In your Warmth

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Chapter 5


It felt as if my head hit something because my eyes snapped open and I looked around with a blurry vision trying to decipher where I was. My senses came back and like a violent wave of an ocean, I was hit by reality.

I was in a moving vehicle and my hands and legs were tied up. My mouth was gagged and I looked around trying my best to get up but failing miserably because of the motion of the vehicle.

“She is the one because of whom our Chotu and Chetan are in jail. I will teach this bitch a lesson,” I heard someone and then there was another man who was laughing.

Adrenaline rushed in as I tried to look out of the vehicle. It was dark and the only thing that rung in my mind was, I was drugged and kidnapped. How stupid can I be for letting myself kidnapped? Judging from their conversation, I was pretty sure, they were companions to the guys I sent behind the bars in the afternoon and probably they kidnapped me for revenge.


Even though I was kidnapped, still I had no idea why I was calm. My heart was racing against my chest but still I managed to keep it down as I closed my eyes for a little thinking what to do.

This was heinous.

My first International tour and already in a blunder.

The first thing that came in my mind was, I was kidnapped and I knew only two suspects. Judging from the interior of the vehicle and the space in the back, it seemed as a Van. My first priority was to get away from these people without getting hurt.

To top of that, I saw my luggage next to me. I was bit skeptical of carrying my luggage while on the run, but made sure to get my essential with was my purse and passport in the handbag.

I could always buy a new phone but my passport was essential and money.

The vehicle came to a halt and I lied down, closing my eyes when I felt them checking on me.

“She is still unconscious,”

“Leave her alone. Let’s fetch some food before traveling along. Guard the Van while I am away,” I heard their conversation and knew one was right there, guarding me while the other one was gone.

As I heard the door of the vehicle slamming shut, I was already on my back trying to have some support to sit up. When all of a sudden, a headlight from other car, fell on my eyes and quickly, I sat up trying to see who it was.

Maybe, I could ask for help.

Like a miracle, someone from that car, saw me and instantly came out narrowing his eyes at me.

“What the hell are you doing with her?” I heard the man yelling and all of a sudden he called out his other fellows who came rushing out of their car and looked my way.

Immediately, there was a haul and the man who was right outside guarding me, was thrashed to the van causing me to slip down. But I could hear them yelling and shouting before the door of the van slide open and I sat up, being thankful to the almighty that I was saved.

“Yes, we found her,” the man before me talked to someone in a phone and reached out to get rid of the tape from my mouth.

I inhaled deeply, as I looked at him ready to thank him but all of a sudden, he fished out a bottle from his pant pockets and I watched as he pulled out a handkerchief and before I could understand what he was doing, he slammed the cloth to my face when it stroke me that he used chloroform on me.

There were several questions running on mind regarding his actions and I made sure not to breathe but as time passed by with me fighting and trying to wiggle out of the man’s grasp he used force and immediately, the scent of chloroform entered my nasal and I was already out of senses for the second time of the day.

While I lost control, I had this on my mind, how and why did the man do this to me.



There was a subtle call that escaped my mouth as I saw my best friend Celine running before me.

"No can do! It's already half past six in the evening. Mom is going to kill me today," she yelled back as she continued running before me on the pavement. We were playing in the children's park when we didn't realize how late it had become. As soon as Celine knew the time from the guard of the park she dashed towards her home with me following her.

"Oh my god! Mommy is really going to kill me today," she seemed as if she would cry.

I never understood why Celine would get scared of her parents. Parents are supposed to love you right? Then why does she get scared of such things?

"I told you to keep a tab on time. If my mother gets mad at me today, then consider she is not going to celebrate my ninth birthday tomorrow. I am so done!" I stopped running behind her and looked her way. The streets were vacant and she stood at the end of the street as she looked back at me.

"Sometimes, I get jealous of you! You don't have to get all these scoldings, you can go home anytime you want!" she huffed at the end and that made me look down to my feet.

Is she really jealous of me?

Is having parents really that troublesome?

"Anyways Maithy, it's already late. Get back home soon. I am off! Bye!" she waved at me and ran crossing the vacant street but not before showing me a toothy grin.

I waved back at her retreating figure and sighing made my way two streets down to my house. As I reached the front gate, I saw the lights were on and I made my way back in. There was a good aroma of spicy Indian food as I made my way towards the kitchen and saw the dinner already made and kept on the table. The dishes were covered and were still hot, which meant my caretaker left them just a few minutes ago.

I looked at the rest of the vacant chair at the dining table.

Just why do we need these extra chairs anyway?

It isn't like anyone is coming home.

It was always me. Always alone, pouring and serving my food, eating silently, looking here and there, keeping the empty dish in the washer. Nobody in my house to tell or scold me if I were late. Nobody in my house, to celebrate my birthday. I didn't even know when I was born. I was just told they selected a random date for my birthday.

Is my life really that enticing to others?

Specially Celine?

At least someone is up there looking up for her and here I was. All alone.

Every single time, I would play music to keep my senses busy. I saw someone walking near the doorway and knew that it was my caretaker who was cleaning the broken vase which I knocked over in the morning.

I have no one who would even scold me.

I never understood if my caretaker was a kind fellow or a person who simply didn't care. Because every mistake I did unknowingly or deliberately she seemed to ignore it.

I couldn't understand what was going on.

I tried multiple times to befriend her but she was very professional and in the end, I gave up.

I looked down at the food and suddenly felt as if I had lost my appetite. Pushing it away, I made my way up the stairs to my room. I knew even if I eat or not, like every single time my caretaker wouldn't bother asking me. She would throw it away in the morning and make me fresh food.

Just why do I have to be the only one to have such a life.

Why was I not blessed with a family just like my friends.

Just what did I do wrong to have a life like this?

But the only thing I knew, was the cheque my caretaker got every year. And it was the only key point to know who was the one paying her for me. I had asked countless times but every single time, she was quiet. But it's alright!

I can find it!

Because it was my life's only mission to find my family and know the answers to my questions. Why was I abandoned. I wanted to show them my scrapbook of how much I missed them even though I didn't know them. And for once, as I meet them, I will let them know that even if they don't want me, I was still glad as they were taking care of me. Or else I would have ended up in some orphanage.

But would that had been better?

Might I would have found another willing family to have me over.

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