In your Warmth

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Chapter 4

If I had known.

I grabbed my hair in frustration as I looked for my belongings. Nothing was there, except for my mobile phone which was under my pillow. I had a single luggage trolley case and a handbag. Both were missing.

My passport...

I searched for it everywhere. I was in a deep sleep when I was awoke by some sounds and I got up quickly. All of a sudden, I looked down my seat where my luggage were supposed to be only to find them missing.

How could this happen to me.

I remembered when I entered the train, I saw a passenger above my seat. He was missing as well.

Did he take my luggage?

I grabbed my phone and quickly hurried to the door of the train because the train was already halt in a station and as I looked out, endlessly trying to find someone but all of a sudden I saw something. Two guys were running towards the stair with a trolley case which looked like mine.

As I squinted my eyes, I recognized the guys from the station from where I took the train. They were staring at me and they are the one who took my bags. I heard the train’s horn and so it started to move. I was puzzled thinking what to do and so finally, mustering up all my courage, I jumped off the train and ran after them.

It was alright if they took my luggage, because it contained only clothes and my handbag had my wallet which contained ten-thousand rupees. I was only after my handbag, because it had my passport.

I could still make a transaction using my phone but my passport.

I ran after them and saw them picking up my bag as they made their way up. But suddenly one of them saw me running like a mad woman towards them and he sprinted picking up my luggage like a ball.

It was harder for him to climb up the staircase but the other one carrying my handbag ditched him and ran away leaving him behind. He seemed to curse in his local language and looked back at me.

I took my sandal and threw it right on his head as he got a strike and winced in pain while I made my way up and before he could leave, I got hold of his hand and twisted it around causing him to howl in pain.

He had no idea, he was fighting a judo fighter. I had started practicing judo at an early age and here I was thankful to my mentor as I tossed the guy to the floor and punched him on his face. He whimpered and shook his hand before me, begging me to stop and this was when I stopped.

This was always a problem with me. I would always stop whenever someone was nice or begged me. I have got an earful regarding this from Aunt Suzi, but still I didn’t improve.

I got hold of my trolley case and searched for the other guy who had my passport. He was out of sight but I didn’t care because as longer as this guy was with me, he would definitely be found.

I got hold of the guy and picked him up.

“C’mon dial his number and ask him to come back her with my bag,” I shoved my phone on his face and he got hold of it, whimpering. He was incredibly thin and short in height. I marked as his hands shook in fear. He looked younger than me as well but nevertheless, he called his partner and within minutes I saw the other one holding my handbag and returning back to me, fear evident in his face.

He walked slowly and as he got near he stopped.

“Let him go,” he quivered but I forwarded my hand, asking him to throw my bag, first.

“Hey! What’s going on, over there!” I heard someone and looked down from the foot over bridge, to find a security guard looking our way, but as I waved at him to come over, the guy next to me swayed my hand away from him and tried to run away but before he could, I used my phone to throw on his head and he fell down.

The other one with my bag kept calling him and he looked my way frightful.

“Quickly give my bag and I will let him go!” I said and instantly he threw my bag to me. But it was already late because the guard was already up on the bridge and all of a sudden he threw his police stick, right on the other one and it hit his head as he tumbled down and he got hold of both of them.

“Did they try to steal your luggage?” the security guard asked and I nodded hurrying up, checking my purse for my passport and thankfully, everything was in place.

I took a sigh of relief but looked down only to find my train gone.

Maybe I should take the other one.

“Miss you have to come to the police station to report a case against them,” the guard told me as I sighed, nodding at him.


It was already four in the evening as I walked back to my hotel room learning that the next train to Pushkar was on the next day. After lodging a complaint against them, they were behind bars and I checked in a hotel wanting to stay the night. I was in Shahpura. It was a beautiful place but I didn’t get time to have a roam around the town, but still I managed to walk around the town searching for authentic dishes.

I had special Rajasthani thali and I was absolutely in love with it. Me being an Indian, was totally kicking in as I enjoyed my days in India specially in Rajasthan.

My eyes were heavy as I sat down on a chair in my room, leaning back and closing my eyes.

It was only five in the evening and still I was on the verge of sleep when I heard the door to my room opening. Even though I knew, someone was entering my room still I couldn’t open my eyes. It was as if I was drugged.

Did that old woman who offered me lemon water in my way back, drugged me?

No, it’s impossible.

She was just an old lady, way too old to do stuffs like this.

What’s going on?

Why can’t I open my eyes?

Who entered my room?

Is it the room service?

As I thought about the last one, I found myself relaxing a bit, thinking perhaps it was the room service, as I slipped off to darkness.

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