaning slightly when my tongue touches hers. The sweet taste of her, mixed with the smell of her rosey perfume, and the softness of her skin under this silk dress is enough to make me hard.

My fingers slowly scale her soft exposed thigh, running up the slit of her dress until I reach the cusp of her heavy ass.

“Fuck me.” I groan, roughly grabbing a handful of ass.

She kisses with intent and sucks on my bottom lip between her teeth before parting. “We need to make this quick.”

Pushing me back off her, I shoot her a confused expression before she makes her way to the sink. Standing before it, she lifts her dress at the hip, rolling it up until she’s completely exposed before me. She leans forward on her forearms, creating an image I never want to unsee.

“Jesus, fuck-” I mumble, half drooling, half walking over behind her.

She pulls her thong to the side to show me her glistening lips, wet and ready for me to slide in. “No, Toren, fuck. Now.”

Now she’s speaking my language. That’s the caveman talk I need.

I quickly unbuckle my belt, open my button on my dress pants and rip the zipper open. Grabbing my dick, I pull down my boxer briefs enough to set Thor free.

God, you’re so sexy.” I say, assisting in pulling her white, wet thong to the side. “I see you like the idea of me bending you over the counter.”

“I do.” she says breathlessly, the words speaking directly to my aching cock.

Spitting into my hand I get the tip wet and slowly press into her.

Looking into the mirror I see her eyes close and her mouth drop open as I push deeper and deeper into her warmth. My body ignites with a feeling of electrified numbness the deeper I go. She moans my name, steadying herself on her heels.

“Shit, Scar...” I groan, grabbing the thick meat above her hips with my finger tips.

I begin sliding out, witnessing her juices now coating me, then drive back into her again. Listening to her soft moans as she stands spread eagle around my wet cock has me caving to my queen. She’s dripping with the excitement of being caught.

“Tor, this feels so good.” she breathes.

I look to my right and see the image of us in another mirror, a full length one. I clench my jaw, and begin driving into her harder. The immense pleasure coursing through my body has me on the verge of losing it with every hard stroke.

“Harder, baby.” she moans, grasping the counter with white knuckles.

I plant myself firmly behind her, ramming into her from behind. Her ass bounces at every smack of my hips meeting her body. Her breath catches with each thrust of my thickness deep into her walls.

She reaches back, fingertips touching my thighs at our connection so I grab her hands. Using them as an anchor, I continue pummeling into her at a rapid pace.

Her eyes make contact with mine in the mirror and it’s over with.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come.”

“Ah, come for me.” she pants.

There’s a knock at the door as we hear someone’s voice. “Hello? Anyone in here? Hmm, must be out of order.”

I release her hands, stilling for a moment, then wrap a hand around her mouth to silence her. Her wide eyes follow mine to the door then back.

I keep moving at a slow and steady pace until I hear the person leave. The idea of someone catching us with my dick so far up inside my warm, wet girl makes me all the more hard.

I begin thrusting back into her, keeping her mouth covered. She closes her eyes tightly as we begin building back up to our orgasm.

“Knock, knock!? Anyone in here?” We hear another person at the door.

What’s with the sudden urge to shit!?

I feel Scarlett start to spasm, around me so I pick up the pace. She’s so close. With my other hand, I reach around and find her clit, gently rubbing it with my middle finger. It sends her over the edge. She comes so hard, clamping on my dick while she screams into my hand.

I follow her orgasm, finally releasing in continues short bursts, filling her with my warm seed, with deep throaty grunts.

I collapse my head on her back trying to catch my breath as she tries to collect hers.

Snapping my head up, I look in the mirror to check her expression. It ws only last time that she fell apart emotionally after we were intimate and I had to make sure she was alright.

Her eyes were closed but her face held a light grin. She looked satisfied in the most insatiable way.

“You drive me wild Scarlett Morrison Smith.” I whisper, pulling out of her gently.

A large amount of semen drips out of her, hitting the tile of the bathroom floor, making us both laugh.

“Toren, you are unbelievable. How? Just how is there that much? And everytime?!”

“Sorry baby, you drip my balls dry.” I laugh at her question.

“How I’m not the one with the shower right now is a goddamn miracle.” she jokes, making my heart squeeze in my chest at the thought.

“You can be. If you want.” I push again with a playful grin, licking my teeth while eyeing her reaction in the mirror.

“You see this?” She holds up her left hand, flashing me the palm then the back of her hand. “Until you are willing to fully commit to me Mr. Playboy, I cannot commit to a baby. One step at a time.”

God, if only she knew.

I laugh off her joke, loving the idea that she wants me committed to her. It makes me feel a bit more confident in the idea. She lea as we clean up and prepare for our bathroom departure.

“Did I redeem myself for the earlier accident?” I wince.


“Barely?! I just gave you an orgasm! At a baby shower! That should count for something.”

She giggles, playfully smacking me. “I can get off and still be mad at you.”

"I'm just a piece of meat to you."

She smiles, then bites her bottom lip, looking adorable. "So much more."

The simple words make my stomach flip.

“Okay, I’ll head out first, take the brunt of the heat for disappearing, then you casually stroll through at the other entrance, sound good?” I instruct.

“You got it Goose.” she says in a deep voice, her brows furrowed.

“No you did not just Top Gun me. Do you want to get fucked again? Is that what’s happening here?”

She laughs at my seriousness. “Shut up and get out there before we get caught!”

She pushes me forward toward the door, but I linger, leaning back to capture her lips for a sweet kiss. “I feel the need...the need for speed.”

With one final shove, I’m back in professional mode.

This is a baby shower after all. I need to wipe this goofy love drunk smile off my satisfied face and get back to it.

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