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When broken souls meet it is expected that either their pieces fit together or they end up trampling each other further. But what if there's a third option. An unheard-of way to fix things. What if, instead of mending or breaking each other, they simply co-exist, as one big pile of mismatched broken pieces. That's how the story was for Joshua Fereira and Leighton McCormick. It was not perfect, it could have been much better. But it was their love story and they loved it.

Romance / Thriller
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A Normal Friday

She pulled the hood lower on her face and moved quietly across the hallway. She descended the stairs silently and hid behind them beneath the stairwell. She had been craving the cancer stick since the minute Mr. Cheever began his lesson. What did she care about the spectrum of black body radiation? Thinking she was safe, she removed the good and retrieved a pack of Pall Mall from her pocket. She lit a stick expertly and balanced the baneful blunt between her glossed pink lips. She leaned on the wall and took a long drag. She exhaled through her mouth. A halo of bluish-grey air formed around her face, and she giggled quietly. She liked the sweet burn in her lungs as she filled it with smoke and completely burned out the stick. She crushed the butt with the heel of her black leather boot and lit another one with a gold lighter.

“You’re quite the smoker,” a female voice said, and she froze. In a fraction of a second, the cigarette and lighter had disappeared.

The girl who had interrupted her break had cropped purple hair and studs in both ears.

“Relax, darling, ” the girl said, walking closer to Leighton. She said nothing but began walking away. As she was going, the girl caught the drawstrings of her hoodie. Leighton reacted instinctively and kicked the girl’s knee, causing her to fall.

“I’m no one’s darling,” she hissed before calmly ascending the stairs and making her way back to the physics class. She had a pack of cherry bubblegum in her pocket, and by the time she got to class, it was as if she never left. What she didn’t know, however, was that someone else had seen her. A boy who was clad in blue denim with long black hair had seen it all. He didn’t care, though, because he was more of a Marlboro man.

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