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Sanjana an orphan medical intern has only one wish and that is to be successful in her life. But her path unexpectedly crosses with Mr. Indraneel Rathore, a business tycoon who has a darker life. What will happen when two cold hearted, mysterious, intelligent and dark soul collide each other in a unwanting way.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Indraneel Rathore

Where am I? What have I done?

A groan escaped my mouth as I got up on the soft mattress and looked towards the window. The curtains were raised and the clock read eleven in noon. A hiccup escaped my mouth and I could still smell the alcohol. I overdrunk last night.

It was not like me.

I never lose my consciousness no matter how much I drink, but the pain got me and I ended up drinking more and more. The burning, bitter alcohol was like the sweetest thing to me at the moment as I gulped down each bottle wanting to forget everything out of despair.

The opening of the door got my attention and I saw the maid bringing my coffee as she kept it next to me on the nightstand and as she turned to leave, she seemed to trip on something and the next moment, I saw her on the ground. The empty wine bottle rolling next to her feet as she cried in pain and all I could do was heave out a sigh. As I slid on the bed, the sunrays falling from the window hit my eyes and I squinted my eyes shut but nevertheless made my way to the poor middle-aged woman, and with my eyes still shut, I gave her my hand for her to take.

In some minutes, she took my hand and I could feel her hands cold, nervous, and shaking as I helped her up.

“Are you alright?” I asked as I felt her let go of my hand and I made my way towards the nightstand to get the coffee.

“S-Sir,” I heard her trembling voice and turned to look at her.

Her eyes wide, filled with fear as she clamped her mouth using her hand as if to stifle a scream. I looked down to see bloodstains on my white shirt. I had forgotten to change as I came back home last night, and continued drinking in the room until I passed out on the bed.

Last night events passed through my mind as I remembered how I thrashed around him around and ended up almost killing him but if it weren’t for Jairaj, his life would have gone through my ends.

“Get out,” I told her simply and watched as not even uttering a single word she turned around, picked up the empty wine bottle, and left my room and I took a sip of my coffee and got rid of my shirt. My head was throbbing, not because of the alcohol but for the reason that even the alcohol couldn’t make me forget my despair.

There was nothing left in my life. I couldn’t feel anything.

A sigh escaped my mouth as I thought of it. Is it how am I always going to live my life? Why do I always have the darkest thing on my plate? Even the black, bitter coffee felt tasteless. I was just living my life. Simply living.

Unable to bear it any longer, I kept the cup down on the nightstand and made it to the bathroom to clean myself.

The cold shower even failed to calm my nerves and I stood under it tensed, occupied thinking of various reasons to get it straight.

It's been four years. Four years to that damn incident and yet I couldn't do anything. Four years and I still fail every time. The cold water trickling down my body and I washed off the bloodstains from my abdomen. The bruises on my skin belonged to me, while the owner of the blood was someone else.


"Brother are you in there?"

"Yes, I was just taking the shower," I dried my hair as I saw Roopal walking into my room holding her phone.

"Did you bring me the things I told you to?" she raised her eyebrows at me as I looked at her through the mirror. "Already passed it through Jairaj, yesterday," I told her as I applied the perfume and she shoved her phone to me.

"Well, here is a new list, please the new year is coming please make sure to get me this designer bag before the New Year party," she showed me an exclusive designer bag from Italy and before I could answer she turned on her heels and left my room whilst I stood there for some second watching her leave and finally sent the photo of the bag to my secretary to order it.

My youngest sister Roopal Singh Rathode. She turned to be a demanding kid and at times very arrogant and rude but only the one who knew her knew how kind she and caring she was to the people she loved. The only thing I had left with me to take care of are my siblings.

At times that made me think, I was simply going on in my life just for them. I needed nothing. And I was happy with whatever I had got.

I was just about to get ready when all of a sudden my phone started vibrating and had I not noticed it on the nightstand I would have missed the call. It was an unknown number and as I picked it up, I could hear a frantic call for help and some commotion.

"Please, reach the City hospital as soon as possible. She is not going to make it!"

It was Mr. D'Souza, my employee. And judging from the urgency in his voice, I knew what was going on.

My mother.


Everything was chaos in the hospital room as I reached the door to my mother's room and saw the doctors and nurses surrounding her unconscious disheveled form.

"What the hell is going over here?"

At that moment as I saw my mother, my heartbeat raised faster and those IVs which were supposed to be attached to her hand were detached and the machines were beeping loudly.

"Somebody was in here, and that person tried to kill the patient," one of the doctors spoke and my palm formed up in a ball as I looked back at D'Souza, who stood next to my mother with a nervous expression on his face.

"What the hell were you doing Samuel? How could this happen under your surveillance?" I was ready to literally through something on him when Jairaj entered the room.

"I am sorry, boss. I was out just for some minutes and this happened," Samuel told me and I moved forward slamming my hands on the swing down rail of the bed.

My eyes wandered around before stopping on the pale face of my mother. My mother who has been in a state of coma for the last four years. A planned accident in which I lost my father, my sister Janhvi paralyzed and disabled, and my mother in coma.

"Who was it?" I asked as calmly as I could not wanting to lose the piece of sanity left in me as I looked back at Mr. Samuel D'Souza, my bodyguard, who has been appointed to take care of my mother since she had to go through brain surgery in just two days. They found out there was still a hope to get her consciousness back and a new type of surgery would help. But for that, the doctors from abroad are supposed to come and since, my mother has been attacked quite a few times, fearing the scenario, I had appointed Samuel as her bodyguard which he failed.

"When I came back to the room, no one was in here and I only saw her IVs and mask detached and I called the doctors,"

"Then? What do you mean? My mother removed her IVs and mask on her own?" I couldn't help but yell at top of my voice.

"Boss from the CCTV we saw a woman going out of the room. She was the last one who left the room," Jairaj told me and I looked back at him.

"Who is she?"

"She is a doctor in this hospital," Samuel spoke up.

"She was the last one who came into this room and after that when I came in, the IVs were detached. I also saw this injection down here, so I removed the only IV attached to her body thinking if she had injected something in her drip," he handed me the used injection and I looked at it as I handed it to Jai.

"Go find out what was inside this and where is she? Bring her before me this instant!" I demanded and watched as Jai walked out of the room while I looked back at the doctors who started checking my mother.

"Thankfully it was just the removal of IVs and mask. Though the oxygen level went down still the patient managed to cope up. She will pass through this situation in no time. You don't need to worry Mr. Rathode," the doctor told me and I nodded. Even though I was calm, I was still restless and I knew it better that it was intentional. Somebody out there doesn't want my mother to go through the surgery.

Somebody out there is still trying to hurt my family. And I won't ever let that happen.

"Boss she is Miss Sanjana. She is an intern actually and as her shift is over, she has left for her home," I looked back at Jai.

"You stay here and this time no matter what don't leave the room!" I told Samuel as he nodded and taking one last glance at my mother, I turned to leave.

"Find her address, she has answers for my questions," I told Jai while walking out of the room. I adjusted my suit and wore my sunglasses. If that woman has anything to do with mother's condition then god help her, cause I am not going to spare her.

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